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Ashley Thiessen


APRIL/MAY - Towards to middle of spring, when the snow is gone from the valley and the world is bright and warm, spring finally settles in. The buds of leaves are opening, filling the forest with bright green clusters. The hills and valleys too are flushed with spring flowers, colouring the countryside in splotches of pink, blue, and yellow. As rain falls heavily upon the already cold and dampened earth, rivers swell with the cold rush of melting snow from the mountains. Everywhere, it seems, there are new spring babies and animals waking up. After a long winter spent indoors, the forests and glens are alive once more.

At this crucial time people tended more to their freshly planted fields. Oats, barley, and corn were planted as soon as the ground was soft enough. Weeding and scaring away birds was still a very important job at this point, as the crops were hardly yet sprouted. The cows and goats, having given birth a month beforehand, could be milked again. And wild eggs could be collected from the nests of returning birds. All free time outside of farming was spent on maintenance, such as building and fixing fences that were ruined over the winter months. Spring was an important time full of hard work - work which would pay off come harvest season.

Pagans celebrated Beltane, Walpurgis Night, and Floralia with bonfires and festivals; these are sometimes referred to as Festivals of Light, the light being the newly return sun. Germanic cultures associated this time of year primarily with milking and flowers. The West Frisian Calendar, too, even called this “Flowers Month”.  


This Sign is one of the oldest. Dating back to approx 15 000 BCE is a cave painting in Lascaux, France, where an auroch (a now-extinct breed of wild bull) is painted with seven spots above the shoulder and six on the face, possibly depicting the Pleiades and the Hyades, two star clusters both now included in the constellation. To the Babylonians it became “The Heavenly Bull”. It was the first sign of their zodiac until around 1700BCE, when the constellation Aries began rising on the day of the Spring Equinox. In Egyptian astrology this sign was also referred to as The Bull. The Greek myths associated with this myth tell us that Zeus fell in love with a mortal woman named Europa, and so turned himself into a magnificent white bull to seduce her. When she climbed on his back he swam out to sea, carrying her to Crete. There he turned himself back into his true form and they became lovers. An alternate is that Zeus fell in love with a woman named Io, and to protect her from Hera he turned her into a cow. Hera sent a gadfly to sting her and she ran all the way to Egypt. In both tales, the bull was placed in the heavens by Zeus.

Both tales are of love and protection, which is understandable as the bull is a symbol of both fertility and power. The value of cattle in times where food supplies changed year round was undeniable, as having a reliable source of food regardless of the seasonal changes was precious. A family with cattle were guaranteed plentiful amounts of milk, meat, and hide, as well as a powerful plough and fertile manure for their garden. This made cattle a source of wealth and luxury for those fortunate enough to have them, which is why bulls and cows are symbols for money, steadiness, dependability, and consistency. Others link the bull symbol to stubbornness, willfulness, and strength. And as a symbol of virile fertility it represents spring in much the same as the Aries ram does: as a horned male animal that fights to protect his fleet.

The TAURUS Signs + Symbol (icon designed by Freepik!)

The TAURUS Signs + Symbol (icon designed by Freepik!)

The glyph used for Taurus is of a circle with curved line on top. This represents the head and horns of a Bull, as if looking at the animal straight-on. In medieval medical astrology Taurus was also said to rule the neck area of the body, so the glyph is also of a person’s neck and chin.  


Taurus is made by combining the Fixed Quality with the Earth Element. This Sign is naturally feminine, being drawn towards beauty and refinery, sensual pleasures, and in keeping the peace by keeping to themselves. But while this is true, both men and women of this Sign tend to fulfill the gender roles typical of their culture. The men often become hard-working providers with more conservative views (taught to them in childhood) towards money, women, class, sex, and politics. Like actual bulls, they often become loners as they get older. Female Taureans settle down and become mother-figures who love to cook and take care of their family and friends. Like cows, they tend to herd together with other women and form a closely-knit group of friends. 

Ask anybody about Taurus and the first thing they say is "stubborn". Stubborn as a bull. Bullheaded. You tell a Taurus that they are being stubborn as a way to tell they they are being unreasonable or uncooperative. But Taurus people wear the word "stubborn" as a badge of honour, as testament to their strength, conviction, and durability in the face of all opposition. This is a Sign that likes to pick the perfect spot, put their roots down, and commit to it forever, working hard and growing slowly into something permanent. They do it when they buy things, when they fall in love, and when they settle into a career. They are not fickle in the least - if anything, they are unable to change.

Taurus holds onto everything. They hold onto emotions, opinions, ideas, habits, routines. To old birthday cards, photographs, love notes, and childhood drawings. To nostalgic movies, music, television shows, books, and video games. In many ways this Sign can remain stuck in the past. They hold onto the love they feel for a person for a lifetime, through years of marital ups and downs, until long after their lover has passed. But they can also hold grudges for a lifetime as well. Their sister Sign Scorpio is also known for being vindictive grudge-holders, but they are a Sign that sees many great transformative shifts in their life which radically change their personality. Taureans resist change at all costs, and so many only wear down over time.

In everything they do, Taureans pick one or two things and then connect very deeply to them, never exploring much beyond that but gaining a very good understanding of whatever it is they are attached to. With friends they prefer to have a very small group of two or three people they've known for years, rather than a large group of acquaintances. Or look at how they work. Taureans prefer to work one job, in the same routine, for years and years until a (late) retirement. They work on a single project for a very long time, continually perfecting it, never feeling that it is ever quite "done". In school or when they are studying something, they sit and think about one topic for hours, ruminating over it for days, rather than flitting from one topic to the next. They buy one house and live in it forever. Etc.

New, unexpected changes are the worst thing to bring onto a Taurus. It makes them anxious, irritable, bitchy, and even more obstinate than they usually are. If you are the kind of person who likes to make plans on the fly, you probably won't ever see your Taurus friends. They need time to get used to the idea of going out. As in, you need to make plans with them a day (or week) in advance. And if you make those plans and break them last minute, you can bet they will be pissed off, since they had already gotten used to the idea that you were going out. They might be willing to go out on a whim if you offer to feed them, pay for them, and give them a ride there and back, thereby appealing to their love of food, their "I-can't-I'm-broke" excuse, and their laziness. But aside from that, you can't get a Taurus to do anything they weren't already going to do.


My mom told me that when I was a kid, she could put me in one spot with a toy and I would play there for hours. People always told me how much of a "good kid" I was. And even as a teenager, I never rebelled or broke any rules. Everyone would comment on how much I ate as a kid (and how much I ate as a teenager too), which is something I've heard a lot from parents of Taurus kids. These children are passive, shy, slow to warm up to new people, and cautious about new situations - and they love to eat. That never changes!

Generally speaking, the typical Taurean childhood falls under two categories. In the first they are made to shoulder a great deal of responsibility at a very young age, perhaps taking care of younger children, doing more than their share of chores around the house, or getting a job in order to supplement the family's income. Their parents realize that they are mature for their age and so trust them to handle things on their own. But these Taureans eventually come to resent their lack of childhood (especially if they were poor and not given the same things their friends had). On the other end of things is the Taurus child who is spoiled rotten, pampered with material wealth and affection from their parents. These children grow up secure and happy, more open to new changes because they have trust in the security of the world around them. 

Taurus kids who grow up in a climate of security and comfort, where their needs for physical affection (hugging, kissing, cuddling) and they have trust in the safety of their surroundings, are some of the most well-behaved children in the zodiac. Content to play quietly by themselves, treating people and animals and their toys gently, preferring to spend a lot of time alone - most parents haven't a issue with their Taurus child until they try to push them with demands, in which case the child become obstinate, stressed, and insecure. Taurus children throw a fit when their room and possessions are moved around, thrown away, or broken. But aside from these flare ups they are pleasant and timid little kids, whose underlying volcanic-temper is disguised by a layer of passivity. 

As they grow older, Taurus children remain close to both of their parents, having in them both the emotional, feminine sensuality of their mother and the rational, pragmatic masculinity of their father. Regardless of their upbringing, Taurus teens grow into responsible, goal-oriented, hard-working individuals. But they rely too heavily on their parents well into adulthood, hoping they will provide them with money, a job, schooling, a home, and everything in between. If you are the parent of a Taurus child, I suggest that you push them to do things on their own instead of being their security blanket all the time. Tauruses always say they will do things "when they are ready". But they never are (as I'm sure you've noticed by now). In reality, they do not trust themselves enough to handle situations that they are more than capable of dealing with on their own. As their mom or dad, encourage them to put in the work and initiate things themselves. They need you to!


It takes Taurus a long time to warm up to somebody. It may take months, or even years, of casual encounters until you actually have a full conversation with them. Because this Sign is naturally introverted and socially anxious, they prefer to listen to people talk instead of opening up themselves. But in the small collection of friends they've had for years, in a home or a pub where they feel comfortable, you might be surprised to see them come out of their shell with loud, animated storytelling and a whole lot of dirty jokes. The shy, timid person who politely listened is suddenly dominating the conversation with monologues about politics, history, popular news, their family, their hobbies, and all the facts and figures they memorized over the years. And suddenly everything you heard about them, but never saw yourself, suddenly makes a lot of sense.

Tauruses are not one for romantic flings. There isn't any room for ambivalence with a Taurus lover. They don't have the patience to get jerked around by someone who "maybe likes them", or "maybe we can be friends and sleep together a few times but I don't want to commit because I still wanna sleep with other people too". Casual love will never happen. Casual sex, maybe. In the right circumstances, with the right person, when Taurus is in the mood for it. But more often than not casual sex will turn into a relationship, since they can't just hit and quit it once they've started liking someone.

If you find yourself with a Taurus you can bet that they already decided that they wanted to be with you a long time ago, and your relationship was inevitable. Taurus uses their intuitive gut-instinct to decide exactly how the relationship is going to go well before you did. I never really fell in love with my Aries ex boyfriend. And even though I was with him for three years, I never planned on getting married, having children, or settling down with him. I knew in my gut that the relationship had an eventual expiration date. And once I felt it ran its course, I broke up with him. With my current Cancer boyfriend, I've already got it in my head that we are going to be together forever. Tauruses are just like that. That's why unexpected affairs and break-ups are so devastating for us. And why so many people with this Sign never remarry after getting divorced.

As for the actual relationship itself, once in love with someone, Taurus settles down with them fairly early on. They settle into a routine of work schedules, eating meals at the same time every day, the daily chore cycle, moments alone, moments together, and all the things that make home and family life so comfortable. Taureans are possessive, and jealous, and stubborn, and habitual, so once you are theirs, prepare to be loyally owned and pampered for the rest of your life. For someone looking to start a family and grow old together, Taurus is right for you. But for someone who wants to travel, go on adventures, or date around for a while, you will find this Sign to be so boring. If I'm going to tell a Taurus anything it's that you need to add more excitement and fun to your love life. Otherwise your "I don't want to do anything; I just want to do the same things I do everyday" attitude will bore your partner to death.

Taurus, like Aries, is a serious, all-or-nothing personality. Either they're into you or they aren't. Either they are with you in a committed, monogamous relationship, or they aren't with you at all. And either you love them and are totally devoted to the relationship, or you aren't. The only two times a Taurus really gets mad is when you mess with their money, and when you with the person they love. But you don't just get to be with this powerfully protective personality - you have to earn through years of being loyal, dedicated, and endlessly loving towards them.


Taurus people work very hard. But they are also very lazy on their time off. They fall under both extremes. Trying to get a Taurus to do anything is like pushing a boulder over a hill - difficult to get them going at first, but once they are rolling it is impossible to get them to stop. Their work ethic is the same. These are the people who plough through hours of vigorous physical labour, getting all kinds of shit done, and then come home and plant themselves on the couch for the entire weekend. And don't think you can move them once they've sat down.

What this Sign needs from their career is financial security, first and foremost. They need to know that all their time and effort is going to pay off, whether that means making more money, promotions, bonuses, perks, vacation time, or a pension for retirement. Give them a unionized work force with dental and medical and they think they're set for life. This is a Sign who wants to get in with a good company and dedicate a lifetime of service to the same industry, supporting their home and family through the work that they do. It really is that simple. Unlike other Signs who need a sense of personal fulfillment, Taurus works for money because that is what a job is for

If you have a Taurus employee or coworker, you probably know that they exist somewhere, but you've never actually met them. Tauruses are not the most sociable people, especially when they are concentrated on the work they are doing. So you might have seen them in the office or around the store, but you won't have your first full conversation until months after meeting them for the first time. If you actually work with them, side by side, you will get to know their focused, if headstrong, approach to getting things done. They are not the ones to put themselves in the center of the action or start drama with their other coworkers. They keep their head down and stay in the background, and keep at it.

Having a Taurus as a boss is different. Now you are involved in a company that they see as their possession, their territory, and there is also money involved in your relationship. So understand that you will be doing everything their way, and there won't be any compromising or pushing them to get what you want. Instead, earn their respect by treating their clients right and earning the wage they give you. They will be as loyal to you as you are to them. Show them high-quality and professionally done work that looks, sounds, and tastes good. Show up put together and on time. Take your responsibilities seriously. Don't waste company time and especially don't waste company money. If you piss them off, you may not know it right away because instead of confronting you, they mentally tick off everything you do that irritates them. Until one day when they've had enough, and you get the sack.

Taurus workers never ask for help, even when they need it. Despite being overwhelmed with more work than they can handle, and being stressed out to the breaking point, they silently soldier on because it's their responsibility. Like a bull ploughing a field, they shoulder all their burdens all on their own and put pressure on themselves to succeed. As well, despite all their talent, ambition, and work ethic, they can get stuck in a job that they are comfortable in, even if it is really just a waste of their time. Combine these two things together and you have all the conditions for burnout, boredom, and an unhappy life. I encourage all Taurus people to unstick themselves from these bad habits and take more action towards a better working life. Be more flexible, more confrontational, more open to new experiences, and less afraid of change!



I have my Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Taurus (Sun in the 9th House, Mercury and Venus in the 8th). When I was a kid I had three sides to my personality. I was a tomboy who loved catching bugs, frogs, and minnows, and making little aquariums and terrariums for them to live in. I was a bookworm for encyclopedias and facts. And I was a shy, artistic kid, who loved to draw and write fantasy characters. As I got older (and especially when I started liking boys) I became more girly, more feminine. But I still love earthiness, nature, the cycles of the sun and the moon and the seasons. I still read articles and watch videos about art and culture everyday. And I'm still an introverted artist who writes fantasy stories. So while my Taurus traits have changed and grown, but they are still very much the same as they have always been. 

My best (and longest) friend also has the same three planets in Taurus, all in the 9th House. Born just three days apart and with the same Rising Sign, she and I are the same in many ways. Our hang-outs and sleep-overs have always been us sitting in comfy spots on either side of the room, quietly doing our own thing in the company of each other. We eat and drink tea together, go for long walks, talk about astrology and friends and all our ideas of how the world should work. When we were kids we used to draw each other's characters and write stories together. Now I'm the writer and she's is the artist, because both of us are Taurus women who never really outgrow the things we love to do.

My grandpa has his Sun, Venus, Ceres, and Jupiter all in Taurus in the 1st and 2nd Houses. He is quiet and thoughtful, except when he is telling dirty jokes, or when he's all riled up over some bit of local or political newsHe got married, had three kids, got divorced, and never remarried. He and my dad have stuck together ever since. Since my mom and dad got together he has always lived in the basement suite of our family homes, alone in his own private space of the house, but always close to his family. He never takes trips abroad, sees friends, or goes on dates. These days he is a homebody. When he isn't working in my dad's construction business, he stays home to take care of the chores while both my parents work, making supper, tending to the garden out back, feeding the cat, watching the kids. Most nights he falls asleep in front of the evening news, or watching one of his old movies. And he has been that way for as long as I can remember. 


As Taurus grows and matures, overcoming challenges by changing themselves, they become more Gemini. A once rigid, stubborn, obstinate Sign becomes more flexible, versatile, and carefree. A portion of focus is lost, but not the memory. The mind becomes more curious for a wider variety of subjects, relationships, friends, places, and experiences. They talk more, and to more people. They leave comfort and security behind in search of more interesting things to do. Their group of friends grows. The Taurus person becomes less fixed in place and more open to going out and exploring the world on a whim, spontaneously jumping from one thing to another. As they do they shed their old, bullish ways they turn into the next Sign, Gemini.