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Ashley Thiessen

11 HOUSE.png

In the 10th House we wore our career, our chosen role in society, as a badge of honour. But you still retained some semblance of a separate identity in wanting to be famous and publically revered. In the 11th House, you begin to truly become a part of something greater than yourself by giving that up and dissolving into the crowd. Looking to this House, you see the ease in which you make friends, the groups you belong to, and where you think society is headed.

Like you did in the 7th House, you unite your personal identity with other people. But this time, instead of it being an intimate partnership to be seen as a couple, it is with many others to be seen as a group. On your own, you are just one person, with one mortal body and a finite amount of time and ideas on your own. But when you join with other people, you can impact the world in a greater, more influential way, going so far as to revolt against (and overthrow) larger power structures, and cause a revolution.



The 11th would be the neighbourhood the home resides in, and the larger group of people it is a part of.



  • The collective identity you share with other people (ex: calling yourself a "liberal", a "conservative", a "Canadian", a "Canucks fan", etc.)

  • Friendship (friends, companions)

  • Group associations (communities, associations, clubs, clique, fraternity/sorority, fellowship, union, guild, networks) and how you act within a group dynamic

  • Society (nation, civilization, tribe, clan)


11 SUN.jpg

This is not a very good placement for the Sun. Instead of having a strong inner sense of self your identity comes from outside influences. Namely, the groups, organizations, and movements you associate with. You are intimately aware of the laws that govern our culture and how people view and treat one another. You are even more aware of society’s flaws, the judgements people place upon one another, the problems that need to be solved, the rules that need to be broken. The Sun can’t do what it is meant to do, which is to stand out as the center of attention and create meaningful things from and for itself. You feel like you have to conform to the rules of society and join the collective group around you, thereby removing any unique elements of your identity. You then grow to resent society for the boundaries that it seems to place on who you can be and how you can express yourself. So you change it.

The solution, the one you find and resort to eventually, is to rebel. You become a part of a cause, a social movement, a political association, an organization, friendship, or a club of some kind. From then on, your own personal goal to tear down society’s established beliefs one item at a time and replace them with the beliefs of the movement that you are a part of. Whether the issue is social, political, economic, or a matter of principle, you strongly believe that society needs to be fixed when it comes to this certain issue. You likely believe in equal rights for all people, improving lives through education and scientific development, and encouraging unique and original personalities to blossom despite others calling them “weird” and “different”. One day you might proclaim that all genders, races, sexualities, and religions should be treated equally, without any of our culture’s biases and prejudice. Another day you may tackle governmental reform, fair trade dealings, animal rights, or environmentalism. With an eye for the future and the intentions to change the world, you begin a rallying cry and speak out against all forms of injustices. You have a lot to say about the way things are, and you have a lot of radical ideas about the way things should be.

11 MOON.jpg

The first and most intimate circle of associates are your friends. Friendships is as personal as it is not, ranging from the “best” friends you keep close to your heart out to the random associates you know through other people. Your friendships take on the tidal nature of the Moon. Your social energies ebb and flow, your emotional closeness to people fluctuates near and far, friendships change like the tides. There are times where you are outgoing and extroverted and others where you stay close to home and away from people. You love to entertain in your home, preferring to have everybody at your house than to go out. You provide the space, cook the food, bring the drinks, and create a comfortable social atmosphere for big and small groups alike. The kinds of friends you draw out are often Taurus and Cancer types, who tend to be more introverted but who love a good meal at a friend’s house. Taurus are solid, dependable, unwavering people whom you can trust and rely on because they never change. Cancer are also tenacious but more emotional and changeable, reflecting the lunar qualities inherent to close emotional relationships with others. You consider your friends more like family, and are intuitive and empathic to their needs.

The next circle is comprised of the groups you identify with. Less intimate than friendships, these are the associations, communities, clubs, and organizations you consider yourself a part of. This also takes on the nature of the Moon in the sense that you come in and out of groups, blend in with many different crowds, and participate based on your moods. Somewhat contradictory, you are at once committed and loyal to your peers but also transitory in how you goals and friendships are always changing. That may be why you have some friends for years but drift in and out of each other’s lives, and it is the same for the groups you are a part of. It isn’t difficult for you to make friends, only for you to keep them. Social charms and a gentle, mothering personality mean you attract many admirers. But unreliable friends who create emotional drama with others eventually dissolve the group from the inside. The group splits up, new people come in, and you find yourself a part of a whole new crowd. Your associations are thus transitory, emotional, moody, both constant and not. You should become more choosy about your friendships, rather than letting anyone into your circle because you feel compassion for them at the time.

11 MERCURY.jpg

Having Mercury placed in the 11th House means your mind is always tuned into humanity’s station. You are always alive with ideas on how to make the world a better place, and you have an equally overwhelming desire to communicate these things with others in your social circle. Friendship is found in the most intimate areas of the 11th house. Gemini and Virgo types of friends are likely to make up your group of friends. Gemini types are talented wordsmiths, social butterflies, chatterboxes, and eager to learn about everything. They never run out of things to talk about because their mind is a never-ending source of information, and you delight in the varied conversations you can have with them. Virgo types are more analytical, picking information apart and analyzing it in detail. They have a more organizational way of thinking, are more focused, work hard, and offer more in the way of practical solutions to problems at hand. Both offer the intellectual prowess that you admire, and both give you plenty to think about. In this way your friendships themselves begin to take on the nature of Mercury. You have a large number of friends and acquaintances, fly from one group to the next, adapt to a variety of people, and you make friends fairly easily. Some of these friends may turn out to be two-faced, gossipy, or wildly unreliable, talking about you behind your back or letting you down. But other friendships are formed because you respect their mind and their ideas – and because you always have lots to talk about.

The groups you become a part of also reflect Mercurial qualities. The communities, clubs, and organizations you join are bound to be filled with other witty, talkative, and curious individuals. Your favourite topics to discuss are how to solve human problems in the most logical and rational ways, such as how to boost the economy, improve the education system, or solve political problems. Within the group itself you don the role of spokesperson, secretary, writer, or speaker; the person who makes sure all facts are communicated; the person at the head of every discussion, the one bringing up important topics. Your task is to make sure information flows from one person to the next fluidly, and it is an assignment you do well during discussions or debates. You enjoy social events rich with conversation, as this is a highly extroverted planetary position. Even if other things in your chart point to shyness, Mercury in the 11th is as social as it gets. You are wonderful at networking, jumping from one group of people to the next, mingling with entirely different classes of people effortlessly. Having a mind open to various kinds of people means it is expanded constantly through contact with others. This is particularly true about your favourite topics to learn about: people and society.

11 VENUS.jpg

Your social butterfly Venus – the wine that makes the parties fun, the mimic that can blend in anywhere – finds you friends in her image. She finds you Libra and Taurus types, artists who make the world more beautiful with every creative glance in each direction. And she finds you groups of like-minded individuals who share your hopes for society, dipping you into clans built on acceptance and understanding. Walking amongst goddesses and gods (beautiful people in every way) you may sadly compare yourself to them and find you come up short. But you must not let insecurity get in the way of your friendship. You are able to use your gifts of pleasure and artistry to make the world a better place. You can further your dreams with the help of these people. And you can enjoy your life in the presence of others, each of you turning a piece in the larger framework around you.

The next circle out are the groups that you seek to become a part of. These are organizations, communities, clubs, etc. of like-minded people who share your ideologies, and who wish to improve the world the same way you do. Like with friendships, you are fond of groups centered around the arts: musicians, writers, dancers, designers, actors, and painters are all examples. Within the groups themselves you blend in effortlessly with different kinds of people and make many friends with every new group you join. You are a very positive influence on others, bringing class and cheerfulness to every meeting you slide into. You are particularly fond of “cultural” outings – a trip to a museum, an art gallery, the theatre, or dance clubs full of exciting people is pure pleasure for you. You are extroverted in the way that you need to be around people, in groups big or small, or else you get lonely. Of course, there is always the chance that you could obtain a kind of prestige or advancement through the people you group up with – much like high school, the cool kids hang out together. As long as that does not spur the aforementioned issues of jealousy, you have the potential to achieve success with help from your peers.

11 MARS.jpg

Mars will surface whenever you are put into a group of people. Your friendships will take on the nature of this planet as you rush impulsively into friendships and become the ringleader of your troop. More masculine kinds of people, warriors with plenty of energy and aggression to go around, ignite a fire that cannot be quelled. A low tolerance for needy, emotional types and a passion for fierily personalities means you find yourself drawn to both Aries and Scorpio types of friends. There will always inevitably be conflict between you and other people. Sometimes the fighting is because you are being competitive. Or it is because you selfishly put yourself first at the expense of others. Other times people are trying to dominate you, disrespect you, and take what is yours, and you need to assert yourself in order to protect your interests. There is a delicate balance between knowing when to fight and when to cooperate, what you should compromise and what you should not. You must learn to recognize when you are the problem and when you are right, as there is a big difference and you can’t let your ego spoil your friendships. 

Mars, by nature, is independent and selfish, driven by your own need to conquer your goals and get what you want. This is not a bad thing (you have to look out for yourself, after all) but it can cause conflict within organizations, clubs, teams, and associations. They want you to submit, cooperate, place nice, and be selfless; they want you to put the needs and desires of others ahead of your own. But you don’t play that game. Either you are the leader of the pack or you are off on your own, and there is little in between. It is difficult for you to compromise what you want or let other people push you around. You become bossy, argumentative, aggressive, and grouchy. You push your ideas on other people and fight for power within the group’s structure. You work best with others when they respect your authority and let you have control of your space. It is a delicate balance of individuality and unity, but when you get it right you blossom in the social spheres. You particularly enjoy groups who are very lively – those who enjoy health, exercise, and an active lifestyle, those who party and go wild, or those working to change the community.

11 CERES.jpg

You form bonds so close they feel like family, treating best friends more like long lost siblings. You switch between being the parent taking care of them and the child being taken care of. Friendships grow around your home, food, comfort, and familial love; it isn’t uncommon for your family to see your friends as a part of them, and vise versa. You are drawn close to Cancer and Virgo types of people for this reason. Cancer is the maternal sign connected to motherly love. It is the sign known for homemaking and child care, the compassionate animal lover and world-class cook, which tenaciously holds on and takes care of those close to them. Virgo is similar, but they are more structured and practical than they are emotional. They are dutiful, responsible, and very hard workers; utterly domestic, dedicated to the well-being of others under their care, and endlessly loving towards those close to them. You may be one of their “children” or you may be a “parent”. Either way, you are close enough to know the friendship will never truly end, even when separated and miles apart.

Outside of friendships there are the groups that you become a part of. Clubs, communities, organizations, associations, allegiances, and alliances are all examples. The kinds of groups you join and the role which you fill within them are coloured by Ceres, as she resides within this communal sphere. Your family was likely to be involved in the community and well known in your neighbourhood. Your parents in particular were very social people, connected to a wide variety of friends and associates, always out and doing things with other people. Seeing your family in this light, you are ingrained with memories of the communities you grew up in and the neighbourhoods surrounding your home. The people you grew up around, the society and culture you come from, are all very much a part of who you are today. Groups you are drawn to play off this nostalgia; perhaps you wish to do good in your native community, helping those who reflect the struggles you dealt with in your youth. You would do well working with young people and animals, giving out all your familial love and taking care of those in need.

11 JUPITER.jpg

You have a large circle of friends who serve to enlighten one another with their profound ideas and opinions on philosophy, spirituality, history, and humanity. Having Jupiter here means that your friendships take on the nature of this planet: pleasure-seeking, generous, expansive, big-hearted, and utterly epicurean in their indulgences. But you may also find yourself with selfish, unpredictable, unreliable, or alcoholic friends, which can be disappointing on some occasions. Pisces and Sagittarius types make the best of friends for you, and you may find these personalities fit with your goals and values more than others. Pisces are kind, gentle souls not of this physical world. They are imaginative, mystical, psychic, lovers of fantasy and the arts, and dabblers in the spiritual and paranormal realms. Sagittarius, on the other hand, are spirits of nature and very much made of the earth. They are open-minded teachers and gurus who are able to accept and encourage people without judgement. They are happiest when traveling the world, living in the countryside, and sharing their ideas with those able to follow.

Other groups you become part of include clubs, organizations, associations, and communities. Your membership in these unions is important because you are usually the face or leader of the movement you are a part of. Popular, generous, funny, entertaining, and well-liked by your peers, you may be the reason people get into your groups (or movements) in the first place. Often you function as a teacher or guru to your fans and followers, showing them the spiritual path or towards enlightened thinking. To those who follow your buoyant spirit, you are a wise friend with an expansive mind. Yet while it is wonderful that you have found a niche for your success and fulfillment, there are times where you are too much involved in your social worlds. You try to make everyone in the group happy however you can, but giving away your energy to other people burns you out. And there comes a time where you must withdraw, save money, and refocus on what is actually important to you (rather than what others demand of you). When you come back into the group rested and alive, you have more energy to give away.

11 SATURN.jpg

Saturn is particularly powerful here. One of the biggest questions a person faces in their lifetime (and it has always been so) is how to fit in with a group of people – becoming a part of something greater and larger than your individual self – while still maintaining a sense of control, dignity, and sovereignty. You approach this task and answer these questions in a typical Saturn-like fashion. That is to say you immerse yourself into relationships slowly, cautiously, and seriously. You want that sense of community, that sense of belonging with others, and that feeling of close friendship. But you readily expect everything to go wrong at any point in time, and so you generally are not that outgoing. Dispelled by shades of social anxiety and introversion, you find it very difficult to go out and mingle with a group of people. You would much prefer to avoid all that awkwardness and be completely alone. Or else, you may hang out with the one or two friends you see on a regular basis. That is simply how your social life looks – you are either terminally isolated or with those very few, deeply trusted companions you have known for a very long time.

It is not that you do not like people. Everybody has their phases of being highly social and antisocial, and you are no exception. It is just that the type of friendship you seek is of the Saturn variety: deep, meaningful bonds that both people take very seriously and loyally commit to for a very long time. Your best friend, your spouse, and maybe some family friends you see from time to time are pretty much all that make the cut. One-on-one, in some quiet familiar place, is where you open up. The kinds of people you like are usually older or more mature than you are, well experienced in the fields where you lack these skills and knowledge. The stern, responsible, driven personalities that colour your life with achievements and realized dreams are those closest friends you harbour. You like these people because they are reliable, trustworthy, and dependable, all the things whose opposites you fear. You are unfortunately susceptible to falling victim to the selfish motivations of others, who come into your life through friendship, bleed you dry, and then leave at your own expense. As such, you limit your social involvement to only a very few.

11 CHIRON.jpg

Chiron in the 11th House means, first of all, that your friendships will take on the nature of this planet. It is for these reasons that the kinds of friends you are drawn to are often Sagittarius or Libra types. Sagittarius are there to encourage you forward, build up your confidence, and see that your talents do not go to waste. They gain energy by getting others up and moving, and so make excellent life coaches to the friends that need help believing in their own capabilities. Libra types are the more insecure ones who need to be reminded that they are attractive and well-liked, even if their beauty and charm seem obvious to you. To you they give partnership that is close but not smothering, and a rational mind that helps you to realize the beauty you have within you. Your friends are sad and insecure people. Some may have a history of abuse, others back by traumatic experiences, and others still struggling with their own self-worth. They are friends with you because you have the capacity to mend and empower them, and a kind enough heart to be willing to that in turn. At the same time that you serve as a healer, however, you struggle with your own issues surrounding friendship: loneliness, distance from friends, or a lack of friends altogether.

The groups that you associate with (including the clubs, organizations, and communities you join) will also have many of these Chiron traits as well. Just as you attract friends in need of healing, your groups will likewise be filled with loners, weirdoes, and outcasts who do not fit in anywhere else. You feel comfortable surrounded by others who do not belong because you don’t think that you do either. Throughout your life you get left out. People decide they don’t like you anymore, and then sever the friendship quietly through time and distance. You have struggled through social droughts where you have no friends (or you have friends but can’t see them) – periods which were difficult on your self-esteem and your emotional health. As you find it difficult to socialize as it is, it is difficult for you to simply move on to other people. You suffer from a degree of social anxiety because you lack confidence in talking to new people. Shyness and introversion therefore plague you, restricting your capacity for making new friends. As with most things, you are far harder on yourself than anyone else is. You believe you are worse at these things than you actually are, as most people who talk to you find you charming and likeable. Knowing this may not seem to help, but you should be aware of the difference between your internal criticism of yourself and what people actually think about you.

11 URANUS.jpg

Every planet has a ‘home’, a certain sign or house that it is most comfortable in, and for Uranus it is in the 11th. Everybody has a part of them buried under the imprint of mainstream society which feels as though they do not belong. In your case this feeling is very strong and it permeates through many of your relationships with other people. You do not ‘fit in’ with any group. You are far too rebellious, too unconventional, too odd and quirky a personality to belong anywhere. You don’t like the clothes everyone else buys, you don’t follow fashion trends; you don’t believe in what ‘normal’ people believe in; the idea of being regular and typical and the same as everyone else feels like a suffocating hell of betrayal. There is nothing in this world that would make you want to be just like everyone else. Except maybe one thing – all this individuality, liberating as it may be, can leave you feeling alienated and lonely much of the time. That is where the primary dilemma of both Uranus and the 11th House is found: What should I change about myself and what should I keep for myself?

One really great place to find this balance is within a group of friends. Your favourite people in the world are the ones that are weird and different, just like you. In many ways you feel superior to people who are normal, as if you’ve risen above that popular culture crap and found the audacity to be yourself. You feel contempt for the ordinary people who wander along the line of a traditional life, never questioning the way things are or seeking to change the way they look at the world. You much prefer the people who are not afraid to share their unusual interests, their strange taste in clothing, their passionate ideologies and their deeply-held beliefs. You care more about having a ‘shared vision’ with your friends than anything else. The friendships you form tend to come and go very suddenly. You have many, many casual acquaintances compared to your very few close, meaningful friends. Many emotional conflicts and abrupt endings later, you continue along by yourself, perfectly fine with being a loner anyway. And perhaps you like it that way; it is more interesting for you to come and go in and out of interesting subjects than it is for you to stick with one person and build up a deeper friendship over time.

11 NEPTUNE.jpg

As you may have guessed, Neptune is chronically uncomfortable when placed in the 11th House. When there are illusions and delusions between yourself and others, you are left open to all kinds of treacherous attacks. Your friends may turn out to be unreliable, mean, mentally or emotionally ill, abusive, or not really your friend after all. The groups you are a part of may turn out to be misguided and wrong, worshipping false idols and committing secret crimes beyond the eyes of the public. In general, you are susceptible to betrayal. The root of your problem with friends and groups of people is that your ideals are so high, your imagination so confusing and vivid, that you are bound to be let down when you discover the reality of how things actually are. In this case, others are bound to disappoint you when you find out the truth of what they are actually up to. You need to learn how to look out for yourself too, or else your idealistic kindness becomes a weakness, exposing you to being used and taken advantage of.

That is not to say that your boundless compassion is not important in this world. It is what feeds your desire to help fix and care for the society you live in. People need saving. And your humanitarian nature, that part of you that seeks to heal your community, comes from having Neptune in the 11th house. The perfect utopian society, where all people are equal and everything is in perfect harmony with one another and the planet – these are the ideals humanity strives for, and these are the beliefs you hold as real and possible. You may join a community, group, organization, or movement whose goal is to improve the world we live in. It could be a political issue, a spiritual or religious network, an environmental cause, or it could be done through charity and volunteering. In any case, the overreaching goal is always to help the weak and the poor. Those mistreated through injustices, those incapacitated by misfortune, those sad and vulnerable members of society who cannot do for themselves; their stories pull at your heart so badly that you cannot stand it sometimes. But your empathy should not let you become blind to the truth. As stated before, you are open to be deceived by these people and these organizations, and you need to be vigilant to keep from being led astray.

11 PLUTO.jpg

Your friendships are complicated, emotionally intense, and deeply transformative for both you and them; many posses a kind of “sexual undercurrent” to them, and many still turn out to be emotionally abusive near the end. You tend to involve yourself in their lives and relationships, particularly in the problems that arise there. Being strongly loyal and protective of your friends, you wish to heal them and fix their lives for them. But as you often find out (after issues of treachery, betrayal, intrigue, and power struggles inevitably crop up) not everything can endure years of crisis and change. These are the ways that your friendships take on the darker nature of Pluto. And they are the reasons why you tend to involve yourself with Capricorn or Scorpio types of people. Capricorns provide you with plenty of warmth and loyalty and give you real advice for reaching your goals. But once close they begin to voice their pessimism and hardship more regularly, unloading their depression and anxiety into most conversation. Scorpio types are much more extreme in their emotional swings, which takes its toll on you and your life as well. These are the people that force you to change the most, either by hurting or healing you. In both cases you must learn to erect boundaries between you and others.

Extending into groups, Pluto can be seen in both the associations you become a part of and the role you fill within them. And just like your friendships, these can be complicated, devastating, and highly emotional engagements. Within groups you have an intense presence. People feel very strongly about you one way or another. You are often ostracized from groups because people (who you were formerly very close to) suddenly decide they don’t like you anymore, citing any number of reasons why. It is a combination of your overwhelming impression upon others, and how you seem to represent things that other people repress or deny about themselves. You are more comfortable around sex, death, spirituality, upsetting topics, or certain kinds of people and lifestyles that others look down upon. Therefore, you may be more comfortable alone or as a part of a subculture that is also ostracized, feared, and misunderstood. You feel uncomfortable in most groups because they are the source of many of your emotional traumas and bad memories. Psychological complexes arise, but so do deep transformations. And with those come the capacity for healing.