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The FIXED Quality: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Ashley Thiessen

After the Cardinal Quality comes Fixed, just like every beginning is followed by a middle, and just as the start of something new is followed by the journey itself. We are down the rabbit hole, out of the Shire, and into Neverland, kids - this is where the magic happens!

The season has officially changed, and we are in the thick of it now. The initial excitement, nervousness, exhilaration, and apprehension has worn off. Now we get comfortable, and we become "fixed" into place. We've started our school year, or our new career, and are working through it. We are settled into our new home, unpacked everything, and doing our chores. The egg has hatched and the bird inside is growing stronger. The seed has sprouted and has started to grow. 

Each Fixed Sign marks the middle of a season. Taurus sits in the middle of spring, when the weather is warm and comfortable and blooming with little flowers. Leo is the middle of summer and stands as the hottest, driest, sunniest time of year. Scorpio follows as the middle of autumn, with frosty mornings and copper-tone forests. And Aquarius is the middle of winter, marking the calender's coldest, darkest, and most desolate days.

If Cardinal is the unstoppable force, Fixed is the immovable object. It is a concrete energy, constant and unchangeable, the epitome of strength and endurance. These Signs are the ones who build upon what has been started before, maintaining, perfecting, and creating something out of the Element of their other half. They are reliable, loyal, stubborn, and persistent, holding on despite everything and seeing everything through to completion. At times they can be possessive and controlling, defensive of themselves and what belongs to them. They cannot bare to be criticized, nor will they bend to the pressure to change their mind once it has been made up. But these are the side-effects of the single-minded determination needed to see things through to the end. Cardinal Signs are made to lead and initiate, and Fixed Signs are made to build and maintain. And that is exactly what they do.


The Fixed Squad - Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius!

TAURUS is the Fixed Earth Sign, so it builds using the Earth Element. Through slow growth and goal-oriented work ethic, they fix the material world into place by earning (and holding i) money, possessions, and property. This wealth gives them a feeling of security - their financial assets are there in case anything goes wrong, and should anything happen to one revenue stream, they still have savings and assets somewhere to cushion their fall. But while Taurus has a reputation for being calm and easy-going, they are afraid of anything happening to the things they own, igniting a ton of anxiety and a powerful anger over sudden, unexpected change. So don't touch their stuff!

LEO is the Fixed Fire Sign, which builds with the Fire Element. They are the Sign most often linked to creativity, and for good reason! Leo has an unparalleled artistic talent and creative imagination. Whether it is fine arts, performance arts, writing, trades, or crafts, they do it with their own colourful, individual style. Their desire to use their talents to make other people happy is supported by a bouncing optimism that never wavers, and never burns out. But their ego too is fixed into place, giving them a second reputation for being egotistical and self-centered. You can imagine Leo as forever a child: happy, playful, fun-loving, and entertaining, if a little attention-loving and consumed with themselves. The two sides go hand in hand. 

SCORPIO is the Fixed Water Sign, building with the Water Element. In one way this is the Sign to fix their emotions in place by dwelling on them, holding them all inside and then erupting a long time later. But in another way they become fixed through the deep emotional bonds they form with others, which they also hold onto until a big eruption changes everything completely. They gain a sense of security through relationships built on loyalty, trust, and understanding. But they can become possessive, defensive, and jealous over whatever (or whoever) they see as "theirs". Authors often compare Scorpio to a well: still waters which run much deeper, and much darker, than you might imagine just looking from the surface.

AQUARIUS is the Fixed Air Sign, and they likewise build with the Air Element. To anybody who knows an Aquarius it might seen paradoxical that this unpossessive, open-minded Sign should have this Quality. But Aquarius is all about fixing the mind into place through problem solving, social progress, and scientific or technological invention, and they are very possessive of their ideas and their unique style. By inventing something (a new government policy, a new world order, a better way to clean drinking water) they take something that was once only in their head and solidify it in the real world. You can picture them as a kooky scientist or philosophical writer - the one whose life work changes the way we think about the world.

How many planets in Fixed Signs do you have in your chart? To have between 4 and 5 is average, but between 0 and 3 and you are low, and 6 or more and you are very high.

LOW fixed

If you are lacking Fixed energy in your chart, you lack constancy, loyalty, reliability, and permanency in your personality. You need Fixed in order to follow things through to completion. Without it, you start projects but never see them through to the end, or you change your life too much to see any concrete success in any one area. You may be able to start things just fine, or you may be highly adaptable to new situations, but without anything grounding you nothing gets done. You can have all the work ethic in the world, but it does nothing without patience and commitment. 

Put more Fixed energy into your chart. Once you've started something, keep at it. Commit! Do the upkeep, keep a schedule, save your money, stay in the relationship. Become more trustworthy, loyal, and reliable by following through and keeping your word. For example: if you plant a garden, don't just put the seeds in the ground and walk away. Don't let the dirt dry up, the weeds take over, and have everything rot while you ignore your responsibilities. Weed it, water it, cut it back, harvest when it's ripe, take pictures to savor the moment, and till the soil at the end of the year. In other words, put the work in to get really good at it, and marvel at your accomplishments when you are done!

HIGH fixed

Too much Fixed energy in the chart and your personality stagnates, falls flat, and doesn't go anywhere. You become so rigid and inflexible that any new changes give you a paranoid panic attack. If people don't bend to your will you get personally offended. And if you can't do it your way, then nothing is even worth doing at all. Made to do something you didn't already want to do? How dare they. Still not over something that happened 5 years ago? You bet. Got an idea or an opinion about something? Better hold onto it forever, no matter what anybody says. You are the most stubborn person in the world, and you won't change for nuthin', and nobody can makes you change, because you are always right about everything, and everyone else should just know that by now.

This is what I have in my chart, and I'm really talking to myself when I say this, but I am also talking to you. So here it is: let it go. You are holding onto way too much crap and you need to let it (the fuck) go. Unstick yourself from where you are stuck, shake it off, and move on with your life. Let change roll of your shoulders without bothering you too much. Share your stuff. Admit when you are wrong and apologize. And most importantly, be more flexible.


After all the work has been completed and there is no more left to be done, Fixed finally gives way to Mutable. Taurus becomes Gemini, Leo becomes Virgo, Scorpio becomes Sagittarius, and Aquarius becomes Pisces. You're done! So now what? Well, now you get to review, organize, tidy up, tie up all those loose ends and all those last details, and you're done. The energy becomes flexible, adaptable, restless. It has no singular purpose, no goal, no direction. It's like that moment at the end of a movie, when the characters ride off into the sunset; the story is finished, so now where are they going? Anywhere, really. They can do whatever they want now.