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Want to learn more about how to do astrology? You've come to the right place!


Ashley Thiessen


The first one you seek is a king, whose palace arches are splayed over a seaside mountain scape, overlooking the warm waters below. His gardens are affluent, and allowed to grow wild in all directions, forming a thicket of flowers around his court. Inside, the dining hall is lavishly decorated and filled with pompous courtesans. You will find him sprawled on his throne, as fat and drunk as the day is long, chomping down lamb legs and guzzling wine. His lust is sated by the young women at his table, plus a few pretty commoners he keeps close by. You ask him your questions, and his answers are shouted over the court in happy, drunken speech. He slaps you on the back, shares his food and wine and gold pieces liberally, satisfies all your sinful desires, and in the end is happy to call you a friend.

You leave the next morning with your head spinning, a pang of guilt deep in your stomach. The king has shown you a good time, taught you the fun of excess pleasure, but you seek a higher calling for your unanswerable questions. You wander through the city, in and out of taverns and markets, until you come upon a high-columned temple towering over the city square. You ascend the steps to find a priestess reciting her sacred prayers, bent before the altar flames with her sisters. You begin to ask, but she puts up a hand and tells you that she is only a vessel, and a humble student herself. She pushes you to bended knee, and tells you to ask the gods. Together, you pray. After a day of worship, she leads you to the temple stairs that overlook the mountains beyond the city walls, and points to a crooked path up to a monstrous oak tree.

You follow that crooked path - climbing the stairs,  wandering through trees, hiking over cold, silver streams and rocky mountain passes. Until finally you arrive at the oak tree, and under its pronged leaves, meet a humble sage deep in meditation. Quietly, you sit. Wordlessly, you join them. The two of you sit in silence for many hours. Until their voice cracks open and asks you, "Did you find what you set out looking for?".

"Yes," you reply. "I found perspective."


The modern glyph we use for Jupiter (♃) is the alchemy symbol for tin. It is thought that it is derived from the Greek letter zeta, which was the first letter of Zeus' name. Like Ceres, Jupiter is a combination of a crescent and cross. The difference is that in Ceres these two are intimately connected, whereas in Jupiter the crescent is seen as "rising above" a cross, symbolizing a mind or spirit that is rising above or expanding upon the physical world. Jupiter then becomes a planet of philosophy, spirituality, and big ideas, which transcend the limitations of facts and reality. 


Jupiter is the opposite of Mercury, the same way that Venus and Mars are opposites. Mercury is your lower mind, which takes in raw information, processes it, and relays it back out. It is the planet of learning, thinking, and communication in the most rational, factual, and logical way. Jupiter is the higher mind, which takes all of these things a step further. With added touches of creativity and imagination, Jupiter expands on these topics, taking them further and further away from the facts, and into the abstract and the unknown.

Jupiter travels from the "whats" and the "hows" to the "whys" and the "what ifs". This is the planet of subjective experiences and big, unanswerable questions; of deeper meaning and profound thoughts. He is the planet of wisdom, philosophy, spirituality, and personal beliefs. History, culture, languages, art, religion, politics, law, and travel to far off places, are all under Jupiter's umbrella as well. These sorts of topics give enormous insight into humanity as a whole, and in turn, open us up to understanding ourselves in a much more meaningful way. By learning about Jupiter, we learn about how our individual pieces (how we think, how we feel, our views and opinions) fit into the bigger picture (our ethnicity, culture, country, historical period), and how humanity as a whole can be understood in the same way.

Of course, if you were to ask any astrologer about the nature of Jupiter - the look, feel, and energy of this planet - they would undoubtedly focus on its luck and benevolence. In medieval astrology, Jupiter (along with the Sun and Venus) was known as the "Great Benefit", meaning that it was seen as bright, big, positive, and happy. The "expansive" nature of Jupiter, which "expands" the mind and sees the bigger picture, is also "expansive" in the sense that it is big, dramatic, loud, funny, and exaggerated. This mature or positively-aspected Jupiter is a bringer of luck and good fortune. It is comedic, charming, and likeable, and has a way of bending things to your favour. 

The unhealthy, immature, or negatively-aspected Jupiter, however, expands on selfish, primal desires. It is indulgent and sinful in the most cardinal of ways. It is gluttonous of food and drink, of sugar, salt, fat, and alcohol. It succumbs to adultery and addiction to food, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping, or others. It is lustful, lazy, materialistic. Too much Jupiter can expand your waistline, cut your patience, and shorten your temper. Self-control is almost non-existent, as you become helpless against every whim and desire that crosses your path. But whatever your chosen high is, whether it's adrenaline or endorphins, it's the crash back down to reality that we are avoiding. Jupiter only wants to expand up, out, higher, wider, and never wants to come back down to the ground. 

Jupiter needs to spike high enough for your life to be happy, exciting, and meaningful, but it can't spike so often that your life becomes a rollercoaster of highs and lows. The key is to find your passion and to give meaning to the life you have, so you aren't diving down avenues of escape. It's the difference between quick highs to temporarily boost your mood, and living the kind of lifestyle where those low moods never last long. Nowadays, the most common advice is to see a therapist or a counselor and to get into the deeper, psychological compulsions behind your actions. But back in the day, you would have been told to travel, to read, to be more optimistic and to reflect on your life so far. Whether you choose to go into your head or expand out of it, you can use Jupiter's big picture vantage point to give you some perspective on yourself, your loved ones, and how you fit into the larger world around you.


Traditionally, Jupiter was ruled by both Sagittarius and Pisces, and Exalted in Cancer. Then, sometime after its discovery in 1846, Neptune was given to Pisces and Jupiter has been Ruled solely by Sagittarius ever since. If you've been following my articles so far, you know that I have my own system for doing things. And I personally believe Jupiter should be Ruled by Sagittarius and Exalted in Pisces. 

Both of these Signs do not see the world as it is, but as it could be, or should be. Sagittarius is notoriously optimistic and positive, with a contagious enthusiasm for everything life has to offer. It is an athletic Sign that loves running around in the great outdoors. It is a Sign which never feels any shame about indulging in sinful excesses. And to others, they offer their fervent support, erasing any doubt or insecurity that might have held them back from achieving happiness. Pisces, in much the same way, offer selfless love, compassion, and support to anyone that comes to them in need. This is a Sign known for escapism into any number of things, from art and media, to religion, alcohol, or drugs. But they are also known for their imagination, creativity, and the profound way their mind travels through time and space, and seems to be everywhere but here.

That would mean it is in Detriment in Gemini and in Fall in Virgo. These Signs lose sight of the big picture in favour of the smaller one. Gemini think in realistic terms, always bringing grand visions back to the facts. Things like philosophy and spirituality are hard to grasp because they are subjective, and it requires them to let go of the logic and rationality they use to understand the world. Virgo, too, being so grounded and practical, can't expand their mind past the scientifically-proven and into the realm of abstract beliefs. They see their own views and opinions as the most realistic and factual, and anything beyond their understanding as illogical, irrational, or stupid. Both of these Signs view the world through narrow lenses, and don't even understand their perspective is limited by their own beliefs. And both could stand to let go and have some fun, if only to let those indulgent spikes colour their life a little more. 


JUPITER IN ARIES is just as loud, brash, and dramatic as you would expect it to be. Jupiter here expands all your fiery Aries qualities of leadership, enthusiasm, loyalty, and athleticism, and makes you generous, idealistic, optimistic, and headstrong, especially when you are driven to achieve or win something. Those indulgences you cave into are a result of impulsive action and a lack of forethought or self-control; a fact which can and will ruin your life if you aren't careful. When it comes to personal beliefs, you aggressively defend your own and are ready to fight anybody who steps on your ideas. But you are much more open minded and changeable than you may seem, as you tend to pick up ideas and drop them when they no longer suit you. Many of your own personal philosophies revolve around strength, bravery, happiness, and independence - all things you encourage others to be, and what you, in turn, can teach them to become.

JUPITER IN TAURUS amplifies your sensual nature, making you a physical creature that loves to indulge. This a placement of the luxurious and lusty, heated by a love of your body and the material things you surround yourself with. You are naturally very good with money, buying only the very best of everything. You are particularly decadent with food and drink, bordering on gluttonous in the way that you feed yourself and others. But therein lies your Jupiter generosity - you cook for others and entertain in your home, and love to talk deep into the night about all your thoughts on the world. You can be quite stubbornly glued to your personal beliefs, having spent so much time ruminating on them, deep in thought, cementing them in your mind. You nourish and grow your ideas like a garden, and may even have a philosophy or spirituality that is very earthy and connected to nature. You can show these things to others through calm, grounded teaching techniques, helping them to become more sensual, practical, patient, and easygoing, as you are.

JUPITER IN GEMINI is in its Detriment position. Your ability to expand your mind higher, into the abstract, subjective, creative, or imaginative spheres of life, is limited. It is limited by your adherence to the facts, to the here and now and the way things actually are. You are an intellectual, bound to saying only what is true, and Jupiter tries to expand on the truth to make it bigger, more meaningful, more profound - and less accurate. So this Sign and this planet naturally are in opposition to one another. Yet, despite this hiccup in your Jupiter experience, this placement still gives you plenty. You are socially and linguistically talented, which you can cleverly use to charm your way into the hearts of many. Nobody can deny how talented you are with your words, be it in speaking, writing, singing, rapping, or lecturing. You can use these things to teach other people your beliefs and philosophies about life, and in turn teach them about freedom, duality, flexibility, and clear communication skills. 

JUPITER IN CANCER generously opens your home to many, and gives you many domestic talents, which you pass on to your family as you become more of a homemaker. Your home is your castle, your possessions your kingdom, and you are no stranger to spoiling yourself with and number of Cancer-type indulgences: food, drink, things for your kids and pets, and things for your home. For you personally, this Jupiter placement adds emotional drama and comedic flair to your personality, which makes you the center of attention whenever you go off on a rant or recount an old story. Your own ideas and philosophies stem from how you were raised and what you were taught as a kid, as your higher-ideals are tightly wound with your home and family life growing up. What you learned from your own family is what you pass onto others - beliefs that value home, family, money, loyalty, and taking care of others.

JUPITER IN LEO is bright, enthusiastic, and one of the most dramatic placements Jupiter can be in! People follow your leadership because of the optimism and warmth that you exude... and also because of the loud, demanding, way you attract attention. When it comes to your Jupiter-vices, you love to be spoiled, and expect the people who love you to treat you right. Be it food, drink, drugs, sex, money, or even just attention, pure and simple, you use your Jupiter charm to get excessive amounts given to you on a daily basis. Still, outside of those vices, back to personal beliefs, you are likely a creative and spiritual person with a lot of grandiose ideas. You are stubbornly stuck in the ways you think about the world, but your outlook overall is a happy one. Naturally, you know how to be popular, entertaining, creative, and loved by many, and you can teach others to be the same way. You are a warm ray of sunshine cutting through the dark, offering guidance to others who wish to become happier, more confident individuals. 

JUPITER IN VIRGO is in its Fall position. Jupiter is uncomfortable here, as the energy of the planet and the energy of the Sign run against one another. Virgo is caught up in the facts and the details, is ashamed of selfish indulgences, and tends to focus on the negative - all things Jupiter is opposed to doing. Exaggerating your Virgo qualities, this Jupiter placement can make you neurotic, anxious, controlling, and a true-blue perfectionist in the most dramatic of ways. But it isn't all bad! Your natural wisdom lies in your work ethic, your attention to detail, and in your ability to improve on anything. What you teach others is how to pinpoint their flaws and take realistic, practical steps to improve on themselves through hard work and dedication. What you lack, however, is the sort of contagious enthusiasm that inspires other people into action. Nobody want to hear you blandly list their faults like a doctor's prescription. A bit of positivity and encouragement will go a long way!

JUPITER IN LIBRA means you like to spoil yourself with the finer things in life, like beauty and sensuality. Your spend an ornate amount of money on buying beautiful things and good food for yourself and your loved ones, and have a hard time saying no to the best of the best. But these Jupiter-vices are only one part of this placement. The other is how impartial your personal beliefs are. The philosophies and spiritualities you adhere to encourage balance, equality, and justice. You are open to seeing the other side, even if you don't believe in it personally, because you want to be diplomatic and polite toward other people. This is the reason you are so attractive, and why you are so lucky in attracting beautiful partners into your relationships. It is the wisdom you carry within you, always, and is something that comes naturally to you. You can teach other people how to be as fair-minded, likable, charming, beautiful, romantic, and relational as you are.

JUPITER IN SCORPIO exaggerates the already extreme nature of Scorpio, making you even more intense, magnetic, emotional, and passionate than other Scorpio placements. Many Scorpio vices, besides the obvious sex, drugs, and alcohol, have to do with your obsessive nature. You get so emotionally involved in something that it completely consumes you, and you work yourself sick over it. But more positively, you possess enormous spiritual and psychological insight into the human mind and how people work, combining your knowledge with your personal and philosophical beliefs about humanity as a whole. You are interested in learning about the darker side of humanity's history and how it relates to how people think and feel. And what you have to teach the world is how to compassionately understand the "dark side" of human nature, be it through spiritual or occultist practices, art, or healing people directly in a straightforward, honest, albeit sensitive, way.

JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS is in its Ruled position. The energy of the Sign and the planet are completely in line with one another, so you see Jupiter in its purest, happiest form. If you have this placement, you are as Jupiter as can be. A perpetual student and high-minded teacher, you are deeply invested in studying everything, from art and philosophy to politics and history, and everything in between. You are positive and optimistic about the grandiose vision you've conjured up in your mind. You are indulgent in every way, have little to no self control, and take an excess of everything without a second thought. To others you become a teacher and healer, offering guidance to everyone under your charge. You encourage everyone to be their own individual person and to follow their heart wherever it leads them. At your core, you are entertaining, motivating, charming, and well-liked by most people. And whatever dreams they share with you, you enthusiastically support them in everything they do!

JUPITER IN CAPRICORN is more reserved than Jupiter would like to be. But despite the somewhat dignified, regal, conservative nature of this Sign, plenty of energy gets released through your work ethic. Yes, you can be indulgent in that you spend lavish amounts of money buying yourself the very best of the best. You didn't scrimp and save and pinch pennies to waste it on anything else, after all. But this placement is dominated by your high-minded ambitions, first and foremost.. Be it your business, career, financial goals, or personal ones, you are naturally gifted at achievement. Others may struggle to get past the first hurdle and quit as soon as things become challenging. But, natural leader that you are, you can teach people how to set and achieve their goals. Just remeber to lose the stuffy formality and show some humour now and then to get them on board. People are more receptive when they like you!

JUPITER IN AQUARIUS is naturally very gifted with people. If you are lucky enough to have the placement of the universally adored, you should take some time to learn how to use this power wisely without developing a God-complex. People love your charisma, confidence, friendliness, and the dramatic way you entertain the group with wild stories and fantastic sense of humour. People from all over feel like they can talk to you because you are so open-minded and non-judgemental. Especially when it comes to personal beliefs, you see all sides and relate to all points of view, giving you a very fair, balanced, intellectual understanding of everything from politics and religion to foreign cultures and historical events. You are naturally gifted at networking, talking the time to listen and understand people, making them feel valued. What you have to teach are lessons about humanity, freedom, individuality, acceptance, and following your heart - all things which are particularly valuable for the world to learn.

JUPITER IN PISCES is in its Exalted position. If Sagittarius is the teacher, you are the healer, using Jupiter's magnanimous energy to enlighten people in that way. What you need to overcome are your escapist tendencies, your weakness of running away and "indulging" in things like art, media, religion, spirituality, drugs, alcohol, and letting other people take care of you.  Once you can rise above those lower impulses, you can use your Jupiter to help people in the most meaningful of ways. People imprint on you, which is why you are so well-liked. And your higher-mind has no boundaries, which is why you can understand every point of view that you are surrounded by in the most complex and emotional of ways. What you have to teach are timeless lessons of selflessness, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, sympathy, and love - things that religious and spiritual leaders the world over have been trying to teach for the past millennia, and which you have a natural gift for relaying onto others.


Jupiter spends a year in each Sign, and so traverses the entire zodiac every twelve years. Your Jupiter Sign is one you share with others in your graduating class, and those eleven years older, and eleven years younger, than you. As we get into the outer six planets, they spent more and more time going through each Sign, and so everyone born in that time period will all have the same placement. We are moving out of the "Personal Planets" and into the "Collective Planets" - the ones you share with many others who are just like you.