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The SECOND House

Ashley Thiessen

2 HOUSE.png

The 1st House began with your birth, when you left your mother’s body and became a separate, autonomous being all on your own. It now contains everything that you are. The 2nd House came very soon after, with the physical, mortal body you were given to further define yourself by. It now contains everything you have. When you were a newborn baby, the list of what you had was very small. You had hands, and feet, and pudgy little legs, and a round little belly. But as you got older, and you learned you could possess other things and call them your own, and the list of what you owned got a lot longer.

As you grew from a baby into a toddler, the word “MINE” became a powerful declaration of ownership. Sharing just wasn’t an option. You clung to your possessions and demanded the things you wanted be given to you, as your mind hadn’t yet begun to understand the difference between a want and a need. You felt your toys were just as much yours as your arms and your legs were. And would you ever be asked to give those up? Of course not!

The things which were yours immediately became that much more valuable than all the rest of it. Your mother was special because she was yours. The movies you had and watched over and over were your favourites because, well, they were yours. Your pets were better than everyone else’s, not because they were better behaved or nicer than everyone else's, but because - you guessed it - they were yours! And the things that made you special, gave you power, or made you feel safe, happy, and comfortable, were the most valuable of all. Money very quickly became a top priority, for it above all else was what you could use to acquire the other things you wanted. And the more you had of it, the more you could buy for yourself, and the happier you would (assuredly) become.



The 2nd House would be the property itself, and all the things that give it any kind of value. On a personal note, it might be what the home means to the people inside it. Perhaps it was the one they grew up in, in the first one they bought together, and it holds sentimental value. But on a financial one, it could be how much the house is actually worth to those who want to buy it for themselves. The 2nd House would be the land the house was built on, how much it is worth today; the structure and condition of the home, the yard, and the fencing around it. It would also be the possessions that decorate the home, and the money stashed away safely inside.



  • Money (finances, currency, cash)

  • Property (possessions, valuables, stocks and bonds)

  • Adding what you “have” to your identity - your toys, your clothes, your pets, your mother, etc.

  • Ethics and values; what you deem worth having, important, valuable, admirable, or useful

  • Self-esteem, or whatever gives YOU worth or value


2 SUN.jpg

You were born in the middle of the early hours of the day, before the sun began to rise over the eastern horizon. As it always had for millennia before, the night was starting to give into the day’s forceful rise upward. But the night still claimed the earth for a short time longer, and it stubbornly held onto it while it could. 

You are a very materialistic and money-oriented person. You are likely to accumulate wealth, property, material possessions, and collections, all because of your drive for ownership. Money tends to come and go rather quickly, but you have enough creativity and frugal financial skill to save up for emergencies, bigger purchases, later investments, and your future properties. Saving and spending are who you are; delegating resources is what you are all about!

Money equals security in a lot of ways, and you earn it in order to feel safer in life. But while you hoard away money through the security it brings you, and protectively guard it in case anybody were to try and take it, you are also very generous. To those you love, you give endlessly. For your family you may spend on luxury home furnishings, squirrel away money for their university tuition, dress them in high quality clothes, and save all year for Christmas. For your spouse may save for retirement and vacations together, or plan on buying a second income property. 

You are particular about buying for luxury and about quality over quantity. Much of what you buy is likely to increase in value over time; timeless antiques and houses, for example. Money makes you feel powerful, property makes you feel safe, and your possessions and collections make you feel proud. These things can become status symbols, reasons to think you are better than everyone else. And in this way, you run the risk of over-identifying with these things and becoming shallow, greedy, and pretentious. A fear of losing or letting go can make your obscenely possessive and territorial of your belongings, which can create rifts in your relationships with other people. Too much pride or shame attached to things outside of yourself (like what you own, how much you own, or the quality of the things you own) can brings highs when you are rich but extreme lows when you are poor. You must learn that you cannot rigidly control every outcome in order to protect yourself from loss. You must learn to share. And you must learn to value your inner resources as much as your outer ones to protect your ego from being damaged by hard times.

2 MOON.jpg

At the moment you were born the moon was sitting under the world, comfortably nestled between the Sun’s lowest point and the upcoming horizon. In this place she sat in darkness but she knew that soon she would cross the eastern border between earth and sky and rise up once more to greet the outer world. Here, in the 2nd House of your Chart, your Moon is cuddled up with your money, property, morals, and that that lives under the domain of “yours”. Your emotions are deeply invested in holding onto these things and keeping them safe and secure, thus guaranteeing they stay there forever. Your moods are stable as long as everything else remains consistent. If something were to disappear, be taken, your ownership be questioned, or your morals disagreed with, your moods would according drop to harrowing depths of anger and sorrow. But a sudden spike in your earnings, a person that agrees with your values, and a prized possession falling into your keep all inspire love and joy inside your heart.

This is a marvellous placement for your Moon. Your Moon seeks security and protection because it is a reactive (as opposed to active) force in your chart. When we are babies it is our mother that first shelters us and provides us with all we need in order for our emotions to grow stable. Your mother’s love protected you, calmed you, and made you feel safe inside this new, uncertain world. As you grew older and became more of an individual (separate from your mom), your external sources of security changed. That feeling of safety and protection that had once solely stemmed from mother was found in the things that you owned.

“Sentimental value” is perhaps one of the strongest emotional bonds you can have to anything, be they the values inherited from your family, old friendships, or the trinkets you have had since you were a child. Your feelings are all tousled up with that which you own; your emotional fluctuations are based entirely on their changing condition.

The idea of finding comfort in things outside of yourself makes perfect sense. The Moon has no light of its own, only reflecting the light of others. Your emotions are responses to what is going on around you. They reflect, take the form of, and react to the conditioned impulses and desires you have been building since birth. As your moods change based entirely on external factors, the more routine and predictable the environment you are in the more routine and predictable your emotions become. You need a strong, reliable source of income from a career (or industry) you have lots of experience in. You need good food and happy, nostalgic memories of the past. Shelter is obvious, as you need a secure home environment for you to feel that you (and all that you love) are safe inside its walls. And we all need other people with shared moral values to feel safe in expressing ourselves. These may seem like the obvious, basic needs every person has, and they are. But you in particular need these items for you to have any kind of emotional stability at all. While other people may be able to be flexible and deal with short-term shortages if they absolutely had to, for you, it would be utterly catastrophic to your emotional well-being.


Mercury’s sign placement describes how you think. The house placement shows what you like to learn and talk about, where you accumulate knowledge, and what topics occupy your mind the most. Having this placement in your Natal chart shows that your mental powers are devoted to the physical worlds of finance and material items, where you seek to accumulate more and protect what you already have. You find the delegation and organization of money to be quite interesting. You may even possess a mind for business! But materialism can dominate your mind in ways that are unhealthy, too. You need to find balance between spending money erratically for sport and saving some for later, as Mercury in the 2nd House can easily get out of hand if you let it.

Your mind was made for handling material resources. You have an intelligent understanding of money, property, and possessions and how to manage them wisely. Financially, you do well because you know how to think rationally, organizing your wealth into pools and delegating funds to where they need to go. Alternatively, you are vulnerable to your own carelessness and impracticality, both of which can undermine your efforts. Your mind is quick and alive, but it is too easily bored, and your impatience in saving and spending money can spell disaster at the wrong times. Still, you can use Mercury to your advantage if you learn to move with its energy in the most productive way. Often, you find yourself happier with more than one source of income, pulling money from various different places. It is suggested that you earn from intellectual enterprises, communication, technology or mechanics, as your bank account is most prolific when you use Mercury to make money. These include everything from writing, public speaking, teaching, singing, accounting, and sales to working with your hands. Your 2nd House Mercurial nature means you possess a quick mind for financial opportunities and can manipulate resources to work in your favour; selling and bargaining skills accompany this, furthering your abilities.

What you choose to spend your money on is also under the influence of this placement. And with Mercury here, there is no shortage of random possession under your roof. You like to own things that reflect upon the qualities of Mercury: communication, intelligence, practical skills, mental stimulation. Phones, computers, televisions, tablets, video games, internet, and other communication technologies are big in your world. Books and education are a close second, for you have a great appetite for learning materials. Travelling is another expense you’d gladly pay for the opportunity to pick up and leave on some exciting trip somewhere; whether the trip is across the globe or within driving distance doesn’t matter, as long as you are out and about doing something. But, as mentioned before, you must watch that you do not spend money carelessly. Even little impulsive increments can add up. As Robert Kiyosaki once said, “It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” 

2 VENUS.jpg

Venus, in your chart, sends her roots deep into the earth and grows slowly over time, connecting her earthly delights to the light and love of heaven’s skies. In old folklore she is the Ash tree called “Queen of the Forest”, working to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds together. She is subtle, and she is sensual, but she is also a powerful protector of women and children. Harmony comes to you through others that rock gently with your beliefs and values; those that deviate from your system, who lack respect and honour, are an irritance. Lady Venus gains from the commitment of marriage and the guarantee of ownership. Comfort, in turn, comes with the ownership of beautiful belongings, fine foods, elegant scenery, and all her wondrous possessions. A note of materialism accompanies your exquisite taste and style. You love to surround yourself with things, as it is within the security of physical items that you lay your roots down and drink from sentimental waters.

This is a very pleasant placement for Venus. The 2nd House is associated with all things of value to you, ranging from the physical things you own to the principles by which you run your life. Venus is at home here, as this is the part of your personality associated with all things harmonious and beautiful. Your inner femininity (or goddess) adores anything that gives it pleasure, most often placing materialistic endeavours on a pedestal above all other sources of happiness. Venus in the 2nd House means you have highly refined tastes for the finer things in life. You are the kind of person that insists on the real and the expensive, preferring a handful of authentic goods to a lifetime of cheap plastic knock-offs. You buy for value and enjoy every penny spent. Rich foods, stylish clothing, expensive furnishings, pampering vacations, and exquisite properties – these are all lavish items you spoil yourself with. Although you work hard and save up money well (and guard it jealously) you are not afraid to spend it when it is worth the investment. You do not waste money and spend thoughtlessly but you do treat yourself, sometimes spontaneously, when your desires turn into something delicious or beautiful. That is what you care about, and that is where your values lie.

Your beliefs center around similar Venusian principles of pleasure, beauty, and harmony. You buy for quality because you care very much about getting the best items for every dollar spent, guaranteeing that they will work and last a lifetime. One may call you materialistic for placing such value on these things, and they may also call you vain or shallow for caring so much about beauty – these are both characteristics of feminine values colouring what you desire for yourself. The heart of this placement lies in coveting the goddess: her allure, her class, her attractive good looks. You believe in what she stands for, and you likewise desire the high-end radiance she emits for yourself. It is a fact that when we desire something enough we have a way of drawing those things to ourselves. And not only do you draw Venusian themes into your life, but you do it in a Venusian way. Money and possessions move their way to you because people want to give them away. It is as if you seduce fortune and lure it towards you. In Greek Myth, in exchange for declaring her the most beautiful of the goddesses, Aphrodite appeared to Paris naked and offered him the love of Helen of Troy. Thus she won his favour by enticement, as do you gain by your charm and attractiveness.

2 MARS.jpg

Like a thick-stemmed oak tree towering over the world, King of the Forest and pagan symbol of strength, your masculine energy imposes itself heavily upon the rest of the world. He grows slowly, steadily, over a long period of time; growing harder and taller with each passing year, withstanding the abuse of changing seasons, never questioning his purpose or why he is where he is, never ceasing to grow. Mars in the 2nd House is one whose values center around hard work and the accumulation of wealth, which he sees as an admirable way to spend his energy and earn his power and prestige. Money is important, high quality possessions and properties are important, beauty is important, and he wants to own all of these things. He is at once sensual and Puritan, simply down-to-earth and lavishly materialistic. Mars here suffers in two ways. One, he has absorbed strong, disciplinary messages about how he is allowed to express himself. And two, your ambitions become centered around amassing material wealth instead of personal fulfillment.

Mars is not especially potent when placed here. True, he has strength and stamina and compelling work ethic. You do well in business. But the realms of the 2nd House do not coincide with the willful actions of Mars, and so the two do not mix well. Mars wants to exert his will upon the world. His purpose, as your source of power, is to get you what you want through aggressive, direct, forceful action. He is your drive for ambition, achievement, impulsive action, and sexual fulfillment. Totally, he wants to run wild and fight any opposition; he is the warrior inside of your heart. On the other hand, the 2nd House rules over everything that you value. This encompasses your money, possessions, and all things of material value, as well as your morals, your beliefs, and what you care about, all of which are taught to you by influential figures and the culture you live in. You are always ready to fight for and defend what you believe is right and true. Yet you also force your beliefs, tastes, and values on others and condemn those who do not share your worldview. Your strength in all these things is admirable. But you must not allow yourself to become narrow-minded.

There are obviously very good qualities that come with having Mars in the 2nd House. You are gifted with a strong conviction to following what you have always believed in. You are a determined, hard-working, and goal-oriented person who recognizes the need to move slowly and carefully throughout life. You are a loyal and reliable worker who works well independently and never expects anything to be given to you. Your drive and willpower are applied to achieving status and wealth, two things which you value highly and are intent on getting. You desire money, beauty, and expensive possessions because they are sources of strength and symbols of prestige. But while you are exceptional at accumulating various kinds of wealth, you are no stranger to indulgences and it seems you have no issues about spending money carelessly on things for yourself. You work exceptionally hard, earn a lot of money, then spend that money impulsively, and so have to start all over again. But nobody can say you have bad taste.

2 CERES.jpg

Ceres is the mother earth archetype, connecting lines between that which grows from the soil to that life which you bear yourself. This is how you nurture others, how to take care of your children, and how you fulfill your role as parent. The 2nd House is all that you place value on, from money and physical resources to the moral dressings you find yourself in. Thus, applying your nurturing spirit to material realms means you take care of others by providing for them. Ceres here is a fertile farm, freshly planted and ripe with potential. Traditional living, with home-grown food and a home full of memories, is where you lay your roots and build a family. You find peace in a steady income and money saved; your home filled with precious possessions and handed down items. Mother Ceres takes care of others by steadying them with resources and routine. And she provides them with a richness of moral teachings, complete with the values of taking care of others.

Ceres begins with what made you feel nurtured as a child. A family that cuddled you, rubbed your back, hugged you tight and feathered your skin with kisses quelled your crying with physical touch. They fed you when you were hungry, giving you a long-lasting appreciation for fine home-cooked foods. Perhaps they had enough money to give you a safe, secure home filled with toys and familiar comforts. Perhaps they did not, and you grew up yearning for it. In either case, you now wrap yourself up in material security whenever you need to coddle yourself from the cold. You feel safe when you have money, and plenty of it tucked away in a savings account in case of a rainy day. Your properties and possessions – the items you own all to yourself, the things you say are “mine” – also give you a sense of soothe you against you fears of going without. You surround yourself with things in your home. Your favourites are the sentimental ones related to the past, and to family: old photographs, antiques, old children’s toys, things which have been passed down through the generations. A close second are your most luxurious items in your home: the bed, the couch, the armchair, your favourite sweater and your cosiest blankets.

When it comes time for you to take care of another, you give them the same things that nurtured you. You cuddle, hug, caress, kiss, and massage them into relaxation. You offer them money when they need it, supporting them financially when times are tough and saving for the rainy days in their life. You provide them with a calm and happy home to come back to every night, armed with all the space and luxury you can afford. Gift-giving and feeding people are how you show that you care. By surrounding them with material possessions you offer them to same comfort and security that made you feel good as a child. You believe in the same principles of mother and journalist Peggy O’Mara, who once told parents, “Don't stand unmoving outside the door of a crying baby whose only desire is to touch you. Go to your baby. Go to your baby a million times. Demonstrate that people can be trusted, that the environment can be trusted, that we live in a benign universe.” 


Here is very fortunate placement! Jupiter, the planet of luck, indulgences, expansion, growth, and wisdom, is placed inside your 2nd House of money, possessions, property, resources, and all things of value. The combination brings plenty of wealth into your life, seemingly out of nowhere, as if the gods and the angels were smiling down on you. Whether you were born into riches in high society or a poor child down on Skid Row, Jupiter on your side can propel you into a life in the lap of luxury. But you have to be smart with this placement. Jupiter can get you plenty, but irresponsible spending on pleasurable indulgences can take it all away. Money comes to you almost effortlessly, and you get rid of it just as easily. Such is the nature of this planet of big appetites and a hunger for more.

To say that you are lucky with money would not be wrong. But to paint an image of funds just falling into your lap unprovoked would discount the efforts you do put in to gain it. You gain money easily because of your talent for finance, and your confidence in your resourcefulness carries you further than you might imagine. Here, in the 2nd house, you are honest in all your dealings and visionary about your potential to earn more. You can achieve the most when you use Jupiter to further your career forward, bringing gifts of generosity, kindness, enthusiasm, humour, and drama to everywhere you derive an income from. You do very well in the art and entertainment industries for these reasons.  People are attracted to your charisma and trust in your abilities. Often you benefit largely from these social contacts, never discounting how important they have been on the road to your success. Other areas where you prove successful include gambling, travelling, and education – three very different fields that each epitomize Jupiter in different ways. To gambling, you bring luck. To travelling, a wandering spirit. To education, an open mind which never closes, that makes you both perpetual student and lasting teacher. In general, you do well in any sort of business, as you have a knack for it.

But you are also prey to your own materialistic indulgences, which can undermine your income at every turn. Even though you can gain large amounts of money at a time, you also spend wastefully on reckless and unwise expenses, effectively clearly out your savings on a whim. You like to spend money on parties, foods, drinks, shopping, travel, and other hedonistic pleasures. Items are amassed from travels or education most frequently, as all your other money gets spent on fleeting experiences. Your possessions all have significant meaning to you, but sometimes it is the hunt for something special that is the real pleasure, not the owning it part. When things come so easily to you it can be easy to take them for granted. These experiences of fruitful gains and sudden losses are lessons you learn along the way. For Jupiter leads the way to wisdom and you become a wiser person through your many dealings with money.

2 SATURN.jpg

Money, status, and wealth are everything to some people. When money is placed at the top of one’s list of values – and at the list of their most gut-wrenching fears – it can corrupt people. Yet, one needs to be wise with their money in order to get ahead, and a lack of funds can be devastating to a person’s life. Money is power, and money is security; those with it go on to have a great impact on the world, and those without it live in abject poverty, going nowhere. These are the harsh realities of our world. Saturn is a planet of stability, safety, discipline, the attainment of goals, responsibility, fear, and limitation. The 2nd is the house of Value, containing everything we own, everything we place value on, and all of our moral, ethical values as well. Put these two together and Saturn makes you fearful of losing what you own, goal-oriented about attaining wealth, and responsible when handing your resources.

Saturn always begins with some form of hardship. Your family could have been born poorer than church mice or as wealthy as royalty, but you still felt there was a lack of financial security and that your parents were constantly worried about money. A fear developed then. A fear that all your money, possessions, property, resources, everything you owned and everything that made you feel safe, could be taken away from you at any moment. You have became anxious, overly-cautious, and quite controlling of all that is yours. With money especially, you scrimped and saved and hoarded it away. Like the dragon Smaug, you wrapped yourself around your riches and protected them with your life, fearful of the day when someone might creep in and steal everything away from you. Poverty scares you the most, and you bear great loads of financial stress when your bank account runs low. You feel your best when you have enough money to pay all your bills on time, a roof over your head, possessions kept safe, food on the table, a job to go to, minimal debt, and other conventional signs of a stable life.

Wealth also begets status and success, which is another reason you chase after it. The underlying issue of Saturn in the 2nd House is that you doubt your own self-worth if you have nothing to show for it. This can manifest in your chart in one of two ways. In the first, you seek to amass wealth to build up your image as well as for security. Like royalty or celebrity, you seem bigger, more influential, more powerful when you are surrounded by all the luxuries of the world, and this makes you feel better about yourself. It makes you feel valuable. Those who go this way may become materialistic and status-seeking, ambitiously climbing up the social ladders of high society. The other way s the opposite, where you may shun materialism altogether. Belittling the formers who care only about how much money they have and what sorts of things they own, these people take the moral high ground of humility. It is an underlying jealousy or bitterness at not having that causes this side of Saturn to come about, and low self esteem for the former. Neither extremes are particularly healthy, nor are they productive uses of a placement with so much potential.

2 CHIRON.jpg

There are many great quotes about money and how wise men think of it. Jonathan Swift is quoted as saying, “A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” Benjamin Franklin said, “Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.” And Erich Fromm once spoke the words, “Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.” These three quotes surmise the journey of having Chiron placed in the 2nd House.

This placement, like many others, begins in childhood. It is true that you struggle with value and security problems for most of your life. That is the nature of Chiron, after all. Growing up, your home life was unstable, likely to do with your parent’s relationship and torrid financial dealings. You may have moved often or very suddenly, and that uprooting combined with other factors made you feel as though you had no safe, secure place to go. As well you were given little affection from those you loved, causing your self-esteem to plummet to rock-bottom levels. With little self worth of your own, you allow others to dictate how you should feel about yourself against arbitrary scales, like how much money you make, what kinds of properties you own, what sorts of possessions you have, etc. You then overcompensate for your lack of confidence by accruing money, property, possessions, or clinging to people in the hopes that they can give you that missing sense of security. Come from such a turbulent household, it seems natural that you would protectively (and obsessively) attach yourself to things and not let them get taken away from you. But the more importance you place on having, the more devastating the eventual loss becomes.

Whether you grew up rich or grew up poor, you were raised in a climate of fiscal insecurity. You inherited your parent’s money worries and their preoccupation with wealth and social status. Unfortunately, you did not inherit a good sense of how to manage property, finances, or valuables; more often than not, your money dealings are a mess. Through difficult times you may adopt an anti-materialistic value system to undermine the potency of your failures. Yet even when you do so, you cannot fully shake off what values you adopts from your family. By gaining a vast amount of wealth you gain an image you feel is worthy of awe and respect. Now, with riches and fancy property and luxuries in tow, you can finally feel like you’ve lived up to the world’s standards of success. But it doesn’t matter how much you own; it never fills the hole inside of you, nor does it every truly raise your self-worth. In fact, placing all your value on what you earn or what you have only weakens your self-esteem, as you give yourself a monetary scale to be measured on. Embarrassment and shame hit you very hard when you get into debt or lose a lot of money. How can you feel good about yourself when you don’t have anything to show for it?


Ask any financial guru, and they will tell you that we should squirrel away our savings for a rainy day, invest wisely, keep our incomes as consistent as possible, pay all bills and debts on time, and generally keep our finances as uniform as possible. That is just sound business. Ask any traditional, conservative person in the western world and they will repeat customs of sexual decency, family values, religious faith, service to one’s country, capitalist economics, and the liberation of the people. Those are just good values. But what of the people who do not ascribe to the way things are supposed to be? What of those rebellious souls who wish to live their life out in the world, unbound by money or material possessions? What of the child who ran from their family values to start their life off with their own ideas, who were so wild that they could not live under someone else’s laws?

With unpredictable Uranus placed in the 2nd House, your life is marked by spontaneity. In your childhood, your house was built on the sand. You experienced erratic changes and sudden disruptions which led you to feel quite insecure growing up. In your adult life money comes and goes in and out of your life faster than you can count it. Sudden losses, impulsive spending, opportunities that come up unexpectedly – your bank account fluctuates up and down, but it is said that you will gain overall. Sometimes these changes can be devastating, as they strip you bare of all that you own. Other times it can be exciting, giving you new chances to make more money. Try as you might, your finances will remain fairly inconsistent your whole life. Luckily for you, get used to it.

The way you earn money is likely to be unusual in some way, outside of conventional business economics, as you approach this area of your life with an inventive mind and an intellectual bent. The way you earn your income is different than the way most people do; many artists, writers, sports stars, and entertainers have this placement. (Perhaps it is your attraction to certain areas of work, coupled with your tendency to spend quite heavily, which explains your unreliable income?). You appreciate money for the freedom it gives you, as this is a planet that needs freedom to express itself on a whim. But you do not want to be bound by attachment to material items. In fact you may shun materialism altogether and spend your money on experiences rather than possessions. The things you do own reflect your Uranian inclinations, showing off your weird, different, alternative side. You like things that show off your uniqueness or your individuality, your unusual hobbies and your unconventional interests. You have an eye for value, and when you really want something, can be quite resourceful.


Neptune, in her dark waters under the earth, drifted under your chart at the moment of your birth. She is a Planet of unseen depths, swallowing your 2nd House under waves of underlying emotional currents and many veils of deception. This planet serves as a vessel through which you experience the collective unconscious, allowing you to feel and experience all that cannot be proven or seen in reality. Neptune rules the imagination, spiritual beliefs, escapist tendencies, and various kinds of illusions. In your chart she is placed in the 2nd House which rules all that you own and believe; this includes wealth, possessions, property, and all of your values. Combining these two halves means that all your 2nd House subjects are swathed in delusional (yet creative) reasoning, making it difficult for you to view material affairs in a concrete way. You do not see your financial reality as it is, but rather how you would like it to be. Likewise, you do not bend your values to fit a realistic frame. However, you are benefited with compassion and imagination in these areas, as well as an intuitive understanding of universal values.

Neptune, being made of spirit, does not understand the workings of the material world. Neptune creates chaos and delusion wherever it is placed in your chart, and in the 2nd House that means your personal finances. She swathes the way you view money, property, resources, values, and possessions in a foggy haze, leading to financial difficulties throughout your lifetime. You have an idealistic image of money and the power it can bring you. Often you fantasize about being wealthy, possessing expensive, big ticket items, and owning high end real estate. You dream up visions that are so out of touch with reality that when you finally do get what you work for, it ends up being a major disappointment. But seeing the material, financial world clearly is not in this placement’s vocabulary. Many unforeseen difficulties have had a negative impact on your bank balance. They seem to descend out of nowhere, making you victim of fraud, poverty, and bad investments. In reality you fall on hard times due to your own confusion, financial negligence, laziness, and impractical decision making. Even when you are buried under a mountain of debt, however, many with this placement are able to keep up the illusion of wealth.

What Neptune does give you is a loftier, more spiritual view of the 2nd House. Being separated from the material world, you are gifted with apathy towards money that shallower, more materialistic people lack. Your possessions mean more to you based on their sentimental value, not their commercial value. You collect items which reflect beauty, spirituality, imagination, your hopes and wishes and dreams. You hold onto a vision of what you have, seeing what you own through emotional eyes. Sometimes you feel guilty for the amount that you have compared to everyone else and seek to generously share it through charity towards those you care about. Other times you get frustrated and believe other people’s wealth should be given to you. Furthermore, you indulge in Neptunian escapist routes like entertainment (movies, music, nights out, trips abroad), drugs, alcohol, shopping, and creative projects. This planet sees you bank balance as better than it is one minute, then cries about how little you have, then spends carelessly, then feel elated at the many wonderful things you now own. Money is worshipped by you as the key to everything, the fulfiller of all your fantasies and saviour to your victimhood. Yet you also remark it with casual indifference, reminding yourself than there is more to life than what you have.

2 PLUTO.jpg

The final and most distant planet used in astrology is similar to the climactic battle that every story ends with. A hero is tested not only on what he has learned throughout the story, but on his inner reserves of strength that have been developing up to the final leg of his journey. Pluto shows the last and most karmic battle of your life, where your deepest fears and greatest anxieties lie. The transformations you must go through involve facing these fears and allowing yourself to be destroyed by them, sometimes forcefully, so that you may emerge healed and stronger for it. At the end of all this struggle, you find meaning, purpose, and end your journey with where you leave a legacy. The 2nd House’s domain includes all things that hold value to you, including material resources, possessions, money, and property, but also includes cherished items, nostalgic memories, your code of ethics, and your own personal value system. Having Pluto here in your natal chart suggests that your fears (and follow attempts at reining control) revolve around these subjects, and that your ultimate transformation into the person you are meant to be comes about in this area of life.

This planet and its lessons seem to counter to the goals of this particular house. Money and things of value are supposed to be saved and accrued gradually, and they are supposed to be a lasting source of security, and they are meant to bring a feeling of reliable safety to a person. Pluto is here to destroy, uproot, and devastate you to teach you lessons in change. The two simply do not work well together. The struggle between two opposing forces mixing inside of you was sparked when you were still a child. In your younger years you were made to feel insecure by others who put you down, bullied you, belittled you, and fought you. In your short life others had stripped you of the value you held as a person and reduced your self-worth down to pennies. Without strong inner resources to fall into when things got tough, you relied on building outside safety nets to make yourself feel safe and big in world where you felt very small. In effect, you regained a sense of worth and a sense of power from the idea of being wealthy. It is very important that you dig into and explore your motivation for your obsession with gaining material things. The origins which, no doubt, will be rooted in fear and unhealthy emotions tied to the past. Both of which will be present well into adulthood.

While Pluto’s major traumatic events will be over by the end of adolescence, her darker and more ruthless shades will only be just beginning when you become financially independent. As you accrue more and more resources – making your own money, owning your own property, buying whatever you want – your fears of losing everything become more prominent. Like a dragon you amass your gold under the mountaintop; hoarding it, worshipping it, obsessing over it, guarding it against thieves and protecting yourself against loss. Wealth is your gateway to the good life. Wealth is what gives you a sense of power, a feeling of control, and it a way of proving your worth to the world (in literal dollars and cents). Bolstering your image with lavish spending, as an idea, is a luxurious one. But with it comes a swarm of underlying problems: possessiveness, jealousy, envy, greed, stubbornness, and the ever-present fear that it can all be taken away from you. Pluto will see your flaws and weaknesses and attack them with no holds barred. You will find yourself experiencing bold swings of poverty and affluence as she shifts your resources from pocket to pocket. One day you feel safe, and the next day you could be forced to give up everything you have just to get by.