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My name is Ashley Thiessen, and I began studying astrology when I was 15 years old. After years of my mother telling me I was a Taurus (and years of me being argumentative and being adamant that astrology wasn’t real) I finally gave in and let her show me a reading from Astrodienst. After that first reading, I was immediately hooked. How could a person who had never met me, who had no idea who I was, with only a handful of information, across the world and anonymously through a computer, know such intimate details about my life? How could they so accurately describe who I was? And how could I learn how to do this?

Ten years of studying, writing, and readings later, and I am answering those questions for other people. I am an astrologer and a writer, and so I sell written astrology readings to help people make their lives better. I can help you by showing you where your underlying problems are and what steps to take to fix them. Astrology has personally shown me that I need to become more comfortable with confrontation, prioritize my own happiness, and how to feel and express my emotions in a healthier way. It showed me why my relationships weren’t working out and what I had to do in order to fix that. It encouraged me to go into a communicative career doing what I love. And it can do the same for you.

The kind of astrology I practice is focused on observing the cycles of nature and finding inspiration in its constant, fluctuating changes. It is focused on healing, in recognizing things in ourselves which need to change and then taking steps to fix them. In that way, astrology is used as a way of understanding oneself, and as a guide to improving our lives through improving ourselves. My articles and videos do not pad your ego with praise. I care more about helping you than you liking me. But hopefully, if you find my work helpful, you can build up your own ego with pride gained through the work you put into yourself. Work I can help you with along the way.