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The MUTABLE Quality: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Ashley Thiessen

Once the Fixed Quality is finished, the Mutable one begins. We've moved past the middle and are heading towards the end, where the work is done, the conflict is resolved, and the final chapter is coming to a close.

You've built a career your whole life, saved up, paid everything off, and now you've retired. You've finished your final exams, graduated, and are out of school for the summer. You packed up your old life and left it behind. You've read the last page, closed the book's cover, and placed it back on the shelf. The sprout has bloomed, gone to seed, and died away. The bird has flown, had children of its own, and now grows older. Mutable is that moment after you've finished something, when one phase of your life comes to a close and the ending is punctuated by silence, emptiness, and contemplation. After that, you realize that the rest of your life is wide open ahead of you, with no plans or goals or to-do list to get done. This is the time to tie up old loose ends, straighten out the details, polish, edit, clean up, and organize. And then - with your calendar wide open - you can take some time for yourself to relax and have fun!

These are the final moments before the Solstice or the Equinox mark the turning point into another beginning. Gemini is the last Sign of spring, where the sun is getting hotter and the earth is growing fast. Virgo is the end of summer, when everything is starting to ripen and go to seed. Sagittarius is the last bit of fall, when the frost and snow begin to creep down the mountainside. And Pisces is the final Sign of winter (and the final Sign of the seasonal year) before the spring thaw. 

Mutable Signs mark the times of year where one season begins to change into another. And so, this Quality is associated with being changeable, versatile, adaptable, and flexible. If Fixed is a mighty oak that withstands the winds of change by sheer strength and force of will, Mutable is the grass that bends and moves with it. These are the Signs which most often go through phases growing up, lacking a solid sense of who they are. Mutable's energy is scattered, aimless and directionless. It is unreliable, changeable, and inconsistent. Yet they are among the most universally beloved Signs become they can conform to whatever other people need or want them to be. And as natural people-pleasers, these omega Signs help, heal, teach, and communicate in order to make people happier!

THE mutable SIGNS

The Mutable Squad - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces!

GEMINI is the Mutable Air Sign, helping others with the Air Element. All Air Signs are big talkers - but Gemini is the flexible, malleable mind, picking up vast amounts of information and then dispensing it out to the masses. They know a little bit about everything, and can provide engaging conversation about any topic under the sun. Whether it is science, history, tech, games, pop culture, the news, how things work, juicy gossip, or anything in-between, they can learn about it, know about it, and teach it back to you before you've finished learning it through the first time. They are socially versatile too, and can become a part of any group by changing different aspects of themselves to fit in. In other words, they wear many masks. (Sometimes even two faces at the same time!)

VIRGO is the Mutable Earth Sign, which helps people using the Earth Element. Virgo is the one to take care of all the physical details - organizing, cleaning, fixing, perfecting, and tidying up the world around them. They are responsible and dutiful, making sure the electrical bill gets paid by the 14th and that dinner is ready every night by 5pm. As well, they match the values and physical desires of whoever they are around. They can be pure and chaste, sultry and seductive, down to earth and charming; they can cook Italian or Indian or Soul Food; they can be devoutly religious or a science-loving atheist. Virgo is physical, but also flexible, and so can conform to fit the mold of anybody else's desires. 

SAGITTARIUS is the Mutable Fire Sign, seeking to help people with the Fire Element. Every Sagittarius I have ever met has been like my own personal cheerleader, and I feel like that is really what this combination represents. They inspire you to love your honest, authentic self, and to seek to make your life as great as it could possibly be. This Sign is most often associated with enlightenment, spirituality, and philosophy, as they creatively tackle the biggest of life's questions and try to answer them in a way that helps people on their own personal journeys. Their own soul is scattered and restless, but they can lend some wisdom to those willing to sit under the olive tree and listen for a while.

PISCES is the Mutable Water Sign, and they help using the Water Element. With sensitivity, compassion, physic intuition, and the ability to erase boundaries between themselves and others, Pisces helps by becoming an emotional healer. Like Cancer, they are nurturing and motherly, especially towards animals and children. But more importantly, they form those deeply personal bonds with people (completely losing themselves in the process) in order to improve the lives of others. Pisces will literally give all of themselves in order to help someone they love. It isn't always healthy, but it is what the fishes do.

Total up how many planets in your natal chart are placed in Mutable Signs. Between 4 and 5 is average, but between 0 and 3 is low, and 6 or more is very high.

LOW mutable

Without a lot of Mutable planets in your chart, you can become dogmatic, dictatorial, and inflexible, especially with other people. You do not want to have to adapt to other people's needs, instead insisting that everyone else do what you want so you don't have to change. Compromise is difficult, if not impossible, when you make up your mind about how something is going to be. It seems that you much more comfortable in a leading role where you make your own decisions (and those of the group) and work on your own time. Having to contort yourself to fit with the ideas or the schedule of other people annoys you at best, angers you at worst.

But as certain and set in your ways as you are, you should try to put more Mutable influence into your life. I know because this is what I have in my chart. Becoming more flexible, versatile, and adaptable will make you more likeable, making it easier for you to get along with others. Putting yourself in a communicative or serviceable role can teach you how to make other people happy. And it doesn't always have to be at your own expense either!

HIGH mutable

With a ton of Mutable in your chart, your energy is very scattered. Without focus, this influence in your personality can make you far too changeable, inconsistent, and unreliable for you to actually get anything done. I see this in people who want to study so many different subjects that they never end up graduating, fine-tuning their skills, or becoming an expert at any one thing. Or they work at so many projects and goals at once in random intervals that they don't get anywhere. It isn't so much that you are picking things up and then dropping them like Cardinal Signs do - rather, you are bouncing around from one thing to another, never seeing things through to completion. It might be your endless curiosity and short attention span. Or, it might be you trying too hard to please everybody. 

On top of your aimless wandering, you can be a weak-willed pushover for anybody to boss around. A big part of who you are lies in becoming what other people need or want you to be for them. And along the way, you lose sight of who you are - what you want, what you need, what you like doing. You need to try to dial back on the Mutable energy and add more focus, persistence, and leadership to your personality. Take back control of your life (which, let's face it, can be pretty crazy sometimes) by sitting still, plotting things out, and leading the way for yourself. 


Mutable, the last Quality of the cycle, is followed by Cardinal, the first in a new one. Gemini becomes Cancer, Virgo becomes Libra, Sagittarius becomes Capricorn, and Pisces becomes Aries. The scattered energy becomes focused to a point, and a single-minded determination takes over. Restlessness gives way to drive and determination. The omega becomes an alpha, leaving behind the desire to please and be liked in favour of getting what they want and doing things their way. Confrontation is not feared, but resolved with immediate action. Once these things happen and the overall energy transforms, one season gives way to a new one, and everything starts all over again.