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Are you new to astrology, but confused about where to begin? Click any of the thumbnails below to get started!


Even if you don't know much about astrology, you probably know which Sign you are. I have a blog post describing each one in detail, from the season and the symbolism to the personality, childhood, relationships, career, and eventual transformation into the next Sign in the cycle. 


If you are a new astrologer looking at your Natal Chart and asking, "What do all these planets actually mean?", this series is for you! Here we go into what piece of your personality each planet represents, how to read the symbols, and what all twelve Sign placements mean. Get out your Natal Chart and follow along - and don't be thrown if I do things a little differently than what you're used to!


For more advanced astrologers, the Houses are easily one of the most important aspects of a chart to consider. Each of these articles will detail what the Astrological House is, and what each Planetary placement within this house means. This series is ongoing, so check back for new articles as they appear!

Get a natal chart reading

Whether you are new to astrology or a seasoned expert, getting a Natal Chart Reading done can open up your eyes and help you fully realize what your personality is like. I have two kinds of readings available in my store: A Basic Natal Chart Reading (14 pages) and a Complete Natal Chart Reading (28 pages). Check out my store for more info!

follow me everywhere

More articles and videos are coming all the time, so make sure to follow me everywhere to get updates when those arrive!