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Ashley Thiessen


MAY/JUNE - The last third of spring, right before the Summer Solstice, sometimes called the Estival season, is when the sun travels through the sign of Gemini. The sun’s rays grow in strength day by day, outshining even the heavy spring rains. Mother bears emerge with their cubs and descend into the valleys, as do deer with young fawns suckling under their hunches. Rivers swell and rush dangerously down the mountainside as the snow-capped mountainsides melt into growing streams. Those dry riverbeds were filling quickly with water, stretching the earth’s fertility even further than before. And the world, finally fully awake, is alive and active.

In times past, there was a pressing need to stay at home and work the fields, but also an overwhelming desire to go out to explore and see old friends. As the snow melted, mountain passes finally cleared enough for safe travel to nearby towns and villages. People could see friends and family members who also survived winter’s challenges, reuniting with those that had been lost since last year. But at the same time, sheep needed shearing and their wool needed to be spun into yarn and thread. Spring crops needed to be harvested and eaten quickly so the fields could be sown with crops for the summer. Still, after a long winter of isolation, going out to see loved ones seemed just as important as all the farm work that needed to be done. Thankfully, at the end of the month, haymaking brought both these elements of work and relationships together. Communities worked together to "make hay while the sun shines", harvesting together for food and bedding for their livestock.

Many Germanic cultures associated this time of year with the sun and rotating crops because spring foods could be harvested and summer crops planted in their place. And the West Frisian Calendar called this “Summer Month”, as the Solstice came at the end of this Sign.  


In Babylonian astrology this constellation was “The Great Twins”, and in Egyptian astrology this sign was referred to as “Two Men Clasping Hands”. In Classical times the Greeks associated this sign with the stars Castor and Pollux, together known as the Dioscuri. The myth goes that Zeus fell in love with the queen Leda, who was already married to Tyndareus, the King of Sparta. In order to seduce her Zeus transformed himself into a beautiful swan. Leda bore two eggs, each containing twin children. In one egg was Castor and Pollox, and in the other were Helen (of Troy) and Clytemnestra. Pollox and Helen were Zeus’s demigod children, while Castor and Clytemnestra were the children of Tyndareus, so while Pollox was an immortal, Castor was not. When Castor  finally died, Pollox begged his father to make him immortal. And so both were placed together in the heavens, never to die or be separated again.

The twins, as they are two people together, symbolize duality, communication, and the exchange of information. “Twins” suggest that the symbol is more than just two people who have met by chance – these are two siblings that shared a womb, entered this world together, and continue to live as related family. The symbolism here is of two thoughts, two ideas, or two mirror personas that live in the same mind together, like two babies in the belly of their mother. The fact that the Sign usually has the siblings holding hands furthers an element of connection in this symbol; although separate people, the twins are physically and symbolically intertwined with one another. Finally, there is the communication aspect. Humans can speak to one another through language, and having two people facing each other suggests they speak to one another in some way.

The GEMINI Sign  + Symbol (icon designed by Freepik!)

The GEMINI Sign + Symbol (icon designed by Freepik!)

The glyph for Gemini is the Roman numeral for “two”. It is two vertical lines capped on either end with two horizontal lines. The enclosed space may also represent the womb the twins share, or the mind and its two parallel halves, furthering the image of two things contained in one. In medieval medical astrology Gemini was also said to rule the hands and arms, so the glyph is also of the two arms on either side of a torso.


Gemini is made through blending the Mutable Quality and the Air Element. This means that Sign is socially and mentally adaptable, versatile, and flexible, able to contort themselves to fit with the people around them. Male and female Geminis are very similar, with some occasional differences between people who are more feminine or more masculine in their make-up. The more feminine Geminis have greater social interests; history, language, culture, psychology, love, sex, relationships. The more masculine Geminis are more for how things work mechanically, more interested in technical and factual information and hard science. Some Geminis lean more towards one side than the other. But, as with all things Gemini, they will contain both elements within their character.

Gemini is a Sign of total duality, embodying both sides of everything in their single selves. They are complex and contradictory, holding opposing ideas, opinions, emotions, and identities, and wanting different things at the same time. It's what makes them so fickle, and so crazy, and so difficult for people to understand. That is also why it so difficult to say exactly what this Sign is like. They are mostly outgoing and socially extraverted, but they have their introverted moments too. They are mostly logical and rational, but they also get consumed by their changeable moods. They are among the most detailed, factual story-tellers in the zodiac, but they can also convince themselves that what they want to be true is what really happened. Gemini can see both the good and the bad in everything, which makes it impossible for them to hold just one view, or to make up their mind about how they really feel. Nothing is ever simple with this Sign!

The fact that nobody understands Gemini craziness has contributed to their bad reputation. Scorpio used to be the "bad" Sign. Now everybody picks on Gemini. I see it the most on the astrology blogs on Tumblr. I once got a message from a Gemini woman asking why everybody hated her Sign so much. What I tried to tell her was that this is a Sign that changes aspects of their own personality to fit in with their social surroundings. And combine that with an extraordinarily short attention span, and they tend to stir up trouble when they are bored. That's why many people label Gemini as a two-faced, back-stabbing, shit-talking liar. But it isn't fair to act like Gemini is the worst Sign of the zodiac, since every Sign has their down-and-dirty negative traits, and Gemini's dark side isn't any worse than Scorpio's abusive streak, Aries' violent temper, Pisces' constant victimhood, or Aquarius' frequent infidelity. 

I defend Gemini (just like I do every Sign) but they make it hard sometimes, since right when I'm about to point out how friendly, open-hearted, and gifted with words they are, they turn around and shred me to bits behind my back. Don't expect an apology after a fight with a Gemini either, or even for them to ever bring up bad feelings again. They'll just be super-duper nice to you, acting like it never happened, "forgetting" what they said or what they were ever mad about. My also-a-fake-bitch Libra Moon plays along. But these fake friendships are the reason why I've never been close to anyone with this Sun Sign.

Maybe it's for the best. We aren't on the same wavelength anyway. Gemini needs constant, interesting change, and I find sudden change to be one of the most stressful things in life. Gemini wants to pack up their things on a whim and drive into a new city, where there is a million things for them to do in a day. They want to be free to talk to new people, flirt, gossip, and chat up strangers, without being held back by a jealous lover or a clingy friend. They want to talk about their lover and their sex, and to learn about other people's relationships and all the dirty details of their secret, intimate lives. They want to know how things work and where things come from. A Gemini mind never stops turning. It is always latching onto the newest, most interesting thing - drinking in the flashing neon lights of the city at night, overheard conversations, the latest news everyone is talking about, what they learned from the book they picked up last week - and then darting off again, to the next newest, most interesting thing. 


I remember the Gemini kids I went to school with, since Geminis are friends with everybody at some point. They were the class clowns who spoke out of turn and made everyone laugh. Most of them I knew as the "popular" kids - the ones who could change themselves to be cooler, more likeable, more interesting. Others were the girls who started dating really early, led by scandalous curiosity, their lived full of drama and gossip as they made out with boys and smoked pot in the park. Still, you can't really pigeonhole Geminis into one particular "group". Gemini children (and teens especially) go through a lot of phases growing up. One minute they might be a rugby jock, and the next they become obsessed with computers and gaming, before deciding they are actually more interested in science - no, wait, acting! - no, wait, dance! - no, wait, blogging!

If you are the parent of a Gemini child, I don't envy you. These aren't the Taurus kids who sit in one spot and play quietly all day. They are more like the Aries kids who run around and get into everything when you aren't looking. Unlike Aries, however, who are running wild on emotional impulse, Gemini children at least have an intellectual curiosity leading them everywhere. You can see it in their little faces whenever they are learning something new. Their mind moves very quickly, putting pieces together, absorbing and memorizing massive amounts of information all at once. They learn how to walk and talk early on, and they never stop moving (or talking) once they do. Parents love to tell everyone how bright their children are, but parents of Gemini children aren't lying when they say their kid is smarter than yours. Even if they are a little shit, at least you can be proud of their grades!

The thing with having smart, curious, active Gemini kids is that their mind never turns off. And left to their own devices, they get into trouble. You can expect to have the toys you give them taken apart so they can figure out how they work - but they might not always be put back together. You can also expect them to be hyperactive and annoying when jacked up on sugar, or when they are around a lot of other kids at a party. Best to put them into sports, or dance, or gymnastics so they can put their energy to good use. 

Parents of Gemini kids, like those of Aries kids, are often at a loss for how to handle their child because they automatically try to restrict their freedom whenever they step over the "rules". But that won't work in the short term of them living at home or in the long term of teaching them how to live their lives. What a Gemini needs from their parents is trust. You know your kid is smart. What they want is for you to have some faith in them to figure things out for themselves. That is why Geminis are usually closer to their fathers than their mothers. They want a parent who will do things with them while still allowing them the freedom to explore their interests on their own. The best thing you can do for your Gemini child is to give them a secure home foundation that they can come back to at the end of the day, on holidays, when they are down, and when they finally need to rest. 


Geminis can make friends with anybody. Like, literally anybody. It isn't hard for them to make somebody like them: they are sweet, charming, intelligent, talented conversationalists. It doesn't matter your gender, where you're from, what you're into, or how weird you are - Gemini will become your friend faster than anyone else. But don't expect to get to know them too well before they're running off again. As far as relationships with people go, whether it's friendship or romantic or sexual, this is a Sign that goes for quantity over quality. Geminis have a very large number of acquaintances who come and go in and out of their life. But they have relatively few close, longtime, emotionally-invested-in friendships. Geminis like to flit from one "friend of the week" to the next. And they can't be held down (or held back) by needy people who depend on them to be around all the time.

The same can pretty much be said for their love life. Geminis have a strong need for partnership, which shows itself at a very young age. They frequently start "dating" in elementary school, have their first kiss by middle school, and meet their soulmate by high school. A Gemini' first serious relationship is often their most important, as it sets the stage for all other relationships to come. But seldom do they stick with only one partner forever. More likely, they date many different kinds of people, and often they marry more than once. When struck with a crush they become utterly infatuated, convinced that their fantasies about that person are true. They fall in love with an idealized version of a person, but then when they don't live up to their fantasy, they are disappointed with the reality, at which time Gemini gets bored and loses interest and justifiably drops their lover in search of something better.

They won't stay single for very long. It is very easy for them to find a new lover, though their complicated, contradictory selves make relationships difficult. On the one hand, terribly lonely and bored all by themselves, they jump into the comfort of a secure relationship. But on the other, afraid of losing their personal freedom, they jump back out. They want the fun and excitement of the single life, while also having that special someone to come home to every night so they don't have to sleep alone. Geminis do not commit primarily because they don't want to be tied down. But they don't want to be left entirely alone either. They want you to chase them, adore them, give them plenty of love and attention, but they don't want to actually let you possess them. That would make them uncomfortable, and that's something no Gemini can stand. It's what they inherited from the previous Sign, Taurus, and it's as much a part of them as it is the Bull.

Back and forth, hot and cold, indecisive, fickle behaviour is characteristic of all Gemini relationships. Geminis are like butterflies. They flit from one person to the next, curious and restless, never satisfied, always on the hunt for something better, always looking for that one special person that will satisfy them in every way. But it's a fool's errand. Gemini can't find a single person who can please every part of them because they need variety and choices in order to be completely happy.

Judith Bennett points out that Geminis benefit from what she called the "Primary Relationship" - being in one committed, life-long, loving affair with a single person, while also being free to flirt (and fuck) a variety of other people. It isn't quite the same as polygamy (which is being in a serious relationship with more than one person at a time) because they are with one person for trust and love and building a life together, while the others are just for fun. Not everybody is open to the idea. But if you or someone you love is a Gemini, I would suggest trying it out!


All my Gemini coworkers have been cashiers. It's the perfect Sign for the job if you think about it. You need to have exceptional customer service skills, speed and memory are important, and they need to be able to multitask. Any time you aren't on cash you're in the office doing paperwork, off running an order, helping in the warehouse, or helping customers shop. It's a social and talkative line of work that isn't appreciated as much as it should be. And it's basically everything Gemini wants from their line of work, aside from an adoring audience.

What Gemini most wants from their career is variety. They often work more than one job, or in more than one department, at a time. They are interested in learning new skills and being around new people, and then teaching what they've learned to the newbies they have to train. I have a Gemini Midheaven, which is the part of the chart associated with career and public image. My dream job has always been to be a writer, which fits with Gemini's need to communicate information. I wanted to write fantasy, but I also considered being an editor, a therapist, a journalist, an astrologer, a teacher, and a daycare lady, all of which is social, people-based work that involved me talking to and/or teaching people things in some shape or form. That's what Gemini does - and it's what they do best!

Working with a Gemini employee or coworker usually starts out great, then gets difficult, and ends with mixed feelings. They will introduce themselves to you when you first start out, compliment your work, talk you up in front of other people, chat you up in the break room. They're very friendly, talkative, charming people who go out of their way to show you the ropes. They will drop everything they are doing to help you when you need it, and their company is a bright spot in an otherwise boring day. But then they start slacking off, standing around and talking more than actually working. Then they will start gossiping about your other coworkers to you, and then about you to other people, and suddenly they don't seem so nice anymore. After that you're caught between liking them, not trusting them, wanting to be around them, and keeping your distance. It's no wonder Gemini relationships get so complicated.

Having a Gemini boss, on the other hand, is like working for a literal tornado. They are impressed by intelligent workers who possess a fortitude of knowledge on a variety of subjects, just as they do, and who know how to think about work in a detached, logical way. But more importantly, you need to be able to move quickly and change course suddenly in order to keep up with their random demands. They will want contradictory things from you, ask you to do many different things at once, and you probably won't have any idea where you are headed until you get there. If you aren't that type of person, you will find your Gemini boss to be a frustrating, crazy mess to deal with. But if you are a person who can think in your feet, and especially if you want lively, sociable work, working for a Gemini boss can be really exciting!

Gemini has a few things to work on if they are to make the most out of their career. They take on too much and then rush through it in an attempt to finish it all on time. They lie to cover their ass, get bored too easily, are two-faced with the people they work with, and have poor time management skills. But the key, I think, is to find a line of work that caters to their strengths. They are flexible, fast-paced, intelligent, and an excellent multitasker. They like to be able to learn, grow, explore, and try out new ideas. Work needs to be mentally stimulating and intellectually challenging, allowing them to problem-solve and be praised for finding a solution. Talking, teaching, writing, charming, or perhaps some technical or manual skill like building and fixing, make use of all the Sign's finely-tuned communication and motor skills. 



My boyfriend has his Moon (in the 3rd House) and Venus (in the 2nd House) in Gemini. There are a lot of sides to him that I see as very Gemini. When he isn't building things or working on projects, he's on the computer. Usually he has a TV show playing on one screen, a video game on the second, four tabs open on the third, and a rubik's cube in his hands. He can't sit still. His logical, rational, communicative mind is always running, drinking in information from all sides. He's very smart in terms of math and science and problem solving, which I see as very Gemini. And any time he isn't with me he's with his best friend, satisfying that Gemini need for partnership. (Also, I guess it's worth noting that in our composite chart, we have our Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in Gemini, all in the 12th House. So, that's a thing. If you're into that.)

I had a friend (the only close Gemini friend I ever had) who had his Sun in Gemini. He is still probably one of the smartest people I know. He has an incredible memory for facts and figures, especially with history and politics. I swear, you can ask him about anything and he can carry a conversation well into the night, telling you everything from what models of artillery the British army used in WWII to the political achievements of every Canadian Prime Minister. He's like a freaking computer. Socially, though, he's a little awkward, since he's one of those very, very logical people who doesn't really "get" intuitive, emotional communication. But once he warms up to somebody he's a very kind and loyal guy. And being a Gemini, he still hangs out with a sizable group of friends on the regular. 

My brother has his Midheaven, Jupiter, and Saturn in Gemini in the 10th House. When he was younger he had to go to speech therapy because he didn't talk much. And even now, although he's over it, he's a pretty quiet guy. He's more of a reader and a writer, consuming massive amounts of manga and fantasy stories in a week through a variety of online archives. He is probably one of the chillest guys I know. But I know behind his calm, cool exterior lives an active and hungry mind, easily bored, consuming media, needing social companionship and new things to try as much as it needs food and water to survive.


Gemini, the end of spring, eventually turns into Cancer as the Sun crosses over the Solstice and summer begins. Gemini is the child who looks into the world with both eyes open and both hands reaching out, grabbing, exploring, taking it all apart and putting it together with new parts. It is the toddler learning to walk, discovering the power of human communication, and experiencing the importance of human relationships for the first time. Cancer is the doting mother who watches the child explore, having themselves already learned what the child is learning. They are the wise emotional head of the home, nurturing those under their care, protecting them, guiding them through life's ups and downs. They keep the home and family alive with sentimental memories from childhood and traditions passed down through the generations. When Gemini becomes more compassionate, more tenacious, and more of a settled-down home-body, they have finally evolved and become the Sign of Cancer.