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The Element of FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Ashley Thiessen

Exciting, powerful, energetic, fun-loving, and spontaneous!

When you are listing off the Elements and Qualities in astrology, Fire is always the first on that list. It is the first Element in the yearly cycle, and when the cycle begins again for the second and third time, it's always with Fire.  

Take a moment and meditate on what fire feels like. Here we have the campfires of our ancestors, the flicker of candlelight, the red glow of a volcano, the hearth in the home, the roar of a bonfire. It is in the Sun, whose heat and light creates new life, whose cycles of death and rebirth is symbolized in the seasons. And it burns in the white stars that crowd the sky at night, millions of miles away. Flames warm our homes and cook our food. In darkness it gives us protection from the cold and from what stalks us in the shadows outsideFire is power because it can destroy or stimulate life - a fact not lost on those who have seen the green sprouts of spring once the winter thaws, or the blackened remains of forest floor once lightning struck the ground.

As warm and comforting as it is, fire can never be tamed, and is always wild and dangerous in every form it takes. It always holds the threat of a burn. Gunshots, explosions, and fiery, high-speed crashes are also a part of this Element. Let it catch on dry grass or inside your home and it will destroy everything it touches. As fire grows larger it gets wilder, more out of control, more dangerous. But in a way it also creates as it destroys, turning fuel into ash and smoke, becoming a force for transformation and a symbol for rebirth, purification, and creation. 

If every person is made up of the four Elements, Fire is your Soul. It is the life inside of your body; the driving force and the vital energy behind our will to survive. It is naturally wild and impulsive. It is your animalistic instincts, sexual energy, creativity, aggression, and your desire to feel alive. The blood on your fists and the force of a scream are both from the Fire within you, as is the ecstasy of sex, or the rush of a creative binge. Sweat and pleasure; running from danger, or fighting it head on; fangs and claws and violence, are all Fires propelling you to survive and reproduce at any cost. 

But behind the act of survival itself, there is also the question: What makes life worth living? It is a question that philosophers have been trying to answer for a millennium. But in this case, the answer lies in fun, happiness, action, adventure, humour, and excitement! Fire isn't just the will to live for living's sake. It is the drive to enjoy life as fully as one is capable of. You want to laugh until your stomach aches, listen to loud music, watch exciting movies, and dance all night long. Travel, expanding your mind through creative and intellectual pursuits, and exploring new cultures takes you out of one world and into another. You want the rush of endorphin's after a work-out, or after an orgasm, or after you've made something really amazing. You want to play games and sports, indulge yourself in long vacations, rich foods, good sex, drugs and alcohol. And you want to spoil yourself in all that life has to offer!

As well as your Soul, Fire is also your ego-center. The idea of having an ego is usually seen as a bad thing, the term being synonymous with being selfish or arrogant. Tell anybody you love yourself and they get the impression that you only love yourself, instantly judging you for your apparent cockiness. It is true that a very large ego can lead a person to become egotistical, vain, narcissistic, self-centered, easily angered, and conceited. But a healthy ego is needed in order for you to feel confident, proud, sexy, and comfortable expressing yourself honestly. Self-respect, self-worth, and self-love are important! You can't be happy without them!


Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the Fire Signs, each of them formed by mixing this Element with a different Quality. They all take on the nature of Fire: bright, warm, powerful, aggressive, spiritual, egotistical, and bluntly honest. You can think of them as being made of Fire, like forged steel or the al-jinn. 

The Fire Squad - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius!

Look at your Natal Chart, and count how many planets you have placed in these Signs. If your total hovers around 3 or 4, you have a good, average amount of Fire within your personality. However, if you have between 0 and 2 planets in Fire, you are low in this Element. And if you have 5 or more, you are very high.


A chart devoid of Fire is like the Earth without the Sun, or a night without a campfire, or a home without a hearth. It lacks warmth, optimism, and friendliness, instead being cold, dark, and miserable. Everything is so serious and so personal that it is near-impossible for you to do things just for the sake of having fun and being happy. It is difficult for you to love yourself or to demand respect from other people because you suffer from a weakened ego and a lack of confidence. You are afraid of being loud and outgoing, of conflict and of drawing attention to yourself, for fear of the negative response you might get from those around you. But one of the worst consequences of a shortage of Fire in the birth chart is a dull, boring life devoid of joy and spontaneity. And you can't live like that!

If you are low on Fire in your chart, you need to manifest Fire. You need to grow it intentionally every day by the choices you make. You need to change the way you think about yourself, integrating more self-love and confidence into your everyday life. Tell yourself that you did a good job and that you should be proud of what you've accomplished. Own your right to feel and express your feelings, especially anger. Speak louder, sing louder, laugh louder, and be as dramatic as you want! And remind yourself you are sexy and powerful and that what you say matters

Explore the more creative, spiritual, and philosophical sides of life. Try harder to go out and have some fun. Your life is boring right now - change it! Do things just because they make you happy, or because they make your life better, or just so you have some good stories to tell. Be spontaneous! Go to a party, see your friends, do something creative, find your passion, and really go hard at it.

The overall goal of building more fire in yourself is to stop being afraid. Stop being afraid of getting into trouble, or of conflict, of confrontation, of hurting other people's feelings, and of losing what you have. Fire Signs are brave, if a little reckless, and so self-contained that they do whatever they want without a second thought. Place more value on having fun and being happy, and you will no-doubt begin to feel Fire's positivity glowing inside of you. It will change your outlook, and then change your life - for the better!


On the other hand, you may have too much Fire in your chart. In traditional Greek Medicine, Fire was represented by Yellow Bile, and to have too much was to say you were Choleric. To have this imbalance in the body was said to make a person angry, impatient, restless, unable to sleep, irritable, and prone to stress and headaches. To have too much Fire in your chart does much the same thing.

You rage like a forest fire, explode like dynamite, and burn up everything around you. To have a heavy Fire influence in your chart means you are overrun by your desires, your ego, and your intolerance for boredom. Soon your whole life may come to revolve around thrilling adventure, sex, drugs or drinking, shopping, partying, sports, entertainment, or whatever else you do for fun. But you can't stay in this carefree, child-like state forever; sooner or later you need to grow up and start acting like an adult. All play and no work does not prove fruitful once you've burned through all your cash and gone in debt to support your wild lifestyle. And holding down a stable relationship is difficult when you are actively cheating on your spouse, have a violent temper, selfishly spend money on yourself.

Eventually, you burn yourself out. You go so hard for so long that you are left completely exhausted, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Your body doesn't have any energy anymore. Your health suffers. You find that you do this periodically: when you have lots of fuel your fires burn bright, but eventually your life gets so hot that you devour it all at once, and then you are left with nothing. This is more than just a habit or a lifestyle. This is a continuous cycle that destroys your life over and over again, and you need to address it before your fires get out of control.

You need to intentionally slow down, ground yourself, and start thinking about the future consequences of your actions. You need to scale back your self-centered, egotistical way of thinking and become more sensitive to other people. Perhaps most importantly, you need to think more practically with your resources. Instead of burning through great amount of cash and love and energy and then crashing, learn how to portion those things into smaller, but more frequent, portions. You can still have fun and be crazy. But you don't have to burn all your bridges along the way!

the FIRE transformation

As Fire matures it grows into the Earth Element. Aries turns into Taurus, Leo turns into Virgo, and Sagittarius turns into Capricorn. The fires that raged and roared, devouring everything in sight, destroying everyone around them, begin to burn down. They become smoldering red-hot coals of long-burning passion, self-contained, much hotter and less wild than they were before. Eventually they cool down to silver ash, and the transition is complete. The dry heat of Fire is gone, and what is left is the dry cold of Earth.

Fire Signs mature into Earth Signs as they grow older, yes, but more so as they begin to change themselves in order to solve problems in their life. Instead of burning through their paycheck on drinking and partying, they stay at home and save money. Instead of impulsively having sex with new people all the time, they commit to a relationship with one person they trust. Instead of scattering their creative and intellectual pursuits across many different platforms, they pick a subject or art form and go hard at it. They can balance work and play without getting bogged down with boredom and responsibility. Overall, they slow down and become more focused, more committed, and more future-oriented. And in turn they achieve more long-term success than they would have otherwise.