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The FIFTH House

Ashley Thiessen

5 HOUSE.png

The 5th House begins in the joys of our childhood. The movies we were excited to see, the television shows we watched every night, the music that was on the radio back then, the games we played, the toys we couldn't wait to get our hands on - all the things we loved so unapologetically, and coveted more than anything else in the world. Children are an egocentric lot, completely consumed with themselves. We were no different once, so engrossed in our own imaginations and our creative delusions that the worlds we created for ourselves almost felt real; like they could be shared and admired by the world as much as they were by ourselves. This was the start of our creative self-expression, where we could spend hours making things that had formally only existed in our own minds - drawing, stacking legos, writing stories, or prancing about pretending to be an animal.

Years passed, and we ended up in our adolescence, where the creative changes of our body were admired with every new pubescent milestone. Some of our peers grew faster than us, and others lagged behind. We were eager to grow up, imitating older teenagers and younger, "cooler" adults in how they dressed, talked, and acted. Kissing, having crushes, going to parties, drinking, smoking, and experimenting with drugs were all a part of it. But none of those compared to the ultimate test of teenage maturity: our first romance, and all those sexual milestones we had heard about. The 5th House is a place of fun and pleasure, but also of creative power, and none more overwhelming than the urge to create new life.



The 5th House would be everything in the home that gives its inhabitants joy. It would be the pets and the children of the home, happily playing with their toys in the living room. It would be young lovers fooling around downstairs, and love letters stashed away under the bed. It would be the games the family play, the movies they love, their art, their hobbies, their passions. The 5th House is always lit up and decorated, and it welcomes us home with the promise of more fun to come.



  • Creative self-expression (painting, drawing, sculpting, sewing, writing, acting, music, dance, woodworking, etc.), and the art you make

  • Creative, pleasure-seeking sex drive

  • Your children, and the qualities they inherit from you

  • Falling in love, and having a young romance

  • Fun (games, gambles, parties, hobbies, recreational activities, entertainment)

  • Weekends, vacations, holidays, and relaxing time off


5 SUN.jpg

Creativity is the expression of ego, or those intangible threads of consciousness re-creating the world as you would like it to be. The act of creating – be it art, invention, stories, crafts, or even children – is what you live to do. Your own chosen discipline will depend on what it is you enjoy doing the most. For some, their chosen avenue is fine art, and they love to design, draw, paint, sculpt, and write. Others like performance art, preferring to be active in their artistry when they sing, dance, play music, or act. There are those who are crafty and like to sew, decorate, and make and build things. For some it is their children, their literary creations, which constantly boost their ego by being cute and special. And then there are the people who go for games and sports above all else, who like to play around and engage in their competitive spirits. You can be any combination of these, from artist to performer to parent or sports fan. The point is, whatever it is you like to do, you do it because you have a fundamental desire to create and have fun.

The other side of the fun-and-pleasure coin, apart from creativity, is romance. There are realms of life that you need to experience with a Leo or Aries-type of partner and the wonders of love and sex are definitely some of them. You adore the pampering, the flirting, the cutesy-cuddly-lovey-dovey side of things. That feeling of being special that your crave so deeply can be found when you are with somebody that makes you feel that way. But you also need somebody who can keep up with you energetically, add some fun into your life, and share your colourful hobbies together. Because you experience a great deal of love through your ego, it is all too easy for you to soak up a lot of praise and attention like it is all for you and then not give any back again. It is important that your ego remains ripe and healthy, or else your vitality and creative energy fails and you become bitter. But if you want children, and pets, and love, and to have healthy relationships you need to learn to shine brightly upon others and make them feel special too.

5 MOON.jpg

With your Moon softly gliding through this sphere of life, you use creative work to express your feelings of love, hate, sadness, wonder, and happiness When others remark about your work they notice the passion and the feelings present in what you have made; you have a remarkable talent for making people feel. Whether your avenue is art, writing, music, acting, or any other talented expression, you have a very strong emotional connection to what you have made. Your creativity comes and goes like the changing faces of the moon, ebbing in and out like the tides she sways back and forth. You are highly changeable in this way. Yet you are also constant in that you always come back to it, carried by a need that is natural to you. Your mother likely had a hand in fostering your creative expression. And when you create you are finding your inner child, connecting to the spirit inside of you that needs to do and make and feel.

Children are another sort of creation, and one that you are strongly in line with having. When you have children of your own you will give them this emotional and creative part of yourself. Nurturing and compassionate, you resemble the playful mother or father figure ever present in children’s media. However, there is a cold underside to this warm and happy Moon. You tend to be moody and dramatically emotional, using your moods to manipulate your children into doing what you want rather than directly telling them. You can be needy and clingy, never wanting them to grow up and leave the home, always wanting them to remain by your side. It is a testament not only to how much your children need you, but how much you need them as well. The Moon is highly changeable, fluctuating and rhythmic, but it doesn’t like change. Emotions seek out the security and safety of constancy and trust. You love your children very much, and so tenaciously hold onto family times with them for as long as you can. But you need to understand that your relationships with your children will go through phases, just like your creative energies go through phases, and that is okay. You are a kind and intuitive parent and are loved whole-heartedly by your children!


Your loving, romantic, and sexual sides of life are perhaps your most engaging, occupying a large amount of your time with interesting lovers around you. Second are the creative aspects of your life, the projects, artistic works, and hobbies with which you fill your free time. Later in life when you have children, that may just become your newest and most interesting ongoing project to date. The things that give you joy are the things that hold your attention the longest. You find creating new things, pouring out your heart and soul into new ventures, entirely fascinating. Boring things that you do not like to do, do not hold your attention long enough for you to get anything done. It seems more often than not that you have a child’s attention-span, which is true!

You will fall in love with those who reflect the qualities of your 5th House. You are likely to get along with Gemini and Virgo types for that reason. The Gemini side of things involves much learning, talking, and communication between you and other people. This is where you delight one another in wonderful conversations discussion the nature of the world. You can’t fall in love with someone you don’t have interesting conversations with. It just won’t happen! The Virgo side of this placement is slightly different. This involves conversation of a more analytical nature, of dissecting the world around you and figuring things out. You run of the risk of being too critical here, especially of your loved ones, as your mind seeks to perfect that which lies in your 5th House. Together these signs give you much changeability, suiting both your fickleness in love and your desire to learn more. Romantically and sexually you are inclined towards many affairs with many different kinds of people. Constant change and a steady stream of new people keeps you mentally stimulated. When it comes to love, sex, and fun, you need to be intellectually interested in the person or the thing you are doing. Boredom spells disaster in that respect!

5 VENUS.jpg

Venus draws a lot of attention because it is the centerpiece of your romantic relationships. When clients ask astrologers questions about love, romance, and sex, hoping to hear that true love is waiting right around the corner or that their current partner is their soul mate, Venus holds many of the answers they seek. With this planet placed inside of your 5th House, love becomes the highlight of your life. You are in love with love! You usually gravitate towards Taurus or Libra personalities who are the very essence of Venus: beautiful, harmonious, relationship-oriented, sensual, and with a shared love of the arts. But you may also be drawn to other Leo-types who mirror your child-like creative drive and dramatic emotional ways. Love, sex, fun, and pleasure are top priorities with this placement, and you want a lover who fulfills all of those needs at once. Constant streams of praise and attention should also feature. You need to feel as though they passionately adore you in every waking moment and as though they dream only of you at night. Overall it can be seen that you have had many relationships that contain both love and sex. Your drive for sex and romance is as great as your drive for creative expression!

This is a highly creative place for the already artistic Venus to be. Armed with a desire to make beautiful things, you create a personal style that has flair, drama, and beauty inherent in it. You may lean towards more sensual beauty and indulge in cooking and gardening. Or you may take a route through the fine arts and enjoy drawing, painting, writing, sculpting, acting, music, interior decorating, fashion, and more aesthetic pleasures. You love not only making art, but being around it as well – trips to galleries and museums, craft classes, theatres, going out to shows. You appreciate what art does for humanity and how important it is culturally. Furthermore, you have the talent necessary to be successful in the art and entertainment industries. Being artistic is one way you can make your life feel more balanced, more harmonized with your natural spirit. Having a creative outlet is very important for your emotional and spiritual wellness. It is one of your greatest sources of pleasure and something you indulge in often. In order for you to feel fulfilled with your life you must find an avenue to express your desire to create. This will trickle down into other areas of your life eventually as well, spurring a desire to create children of your own eventually.

5 MARS.jpg

Mars here has a strong inclination towards Scorpio and Aries-types of personalities, but also Leo-types as well. The nature of your romantic relationships is also heavily influenced by this planet. You tend to fall in love quickly at first sight, rush impulsively into sexual affairs, get bored quickly, and then leave just as fast. You are ambitious in your pursuit of love and willful in getting the person you want. There is conflict with your loves ones over your ego, your impatience in making love, your attempts to dominate the relationship, and how competitive you can be with others both inside and outside of the relationship. Yet you possess such a strong personal magnetism and virile energy that lovers can’t help but be spellbound by you. The aggression you display in love can be a problem, but in the bedroom it is exciting! Your strength, confidence, sexual potency, and need for independence mean that you dislike the clingy or the needy, and that you are better suited for a relationship that doesn’t require you to be around 24/7. For the right lover who can handle you, you are a dream come true.

You need to be a winner in the games and sports that you love to play. You need to create the best, biggest, most awe-inspiring works of art imaginable, because you can’t settle for second place. Mars is put into all of your creative work, too, as seen on the stamp of individuality you have in your style. You are one for creative achievements; armed with enough drive and determination to be successful in any creative field (particularly the art and entertainment industries). Mars shows where lies part of your ambition, and placed in the 5th House you have strong powers of creation. As your strong sex drive leads to the creation of children, your drive to be creative leads to you dominating the creative arts. Whatever your chosen artistic outlet is – fine arts, performance arts, writing, crafts, trades, etc. – you put a heavy amount of your energy into what you are making. You possess a natural flair for amping up the energy and making people excited. Your natural dramatic flair and enthusiasm is contagious!

5 CERES.jpg

You seek to feel nurtured when you are in love, and seek out partners who take care of you. This is what attracts you to the maternal Cancer-types and serviceable Virgo-types of this world, both of which are signs know for being caregivers themselves. In romance you seek a partner with whom you can settle down and have a family with. Can you picture yourself raising kids with this person? You are a very home and family oriented person, so you look for potential lovers who look like they would make a great parent or provider someday. It is easy for you to fall in love with (and be sexually attracted to) someone who plays with little kids, gets on with your family, loves animals, is a great cook, and who is as much of a homebody as you are. You look to see how responsible they are, how well they take care of your emotional and financial needs, and how committed they are for the long-term. You will take care of the person you love as well – but be careful not to fall into the trap of playing parent to the child which is your spouse, or vise versa. You may want to fill the role as mother or father to them (or act like their child, as the case may be); nevertheless, healthy relationships are built on equality. Take care of them as a domestic spouse, but draw that line somewhere.

Whatever is your method of creatively expressing yourself – fine arts, performance arts, trades, writing – Ceres is put into everything you make. Your childhood was spent being creative and artistic. You likely adopted your talents from a parent which encouraged you to develop your skills. You may even come from a family of creative people who loves arts, entertainment, and leisure, growing up in a climate where you were encouraged to express yourself to your fullest capacity. To this day you feel comforted by doing creative things; it is a safe place for you to retreat into when the world outside becomes less than likeable. You may have your family members involved in your creative projects, feature family-dynamics in the stories you write, paint pictures of where you grew up, or any other variation on the themes of this placement. One way or another, Ceres is very much poured into what you are creating. And that extends beyond your own artistic licence as well.


You are a naturally romantic person, seeking pleasure of every kind in your love and sex lives. Luck finds you often in love; many people look at your lovers and regard what a catch they are. You can be sometimes indiscreet about your love life (letting others know more than their share), but that’s what happens with this placement! You seem destined to fall in love with those with Sagittarius-like or Piscean qualities, as those two signs most resemble Jupiter’s exaggerated and expansive energy. In lovers you are looking for someone who can make you laugh, someone with a captivating entertaining personality. You are attracted to generosity, indulgence, big-hearted displays of affection, and a joint pleasure-seeker. Perhaps you want someone to share in an adventure – traveling the world, taking trips, exploring things together. Or perhaps you want to venture mentally, expanding your mind, teaching and learning things from one another. Sagittarius will wonder you with how funny they can be, how adventurous, and in how open-minded they are. And Pisces will enchant you through their dreamy looks, captivating beauty, and how kind their soul is. Through your choice lovers you will become wiser. You may even find new spiritual or philosophical insights into your own life.

You enjoy exciting recreational activities like sporting events, parties, theater, and gambling. You life is filled with hobbies and activities that are fun, exciting, and entertaining. Adventurous sports and games of chance are some of your favourites. But watch out for some extravagant gambling highs and lows! Your creative side runs along much the same course. You expand and elaborate on other people’s ideas until you have created something that is entirely your own. Two of your best outlets for Jupiter’s expression are in performance arts (acting, music, anything on stage or on screen) and physical activities like sports. There is a lot of dramatic flair in whatever you do creatively. Jupiter needs to expand on everything and make it bigger, louder, more impressive, and more fantastic than everyone else. Your performances have more energy and excitement than anyone else’s. You are a natural born entertainer, and you know what you have to do in order to get and keep people’s attention on you.

5 SATURN.jpg

Saturn is not a welcome resident inside the 5th House. What is normally an area of live devoted to free expression of the self through creativity and the desire for fun becomes restricted, disciplined, and almost unrecognizable when Saturn is placed here. Your ability to let loose and just have fun is severely limited. You do not know how to enjoy games or the casual pastime. Having fun is serious business! Somehow you have amassed a massive insecurity when it comes to expressing yourself and your individuality; you are afraid that what you have made is not good enough, and this fear reflects even deeper feelings about yourself. You experienced one or both parents (likely the father) as an expert, talent, or authority when it came to creativity, sports, or games. He trained you, guided you, taught you skills and lessons and pushed you to get better all the time. At times you hated it because it wasn’t fun anymore; he was invading your hobby, what you did for fun, and turning it into a chore to practice over and over again. Achievement became the central goal of your project, not the pleasure or the fun. These experiences stuck with you and coloured your adult attitudes towards your pastimes. Fun is now a matter of dedication, discipline, expertise, and success.

You take your creative projects, your hobbies, games, sports, and so on very seriously. You are committed to them as one would be divinely committed to any career or meaningful goal. You only know how to undertake long-term goals like writing a book, athletic training, or running a creative-based business; you find it much harder to just casually write a short story, draw the odd drawing, write the odd song, play the odd game, work out sometimes. You need to dedicate yourself to the cause or not participate at all. Everything is very black-and-white in your 5th House. And everything is quite grey, too. You suffer from low self-esteem, low self-worth, insecurity, even shyness. You work alone in private spaces and hide your project for years, telling yourself you aren’t ready yet, it isn’t good enough. You are never ready to open up and show everybody what you have been seriously dedicated to for the past several years, even though you hope to make a career of it. It is a fact that our creative expressions are reflections of our most personal inner selves, and having our art or our abilities harshly criticized is tantamount to having our heart broken. It is your karma to overcome these fears, stop worrying, and become more flexible. If not for you, then for your future children.

5 CHIRON.jpg

The loneliest peoples are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.” Nowhere is this more true than for Chiron placed in the house of happiness, pleasure, and fun. This planet is wound in your chart. You have never really known the joys of childhood spontaneity, frivolous love affairs, fulfilling creativity, guilt-free pleasure. It is as if you are unable to freely enjoys the more leisurely side of life without wincing. Love, romance, and sex are all difficult. Having fun and being creative equally so. But as you will read, your pain is what motivates you to help others with these things. You may even heal your wound as you do so.

Chiron here can present problems in your choice of lovers. On one hand you may become the insecure lover, the one who is wounded, saddened, and not special enough. On the other hand, you may attract people like this in your love life. Either way you routinely find yourself matched with lovers who do not treat you well, are too immature for a serious relationship, or with whom you fear intimacy. In your love life (and your sex life) you will be forced to overcome obstacles and face difficult experiences. You will be paired with people who are deeply flawed, and with others who will bring out the worst in you. But it is through the pain that you are propelled to help people. Although your romantic life glimmers little, it is through your love (and perhaps through sex as well) that you are able to help those around you. You are inspired to teach, heal, and empower the people you love.

5 URANUS.jpg

Uranus’ erratic energy does not always fit well in this area of life. Especially regarding the romantic and sexual side of things, it can stir up more trouble than it should. You tend to fall in and out of love quickly. Passion strikes you quickly and then leaves just as fast, causing you to be somewhat “undecided” about whether or not you are in love with someone. At any given time you likely have several ongoing crushes and are entirely uncertain about which to pursue and when. Even when you are in a relationship your eyes wander and wonder about what could happen with other people. This does not necessarily indicate that you are one for affairs, but it does mean that you feel happiest when you have the freedom to roam around within your love and sex life. This stems from Uranus’ innate restlessness, the ongoing desire for novelty and experimentation within the realm of love and happiness. You prefer to charm and date older people for they have more experience, more knowledge to pass onto you. What you seek are Gemini or Aquarius types who can give you an unconventional sex life – two things that can keep you interested for a longer period of time.

When it eventually comes to your creations, they embody the same Uranus-energy as that which is present inside of you when you create them. Weird love and crazy sex breeds unique and different children, and an alternative taste spawns innovative and inventive arts and crafts. Your entire creative style, from what you make to the way you dress, is so alternative and modern in style that it defies all familiar structures entirely. You push your boundaries and invent new things, billowing strange and crazy ideas out of the back of your imagination. Creative insight comes to you in sudden spontaneous bursts that inspire you to drop everything and move quickly to get the idea out there. Whatever your hobby or creative endeavor may be, be it drawing, writing, designing, building, crafting, or anything in between, one can say with certainty that you are extraordinary and gifted at being original. There is an ongoing journey of self discovery to realizing your full potential here. You push boundaries and develop quickly, all while demanding your freedom to express yourself.


Neptune is fantastic within this placement. The first gift she gives you is a vivid imagination, which in the context of your creative self is the best gift you could receive. You excel in any kind of creative art but particularly in music, dance, and drama. You love movies, television, the theatre, and performance art of all kinds; the entertainment industry fascinates you, and you would do well in it if you decided to take to the stage. Neptune here allows you to express your feelings with enormous magnitude, which denotes a performer and a comedian in the best of ways. But even if you chose a shyer route (like writing, drawing, or painting, something quiet that you can do alone) your work would still have the same big, extravagant colours as an extroverted piece. What exactly your side-hobbies are is not important. What is important is that you have an outlet for your imagination and your desire to create. You without a creative outlet are like a plant without sunlight: sad, limp, and malnourished of the soul.

Of course, where Neptune lies in your chart is a place of illusions, and those places where she seems to bring joy and talent can also be a place of suffering. Her house placement shows where you seek to find heaven on earth – where you set up high, unrealistic expectations that could never come true. Neptune, by nature, is not of the earth, and when you encounter the reality of this house you are always disappointed with what you actually got. Then she starts up with her tricks again. One moment she blesses you with an unparalleled flair for the arts, the next she makes you feel like a failure that will never be as good as someone else. Happiness finds you one day and depression the next. It feels often like you just don’t get to be happy. You always have to sacrifice your happiness, your pleasure, your creative talent, give it away, and become a martyr. She gives you gifts but then asks you to sacrifice them, to give them away, because she is supposed to blend, lose her barriers, and then unite you with the rest of humanity.

5 PLUTO.jpg

We leave our legacies in the things we create. Artists create works of art, writers formulate stories, and entertainers leave behind an image of themselves. Parents come together to create children, which carry on the family bloodline. In all forms of creation you are pouring yourself into your work and making something new out of yourself. In a way, reproduction is transformation. Pluto is a planet of just that. This planet represents life-altering changes – a scarier thought for those of us which like to keep things just the way things are. Of all the planets in the pantheon, this one is the most difficult. Like a forest fire it blazes out of control, burning down the house it resides in and taking everything you love with it. When activated through a transit or a specific period of your life, you will lose so much of what you love, so much of what made life enjoyable, and you will stubbornly curse the winds and refuse to let go. But you must.

With Pluto here, your love life is nothing short of intense. Your romances all tend to be highly sexual, highly passionate, and very transformative for the both of you. But with all these incredible emotions blazing between you, your loving and sexual relationships can dip into some darker extremes. Perhaps this comes from a difficult childhood spent watching your parent’s love swing one way or another. Or perhaps it is because you are most attracted to Capricorn and Scorpio types of personalities, those who have indomitable strength of will but who also possess tendencies towards depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. They can become tumultuous affairs with power struggles, control issues, shades of abuse, and emotional manipulation. Looking back on your past lovers, you harbour much resentment and guilt on the way things went. To the other extremes you make great sacrifices and are incredibly loyal. You provide your lovers with strength, courage, and the fruits of your ambition. The sex is deep and amazing. You heal them, and are healed in return.