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Want to learn more about how to do astrology? You've come to the right place!

The Element of AIR: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini

Ashley Thiessen

Rational, logical, intelligent, sociable, and talkative!

Earth has evolved by losing its solid form and letting itself become the wind that carries it away. When it loses its boundaries, becomes more extroverted, and lets go of its fear of change, the second Element in the cycle has transformed into the third; Earth has become Air.

Air is difficult to define because it is lost to our sense of sight. But we feel it moving all around us, and we see how it affects our world. We see air rustling the branches of trees, or pulling dust up into tall columns, or as it carries black smoke out of a chimney stack. We can see it pushing clouds around the sky or whipping up the surface of the ocean into choppy waves, gurgling out in bubbles or inflating colourful balloons. It can be felt as strong winds or gentle breezes; clear mountain air or a polluted city street; a clear blue sky or a tornado off shore. Air itself is invisible. And yet we can sense it in so many other ways!

Take a deep breath. Feel the air move into your mouth, into your lungs, and hold it there. Feel how it struggles to get out of you almost as soon as you breathe it in. Exhale, and feel it rush out your nose. Inhale again, and use your breath to speak. While most of what we say is non-verbal, we need air to talk to each other. That is the connection between air itself and what it symbolizes: communication, and the thoughts behind what we say.

If we are made up of the four Elements, Air is our Mind. We take in information from the outside world, process it in our brains, and then communicate those thoughts and ideas back out to the people around us. It is a cycle of learning, talking, explaining, and teaching, and it is what this Element is best at! Air stands for reason, rationality, motor skills, problem solving, intellectualism, math, science, and technology. It runs on a curiosity for how things work and how to make them better. As well, Air is inherently dry and logical, focused entirely on the facts, and completely devoid of emotion. So while this is an Element that is relationship and community-oriented, it relates to other people on an intellectual level rather than an emotional one.

Your mind is looking for interesting things to keep it stimulated at all times. Put on the radio and listen to music, the weather report, local news, daily contests, and questions of the day. Turn on the TV and flip through hundreds of channels, or find a movie, or better yet a documentary so you can learn and be entertained at the same time. If that isn't enough, play videos games, or card games, or board games with your friends. Scroll through pages of the internet and see what you can find that you haven't already seen before. Waste time on social media. Listen to music and sing along in your car. Read (or write) a story, an article, or an essay about an issue you care about. Through these combinations of entertainment, communication, and technology, your mind will always be eating up new content. And when you share it around in conversation, you relive the thrill of learning all over again!

The Air Element is also very social, but not in a deeply emotional way. This is the Element for hanging around and talking. Think of a group of friends, a class full of students, a neighbourhood community, society at large, clubs, associations, and casual acquaintances. Jump from one crowd and conversation to the next. Talk about what is in the news, or politics, history, science, what you've learned and what you know. Gossip, debate, educate, or flirt! But think about how what you say can impact other people, or even the world at large. Like air, our thoughts and our words are invisible, but we feel their influence on the world around us. Scientific discovery, technological innovation, political ideologies, and social issues are all examples of the Air Element on a larger scale, and how humanity and a whole is united by the power of the mind.


The Air Signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These signs are all half Air, meaning they all share the same logical, rational, intellectual way of processing information. They are also all very relationship-oriented, sociable, and talkative people, who live to teach and learn from one another. Themes of fairness, equality, science, politics, and invention really strike a chord with these Signs. As well, they are much more mental than they are emotional, so while they are extroverts who love to be around groups of people, the emotional aspects of intimate relationships elude them. 

The Air Squad - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius!

Bring up your natal chart and count how many planets you have in the Air Signs. Total them and see what you get. Around 3 or 4 and you have a good, even amount of Air in your chart. If you have between 0 and 2, however, you are running a little on the low side. And if you have 5 or more, your personality is overwhelmed with Air.

LOW IN air

Air stands for intellectualism, but lacking Air in your chart does not make you stupid. It means that you lack the ability to think logically and rationally about situations because you cannot detach yourself from what is going on in order to gain an objective view of things. You become personally invested in how you feel and what your opinions are, and in that moment, your sensitivity leads you to act dramatically, irrationally, or inappropriately. Consumed by your emotions, you are deaf to reason, the opposing argument, or even to the truth, and simply cannot see or understanding anything outside of what you think and feel. Lacking Air does not mean being unintelligent. But it can mean being ignorant when you get angry, excited, or depressed. 

Little Air can also mean you have trouble being social in the kind of light-hearted, carefree, unattached way that Air Signs are. You may find it difficult to make new friends, talk, or approach new groups of people. You struggle to engage in conversation due to your shyness, not knowing enough about the topic, or a lack of interest in what other people are saying. Casual small talk in particular is extremely hard for you to do (mostly since you just don't care about such small and petty things). All in all, communication between yourself and others becomes needlessly difficult. And, like being unable to make rational judgement, this can make relationships between yourself and the world around you very difficult.

When you are low on (or even completely missing) an Element in your chart, you need to intentionally build it into your personality. And especially when it is Air that you are pumping into your chart, you need to change the way you think, how you make decisions, how you approach problems or uncomfortable situations, and how you respond to things that make you upset. When these things happen, starting with your initial gut reaction, you need to remind yourself to detach and be more "Air-like" about how you choose to proceed.

You need to scale back your initial emotional reactions until you have more information to base your assumptions on. This means learning how to detach, asking more questions, using reason to guide your judgement, not believing the things unless they can proven as a fact, and understanding, realistically, how your ideas will play out once applied instead of believing your fantasies to be true. It also means becoming more sociable and talking to people more easily. Air is important to have in your chart because it allows for clear communication, good decision-making, and effective problem-solving. And as valid as your feelings are, there are times where fair judgement and equal treatment is more important!


In ancient forms of Greek Medicine, Air was represented by Blood, and the temperament was described as Sanguine. Problems with the blood was said to spur anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia in a person. And stress or "emotional tension" were said to make things worse.  If you have a ton of Air in your chart you will understand what that feels like.

When your chart is inflated with the Air Element, it becomes filled with endless noise. You can't turn your brain off. You are thinking, and over-thinking, about everything, all of the time. You can't sit still. You can't be alone. Your body feels wired, anxious. You always have to up and doing something, watching something, talking to someone, or going somewhere. You are the person bouncing between the radio, television, computer, and video games - sometimes having them all on simultaneously! The need for constant mental stimulation runs you life. And as a result, you swing from one thing to the next, forgetting what you were doing in the first place, never really finishing anything, and neglecting your body and your chores in the process. 

Another side-effect of the over-inflated natal chart is problems reading and understanding emotions (both yours and other people's). You are a very logical person. You are very smart, very knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects, and very good at problem-solving. And you are an extrovert that loves to be around other people. So when somebody comes to you upset about something that happened to them, you immediately try to help them solve their problem. But when they become totally consumed by their emotions to the point where they become irrational, yelling or crying in front of you, you don't know how to handle the situation you've been thrown into. Once more, you do not feel their feelings are valid - mostly because they are not communicating them in a way that you can understand. So your intimate relationships suffer, despite your intelligence and good intentions.

There are two things you need to learn how to do if you have an abundance of Air in your chart. The first is to calm down your over-active mind by suffering through the agony of boredom and the temptation of distraction. It sucks, and it's hard, but you've got to do it in order to focus and really see the world around you. The second thing you need to do is to become more emotionally intelligent, which you also do by turning off your over-active brain and letting your natural human empathy take over. Stop trying to figure out why you or someone else is feeling something, or debating on whether or not you are allowed to have those feelings at all. Don't try to solve the problem. Instead, listen to them compassionately and offer moral support while they get themselves through it on their own. Your relationships with friends and loved ones will greatly improve. And your relationship with your own mind will improve as well!


Air eventually transforms into the Water Element. Gemini becomes Cancer, Libra becomes Scorpio, and Aquarius becomes Pisces. The open blue sky is becoming heavier, darker, and more sensitive. A bright flash of emotion lashes out, and thunder looms behind a veil of black clouds. Dry intellect and detachment gave way to a flood of emotions, including empathy, compassion, psychic intuition, and spiritual longing. The extrovert becomes moody and introverted, returning to their home and family, drawing energy from the quiet comfort of their surroundings. Boundaries between people are gone. Relationships are deepened with trust, sexuality, vulnerability, and intimacy. Rain begins to fall, and a storm draws closer on the horizon. Air has finally become Water.

Air transforms into Water by maturing and becoming more emotionally intelligent. Air goes from being dry, intellectual, rational, and detached to more emotional, intuitive, and irrational. Relationships become more serious and more personal as they become attached and committed affairs. The longing for justice and equality for humanity is strengthened with empathy and sympathy for other people. Instead of only adhering to the scientifically proven facts, a world of personal beliefs, spirituality, and magic is opened up for them to explore. The Element becomes deeper, quieter, and even more unpredictable. And finally, it becomes Water.