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The THIRD House

Ashley Thiessen

3 HOUSE.png

The 3rd House represents those youngest years, when your parents waited with bated breath for all your first milestones. Your motor and language skills started small, with emotional shrieks and flailing limbs that left your parents guessing what could possibly be wrong. Then you began to grasp things in your tiny fingers, push the buttons on a remote, dish food into your mouth with a spoon, colour with crayons, and splash toys in the tub. Rolling over turned to crawling, which turned to wobbly steps along the couch and coffee table, which turned to full, confident steps. Everything got put up a shelf higher. And as your eyes found new things, you proudly pointed and named things with an ever-growing vocabulary. Finally, your parents didn't have to fumble and guess what it was that you wanted. You could tell them yourself, and explain all your thoughts, feelings, motivations, and ideas to another person, and understand what they had to tell you in return.

Each step took you further out and away from your parents, further into independence. With other kids your own age, you ran through backyards filled with dirt and grass, where crawling bugs spewed out of every tipped-over rock you peeked under. You ran in front yards with whizzing traffic and a sidewalk painted with chalk, and in elementary playgrounds that tested your balance and climbing skills against the other children. Everything was a new and exciting exploration of the natural world, as you saw things and went places for the very first time, all on your own.



The 3rd House would be all the lines of communication feeding in and out of the house, be it phone, internet, or television, connecting the inner world to the exterior one. It would be the office with a computer in it, or the living room where you gathered to watch TV. It's the conversations had around the dinner table, whispers down the halls, or singing in the shower. It is also the view of the neighbourhood, and all the people in it, from the front steps of your lawn.



  • Learning (reading, listening, studying, researching, analyzing) and communication of your first language (writing, speaking, signing, singing)
  • Motor skills, such as running, walking, crawling, and dancing (anything involving dexterity and coordination, really)
  • “Short-distance travel”, meaning travel around familiar environments or close to home
  • Logical challenges: taking things apart and putting them back together, puzzles, and games that require mental skill
  • Children your age; siblings, cousins, and neighbourhood, daycare, or elementary school companions
  • Early childhood environment from birth to the toddler years, and your earliest memories

planets in the third house

3 SUN.jpg

You were born in the very early hours of morning, shortly after midnight had passed. The former day had gone, and while the town was sleeping you had finally awoken into the world. There was no light of day on either horizon. There was only the inky blackness of night draped over the sky, filled with thousands of tiny pinhole stars.

Born at this hour, you are a highly social, communication-oriented person. You found your self-worth lied in being smart and well-spoken, and in doing so found power in being intelligent. Speaking, reading, writing, teaching, learning, and listening all become you, as the exchange of information is a large part of who you are as a person. Your mind is active and very easily bored, and so is always looking for something mentally stimulating to latch onto.

Aside from communication, you also do well in fields where you work with your hands. You don’t just talk the talk – you have plenty of practical skills to back it up too. Stereo-typically, women with this placement tend to be more communication-oriented, while men tend to be more trade-oriented. But that has more to do with how our culture teaches each sex to behave more than it does inherent qualities of Sun in the 3rd House. Both men and women alike can enjoy writing stories, poetry, song lyrics, essays, speeches, jokes. And both men and women can make a living for themselves in mechanics, computers, video games, electrical, carpentry, cooking, crafts, and other trades. 

With a mind as active as yours, an ego invested in being intelligent, an urge to express yourself and be heard, and very active social life, your 3rd House Sun placement shows no sign of ever slowing down. You will be forever learning, growing, accumulating knowledge, building, fixing, talking, teaching, and busying yourself with projects well into old age. As you flit here and there and absorb the influences around you, you will find that much of what you know is more of a reflection of other people’s attitudes than it is your own personal beliefs. Sooner or later you will have to stop learning what everyone else knows and start to develop your own schools of thought. 

3 MOON.jpg

At the moment you were born, the moon had recently passed the lowest point in your chart and was tipping back around, now looking to ascend back over the eastern horizon and up into the world. Her luminous face was pointed towards the dawn, though she was still set under the earth and far out of sight. Suspended in the darkness of your inner world yet facing the light of the outer world, your Moon peers out with curiosity and eagerness. Your emotions reside in this restless place, pulled to socialize and learn by various moods milling about. You want to tell people about how you feel and listen to them tell you, thus opening up winding paths of back-and-forth, intuitive conversation. 

Many astrologers see the Moon as representing the mother-figure, or the most nurturing parent. Having your moon placed in the third house indicates that you saw your mother more like a big-sister than as a parent herself. Often this placement is given to the most responsible child which is closest to the parents. Taking on a parental role yourself (such as the oldest sibling looking after their younger ones, or the only child who sees their parents more like roommates than actual authorities) you sit on equal terms with your mother, seldom looking to her for emotional comfort or security. But this aloof detachment from your nurturing caregiver can lead to problems in your intimate relationships later on in life. Being rational, logical, and intellectual is not a bad thing, certainly! But as Judith Bennett once wrote, “Theoretical principles and ideas are the tools for a better future, but concrete acts of closeness, sharing, and intimacy are the things people are made of.

With the Moon placed here, there is also a great need to have a rational understanding of one’s own emotions. You tend to intellectualize your feelings, analyzing yourself in an effort to gain a better understanding of your emotional self. You criticize yourself for feeling things that you “shouldn’t”, for acting on your moody impulses, and for showing your feelings when it is not appropriate. You lack a good understanding of your own emotional self because you think thoughts and feelings are the same thing when they are, in fact, very different. Emotions are subconscious signals triggered by external (or internal) forces which alert you to how you should react in a certain situation. When something goes against your value system you get angry. When something upsets you, you get sad. When you are shocked you react by laughing, and when you are joyful you react with excitement. You cannot decide on which emotion you want to feel. When you push down feelings you do not want to deal with, you numb yourself to happiness and comfort too. Feelings are facts! And they cannot be ignored, denied, or drowned out with distraction. They will only simmer under the collar until they burst through in a nervous breakdown, or sudden explosion.

As you learn more about your emotional nature and how subconscious feelings differ from conscious thoughts, you can begin to see how your mind is made up of the two. You reflect the moods and opinions of those around you like the moon reflects the light of the sun. You can’t help but be receptive to what people say, how they think, and what they feel. Empathy causes you to blend with your surroundings, though you may not immediately recognize how affected you are by those around you. In many case what you believe you are seeing are the facts of the matter, what your vision of the world is actually coloured in what you are feeling at the moment.  Learn to communicate your feelings as easily as you do your thoughts, and your emotional health will only get better in time!


Mercury functions very well within this house. It is it's most comfortable here, taking information in from the outside world and piecing related things together. Your brain is very good at absorbing a multitude of things at once, allowing you to change from one thing to the next without missing a beat. You are a collector of facts and figures, the type of person that likes to know a little bit about everything. Nothing escapes the grasp of your curiosity. Your attention span may not be very long, but it is long enough to get the basic idea before continuing on. You pick up on things quickly, after all, and you do not waste time studying once you understand. In turn you may become fickle and finicky with boredom when forced into patience. It is not your fault for wanting to keep moving forward in search of more exciting activities! And it isn’t your fault that you have a lot of interesting things to say and you want to say all of it right now! But, you could still stand to settle, meditate for a moment, and focus on one task at a time. After all, how can you apply your mind constructively if you refuse to listen and build your skills?

The best route for you is to exploit your mind’s capacity for taking in and expelling information. There are several different ways you can do this, beginning with communication. You love to talk. You always want to chat about the things you know and have others tell you their thoughts in exchange. An element of performance can make it all the better, especially when combined with some speaking role. This can make for exciting work as a writer, journalist, speaker, host, educator, or even different kinds of customer service. Of course, spending all day every day around people may or may not be your favourite thing. So you may instead look for work where you are doing something, uniting your brain with your body and producing some set of manual skills. Singing, acting, dancing, and playing music are all examples where breath meets self. Sports and crafts are two examples of coordinated movement. There is a recurring correlation between the people who need lots of mental stimulation and the playing of games, particularly video games and puzzles. You can be any of these, or all of them. The basic fact that unites all of these activities is this: You need to connect with other people by communicating with them, and you need to figure things out.

These are suggestions that are commonly a part of every Mercury in the 3rd’s list of interests. But there is no limit to what fields you are able to apply yourself to. Your mind is open and flexible, moulding itself to the world around you, never becoming rigid or defined. The fact that you need constant stimulus is only a testament to your fascinating brand of intelligence. You are capable of genius-level problem solving, quickly working logic around a subject and producing rational solutions. Yet, you need to calm down enough to actually apply your solutions in a meaningful way. Without some form of inner discipline your mind will run away on you until it becomes so overwhelmed it gets nothing done. 

3 VENUS.jpg

This is a highly social placement for relationship-oriented Venus to be in. Regardless of what other areas of your chart might say, this part of your personality is highly extroverted. You love to be around groups of people and take pleasure in feeding off the energy in a crowded atmosphere. Conversation keeps you alive – deep, thought-provoking conversation, light-hearted discussions, hearty debates, casual small-talk. Sometimes you prefer to just stick close to your partner or your best friend. Other times you may gather around a group of friends and family and mingle from one person to another. If you thoroughly enjoy people, you can be found chatting up strangers in crowded streets, clubs, pubs, or big social events. Your relationships take you travelling on trips both long and short, and love seems to find you when you leave home and venture out into the world. And both love and friendship find you often when you travel away from home. You tend to be attracted to other Gemini-types of people who love to talk, learn new things, and who think intellectually about the world. You find yourself drawn to mentally alert, logical, rational people with enough wit and charm to get away with saying anything.

Venus in the 3rd is also highly centred around learning and communication, as these are the basic tenets of this house. When gentle, beautiful, beauty-loving Venus dances here, she gifts you with eloquent speech. You can be a bit of a flirt, of course. You take pleasure in reading, writing, and speaking to people. Nothing pleases you more than time by yourself with a book, writing down a story that has been stuck in your head, crafting poems or songs, or visiting with loved ones. The underside of Venus’ can be seen in the other Venusian ways that your mind sometimes works. You can be mentally lazy, easily swayed from logic by passionate emotions, a focus on materialism and superficiality. You may use your power with words to seduce or manipulate your audiences into seeing things as you please, painting beautiful pictures too good to be real. When information is charged through rose-coloured glasses as it is, your judgement can be clouded by a mind occupied by emotional wiles. It is up to you to see reality for what it is rather an idealized version of what you would like it to be.

There is a strong love of learning present in your character, as you take pleasure in exploring new facts and facets of the world. This is the fuel for the fire of the conversations you have with others in your aforementioned variable social life. You are interested in people’s relationships with one another and with people in general. Many political or cultural writers have this placement in their natal chart, which should be obvious given your own strong opinions on those topics and how badly you want to put them to words to deliver them to the populace. However, having strong political opinions does not close your mind off to what other people say. Not that you are a “sensitive” person as indicated by this placement, but you are apt to listen to people very kindly and to consider the points of views of others. You are polite when you speak, receptive to the emotions they are giving to you, and cooperative in your speech with them. And you encourage harmony between others, telling them to be just as pleasant to one another as you are to them.

When you write you string words together artistically you create a vividly beautiful scene cut straight from the pastoral cloth. This placement is also indicative of having siblings, cousins, or other related family members close in age that are involved in the beauty, art, entertainment industries; you likely draw plenty of new information on your own craft from them. You are likely to go onto writing, composing music, or painting should you choose an avenue of the arts. Many singers, song-writers, and classical composers were born with this placement. And like them, you have the potential to turn your linguistic talents into a social success. Venus is a feminine goddess which manifests in the ground of whichever house she is placed in. She is the fairy in your chart that flits from one group to another, taking in information and giving it back to others in a delightful way.

3 MARS.jpg

Children like to say whatever comes to mind. They express themselves so honestly, lacking any sort of tact, that it sounds almost comical. As we grow up we are conditioned to say certain things and not others, to hold our tongues so as not to offend our peers, and in doing so we lose much of our own honestly in favour of our own little deceptions. But some of us (like you) fight the premise that we need to censor our expression or condition our minds to think a certain way.

As a younger child, there was conflict between yourself and your siblings, cousins, neighbours, and other school children your own age. Sometimes it was competitive, sometimes it was defiance, sometimes it may even have been violence. Other times it was you being valiantly protective of them. This was your first testing ground for flexing your Mars inhibitions, strength, and aggression. Later, Mars comes out in others ways. You drive too fast and too recklessly, too impatient when you want to get somewhere. Your thoughts are consumed by sex and anger alike. You take many trips to new cities and back, likely making these short travels a part of your life. Disagreements with teachers, debates, rebelling against the rules, and challenging conventional thought have always been your ways of expressing your own thoughts and ideas about the world. You have always had a strong, wilful mind and your own way of thinking, and for those who sought to mould you into a certain type of thinker you proved challenging. Perhaps this is why you have always been attracted to Gemini-types of people. They talk a lot, have just as short of an attention span, are mentally and physically always on the move. You can verbally spar with one another and then suddenly move onto a conversation about something else. They make excellent lovers and companions for you.

Mars can be found in the way that you speak: the tone of your voice, your body language, and the words you choose to use all shine with Mars’ fiery energy. Alert, alive, and animated, you express yourself creatively and are always bursting with new ideas. You possess mind that, once focused on getting something, is blind to everything in the way. This is wonderful in terms of academia, as once you become interested in something you dominate the world of that subject. Many with this placement go onto being professional speakers, singers, writers, and academics; should you have more of an interest in doing, you can also easily become a skilled tradesman, craftsman, cook, or builder of some kind. When you speak you are very direct, even forcefully, about what you have to say. You have the power to arouse group into action and so make an excellent leader when you are given the chance. You like to be in charge because you like being listened to; you can be quite persuasive when you want to be. Sometimes you go overboard, however, and provoke arguments because of the way you speak to people. That is part of the challenge of having this Mars placement.

Tact is a keyword here. “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.” This is not about bottling up your aggression and keeping yourself quiet. That would be just as detrimental to yourself as blowing up is. You have to express your Mars through your words. But you can bite down to the point without making a mess of the conversation. You can win an argument and keep a level head at the same time. You can even assert your opinion, but do so in a way that the other person does not feel attacked. Other times, when things get personal or far too emotional, it is better to bow out and use your energy elsewhere. It is not about losing or submitting. It is about learning where your efforts are more useful. Talking about it, writing about it, tinkering with mechanics or technology or projects of your own – all of these things are more productive methods of expressing yourself, letting off steam. Channel your mental energies into something productive, so they don’t become destructive, and your words can become a beacon of heroism instead of an act of war.

3 CERES.jpg

This area of your birth chart contains those precious first years of childhood and your early relationships with children your age: siblings, cousins, neighbours, and schoolmates among them. There was a very close, familial love that existed between the lot of you. As an older sibling you loved and doted upon your younger brothers and sisters like a parent would, babysitting and taking care of them throughout your young lives. As the younger sibling you looked up to your older relatives to nurture you, being taken care of by them when your own mother and father were not around. An only child with this placement may have filled that parent/child dichotomy with cousins or other peers; you may have been mother hen to group of younger kids, or else the youngest following older ones around. As you grew older this only happened more, as more of your family members gave you cousins and nieces and nephews to look after in their stead. A large circle of extended family and friends meant that there was never a shortage of variety in your caregivers, or the ones receiving care. You all looked after one another.

You felt best taken care of when you were engaged with other people – seeing, learning, talking, making, and doing freely all at once. As an adult you return to the things that comforted you as a child when you need to relax, unwind, or otherwise make you feel better. Your 3rd House is the “womb” you retreat into when the world outside gets too heavy. For recreation you enjoy mental pursuits like puzzles and games, which give you something fun and interesting to do without being to demanding. You also like to read and write, which you find relaxing. Tinkering, building, and things to do with mechanics or technology all occupy your mind with activity, distracting you just long enough to wind you down. Your Ceres comforts are all still mentally stimulating enough to keep your attention without becoming too much a project on your shoulders. Another thing that makes you feel better is communicating. When you have memories or emotions bubbling up inside you should talk about them to a journal or people you trust. Whether the conversation is deep and meaningful or light and in passing, discussing your thoughts openly is the surest way to quell any discomfort in your life.

When it comes time for you to take care of someone else, you give them all the things that make you feel good. You care very strongly about children getting a good education. You encourage them to learn, to ask questions, to grow into smarter, brighter people by the day. You encourage them to speak aloud and to have meaningful conversations with one another. You listen to them with your full attention and make them feel as though what they say has value. And when you speak, your words are comforting anecdotes of intelligence and understanding. Words and language have the power to name and shape the world we live in. And by teaching children how to think, rather than what to think, you know we can raise a generation gifted in the linguistic arts. This is an excellent chart placement for a teacher, a therapist, or a counsellor for those reasons. You may have children of your own, or you may be content to take care of other people’s children instead. But whichever path you choose, you will gift those under your care with the freedom to speak, listen, learn, write, make, and do however they need to in order to grow into the best adults they could be.

Your mind is your best ally at quieting your life for finding comfort. In times when you need comfort, you occupy your mind with learning and communicating and find the restful coziness you seek. In the book The Once and Future King, author T. H. White wrote penned the passage, “The best thing for being sad [...] is to learn something. That's the only thing that never fails. You may grow old and trembling in your anatomies, you may lie awake at night listening to the disorder of your veins, you may miss your only love, you may see the world about you devastated by evil lunatics, or know your honour trampled in the sewers of baser minds. There is only one thing for it then — to learn. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the only thing for you. Look what a lot of things there are to learn.”


Whereas Jupiter’s sign placement shows what comes most easily to you, what you believe to be true, and what you seek to teach others, his house placement is indicative of where in your life you express these talents, where you find truth, and where you will teach others in this lifetime. Jovial Jupiter finds humour in this world, is a larger-than-life entertainer, and enlightens the masses through his spiritual and philosophical insights. As a young child you likely travelled or moved often and changed schools frequently, which further spurred your tendency to flirt with several disciplines at once but quickly move onto the next thing soon after. You also have good relationships with your siblings and your cousins. But the main point of Jupiter in this house is for you to use the power of words to communicate Jupiter to the rest of the word. It is not easy, as you will read here, but it is your higher purpose.

Jupiter and its 3rd House home are uncomfortable with one another, each one hindering the other. For example, you tend to exaggerate when you communicate. Important facts and details are glossed over so you can bend the rules to fit with your expanding mind, giving rise to impractical ideas and reckless reasoning. You are also cursed with a mind that is all over the place trying to contain an abundance of thoughts, both big picture and small. Always busy with several intellectual interests at once, your energies are left scattered and restless. Your thirst for learning is never quenched, and since you are forever learning and seldom doing, your efforts are basically unproductive. You may even feel as though you are the perpetual student. When will you finally know enough? How do you marry abstract ideas to logical reasoning?  How do you communicate with flair while still sticking to the facts? These are questions you must harmonize with in your lifetime. What remains true is your incredibly optimistic outlook and your openness to understanding. These two items are what will carry you through on your journey to personal enlightenment, wherever that journey may go.

There are avenues for you which marry Jupiter with your communications without the two rubbing against one another. You will be forever learning and studying; that itself is a fact. And you can easily apply this when getting yourself a higher education or preparing for a career in any field. You do particularly well in languages, and you should be encouraged to travel and discover other places for yourself. Working with words in general (especially creative writing!) is a great fit for you, as you can deliver information in a funny, creative, and interesting way. You are an exceptional public speaker and do well on a platform in front of an audience. This doesn’t necessarily mean you up on stage in front of a whole bunch of people – your book could have an audience, your show could have an audience, or your blog could have an audience. The entertaining way in which you deliver information is a valuable resource in itself. When you make the transition from perpetual student to excited teacher, your ability to get and keep attention is an important commodity.

There is a time for learning and there is a time for doing. There is a time for staying in school and there is a time for graduating and getting work done. Jupiter here makes you feel as though personal enlightenment is still one, two, three books away, locked up in a classroom somewhere or in some bit of information you haven’t discovered yet. But what you are seeking will not come simply by gobbling up as much information as you can. It lies also in changing the kinds of information you allow yourself to swallow – abstract ideas, philosophies, spirituality, and the humanities in general. Your mind is open, but you must look past the purely rational or logical and expand into esoteric territory. When you can ingest that sort of information, you will begin to feel more satisfied. There is a time and place of mathematical or scientific reasoning, and there is a time and place for personal experiences to colour your life.

3 SATURN.jpg

Saturn here is a weight placed upon your young shoulders, signalling difficulties in school and conflict with other children. Those younger than you were a burden, a responsibility you did not want, a chore you had to look after and play with. Those older than you were cold, strict, and unloving. If you had brothers and sisters your relationship with your siblings was “limited” or “restricted” in some way, either due to divorce, death, physical separation, or emotional barriers erected between you. If you were an only child growing up you likewise felt lonely being in your family all by yourself. Regardless of whichever category you fall under, you felt isolated, lonesome, and burdened by your solitude. Likewise in school you had problems learning and studying at pace with the other students in class. You may have been mislabelled as stupid or accuse of having a learning difficulty when things took you longer to do. But while getting yourself an education was difficult, it was not because you were unintelligent. In fact, as time would tell, you were actually quite the opposite.

Saturn, wherever it is placed, forces you to slow down, set a goal, and work towards it gradually. It is a planet of security and safety, of work ethic and achievement, of being grounded and taking things seriously. Your mind mirrors the way Saturn works. You think very deeply about a limited number of subjects, becoming an expert on a handful of things. On those things you achieve practical intelligence, accumulating a wealth of knowledge that can be put to good use. Contemplative, thoughtful, conscientiousness, and observational – these are the qualities that help you to think deeply and seriously about the world around you. It is true that put off decision making as much as you can, procrastinating to make sure you pick the right one, as if you don’t trust yourself and need to make sure. Insecurity in your own intelligence has forced you to become a hard-lined intellectual (or else, alternatively, to reject intellectualism altogether). And at times, it has cost you. In trying to be realistic, you have become pessimistic. The cold hard facts, so unforgiving and dispassionate, colour your vision in shades of grey. The heart of Saturn in the 3rd House is that when you are exploring, relating to, and engaging with your surrounding environment, you are apprehensive at every moment. Fear is what keeps you quiet with your nose in your studies, ever doubting your own intelligence.

Fear of sounding stupid has made you overly-cautious in the way you speak. Your mannerisms, your tone of voice, the words you choose are all carefully calculated to give the impression that you are strictly rational, devoid of emotion. You find it very difficult to relax and speak easily, and so have problems communicating with people. On the outside you appear shy, afraid to speak; or too aloof, as though you do not care at all; or even rude, with your tense and guarded expression. People get the wrong impression because you are wound so tight. You are worried that nobody will understand you. You are afraid that they will think you stupid, or that what you say now will be used against you later, so you better bottle up now. And yet your major goals in life involve speaking, reading, writing, learning, and making things. Some of your greatest success can be found in avenues of teaching, writing, public speaking, journalism, sales, communication tech, mechanics, and media. Taking your 3rd House so seriously is what makes you so miserable here, but it is also what makes you so prolific. You need only to relax and enjoy this part of your life more to truly reap the benefits of your communicative abilities.

You may always be estranged from certain relatives of yours. Certain experiences from your early childhood (being bullied by your peers, talked down to at school, turned away from your siblings) may be too difficult to overcome. But you should make you peace with that, and then move on. You are not stupid. You are not slow, dull, or dim-witted, and you do not have to prove to people that you are not. You chew information slowly, taking in everything, thinking about it deeply before relaying it back out into the world. You are an unrivaled expert in the areas you know a lot about, and that is undisputed! When you have an intellectual goal, like saying you want to achieve a degree, or focus on your studies, or write a novel, or become a professional inventor, you crush it! Nothing can stop Saturn once it stops building. It may take years for you to become the intellectual authority you want to be. But there is no doubt that you will (eventually) get to where you want to be.

3 CHIRON.jpg

Chiron does not do well when placed in the 3rd House. Beginning in early childhood and stretching forth into adulthood, you have been criticized for the way you express yourself. You have dealt with communication problems and difficulty being understood by other people, largely because of the unique way you speak and act. Possibly due to some learning or speaking difficulty, or possibly just because of how you naturally are, people have labelled you as unintelligent, stupid, or not worth listening to. It is not your fault people have thought of you this way. Yet the end result is still a lack of confidence in yourself. You have been shy, quiet, reserved, and even anti-social since being made to feel this way. As much as you want people to listen to you, you sit back and listen to others, being very careful to choose your words so as not to make some fatal mistake. Feeling alienated from your peers has also made you a pessimistic and cynical person, one who is far more critical of things than you would otherwise be. It is difficult for you to be yourself when everything you say and do comes under the magnifying glass. And it is even harder to love the parts of you that are different when nobody takes you seriously.

Chiron is a wound in your mind, a lesion in the way you think about the world. When you process information and when you relay it, your words drip with venomous insight. When you look to society and the social structures within – the people, country, and cultures around you – you view them as oppressive and flawed. You view people’s minds as in desperate need of fixing, of feeding off twisted information and missing critical honesty. When you were a child you were “oppressed” by those who told you you were flawed, and now you come to see the world through their diminished vantage point. Something that may appeal to you is a style called Literary Realism, one that implores documenting the grim realities of life in an attempt to present things more truthfully. You are no stranger to difficult truths. You see suffering everywhere: poverty, war, the plights of the lower class, crime, relationships gone wrong, corruption and greed. And it all seems to stem from misinformation and a lack of real understanding.

This planet here shows that you are wounded in your mind and by the words people say. But it also shows where and how you have the capacity to heal and empower other people in much the same way. You reach other to those who have had similar experiences (those who have been ignored, told to shut up, shut down, or shut out) and seek to impart your wisdom onto them. You place an emphasis on sitting down and calmly listening to them speak, encouraging them to express themselves honestly. You tell them to look deeper within their mind and be real with themselves, not to hide or lie or distract themselves from the truth. You would make an excellent psychoanalyst, speech therapist, teacher, or writer. You could even entertain people as a comedian with your satirical humour and cynical wit. Feeling compelled to help people is what will power you through your own wounds. You may take some time learning by trial and error before finally maturing into what you are meant to be. But your destination is to eventually heal and teach by bestowing knowledge, fixing their mind, making them laugh, and listening while they tell you their story.

The rewards Chiron gives you are not for yourself. Your painful experiences, your insecurities, will never completely go away. It is much easier for you to help others than it is for you to help heal yourself. Still, that is the fickle nature of this planet. The purpose of Chiron is not to make you feel better. It is to compel you to heal the world and end the suffering you empathize with. When you see a person who shuts down because everyone on their life is telling them they’re stupid, you are the one to save them from that torment. You are the one to listen to the people that nobody takes seriously. You are the one to actually help people fix up the crooked ways they think and talk. And yes, you will still suffer from bouts of dragging pessimistic and stinging cynicism. But you will not want to give up because of that. If anything, you will use your suffering as a means for improving the lives of others. You may have a more difficult Chiron placement than most, but the rewards are just as great. They may not come in the form of money, luxuries, or even strength. But they will come in the shining faces of those you have helped, and the enormous gratitude they owe you.

3 URANUS.jpg

This is a fascinating placement for Uranus. Your liberal mind is always open and you never shut yourself off to great ideas. The way you look at the world is so vastly different from anybody else it is no wonder you often feel that nobody understands you. Your intellect is a combination of intuition and invention. Unlike other people who may use only logic or only emotion to decide what it right and what is true, you are able to blend your thoughts and feelings together. This is the stem from which your insight sprouts its leaves and your creativity blossoms. You emerge with a very different way of processing the world, and end up with a very original personal style at the end of it. You are constantly reorienting your view of the information in front of you, looking at items from every possible angle and dissecting every little thought to its core. You come up with new and enlightened ways of understanding every time you learn something. Every new fact you uncover, every new opinion you discover, every new point of view leads to you drastically change the way you see the world.

But your intelligence does come with its own kind of moody eccentricity, as it often does. In early education you sat, slumped in your desk, bored and unable to concentrate. Dry academics left you no room to be creative, no room to add your own unique twist. And purely creative subjects gave you no structure to tear down and change. Uninspired, restless, and wanting more from life, you got distracted easily and struggled to focus in your studies. Having a strong, independent mind and rebellious attitude towards your learning also do not help your relationship with teachers. You got into trouble with authority for what you said and what you thought, especially when you demanded equality, spoke out during class, and tried to shake up your learning environment to make it more interesting. You are always on the lookout for fresh and exciting experiences; your inability to be bored means that you always leap from one interesting discussion to the next. All your life you keep encountering similar struggles when pitted against a person that tells you how to think. But as you get older the tension that exists between you and other people is more to do with your unconventional ideas, “weird” personal tastes, and your failure to focus on one thing at a time.

Yet despite the friction between you and other more conservative people, you remain a friendly and funny personality to socialize with. Problem solving with a simple kind of clarity, your revolutionary way of thinking is somehow very plain and very different at the same time. You are always armed with some new and interesting subject to talk about, whether it is idle conversation about what is going on in the world to an interesting article you read in the paper. You can discuss science and humanities at length, wrapping your head around purely intellectual or purely theoretical concepts (and even blending the two). Your mind is always open to learning. Closing it would mean closing yourself off to new discoveries, creating a prison in your own head – it is much better, in your opinion, to never be tied down to just one way of thinking about the world. The need to change and explore topics is very great in you. The search for truth is something you never give up on, so you learn and grow with every progressive, experimental idea.

Rene Descartes, known as the father of modern philosophy, knew that even if he didn’t know that anything in the world actually existed, the one thing that he was certain of what that he was thinking. From this philosophy he coined his famous phrase “I think; therefore, I am,” to surmise the premise of his ideas. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th Century, has long been regarded for his contributions to theoretical physics. Armed not only with intellectual prowess but a great deal of creativity, he was able to ascend to the heights of the scientific community and achieve fame in his field. And Nelson Mandela, the South African revolutionary and political activist, fought to end apartheid in his country and relieve citizens of the crippling poverty and institutionalized racism they suffered from. All three of these influential men had this placement of Uranus in the 3rd House. They shared your futuristic vision, your passion for enlightened thinking, and your rebellious brand of intelligence. It was only when they learned to focus that they rose to greatness. You too can make your mark, once you figure out how to both open and settle your mind.


The 3rd House is symbolic of early child development when you begin to walk and talk all by yourself. In that early environment we find other children close in age to learn beside – siblings, cousins, neighbours, even other children we know in school or daycare. The nature of Neptune, unfortunately, breeds some difficulties in these early relationships. Exactly what that means for you depends on your family structure. If you had brothers and sisters growing up it may have been that one of them was a “difficult” child (having some behavioural problem or a disability of some kind). In this case, you had to sacrifice some degree of your own happiness to adjust to them. If you had a sibling which died, you may carry some sort of guilt or responsibility for what happened and how it affected your parents. Alternatively, you may have been separated from your siblings through divorce, physical distance, or emotional severance, forcing you to give up your relationship with them. If you did not have siblings you still shared the loneliness in regards to your peers. Neptune in the 3rd inevitably concludes with personal distance between you and others, as if you are contained within your own personal bubble of fog.

In response to this early distance from others your own age, you retreated inward, into the comforting chaos of your own mind. On the outside it seemed as though you were shy when you in class; teachers may have even though you suffered from learning disabilities from the confusing way your mind seemed to work. Others see you as delusional, confused, gullible, easily impressed upon, and unrealistic in your expectations. Some may even accuse you of being mentally unwell or unstable. They see you as far too emotional and not logical enough. Being so empathetic, their words come to you as truth, and you begin to believe them. For much of your life you are pressured to favour hard science, logic, rationality, and dry intellect, and forced to learn and speak the way people think you should. You may even come to worship knowledge and science as if it were an unquestionable religion. But at some point in your life curiosity is bound to overtake to, and you will fall deep into your fascination with spirituality, magic, fantasy, the occult, and other ancient practices. The intellectuals of the world will tell you believe in these things is foolish. But to you and the way you drink in the world, they are as real as anything, and they explain so much.

Your will discover that your mind was not stunted or stupid as others may have thought. You thrived in a whole other level of knowledge they did not even know about. For one, your imagination is as vivid as reality at times. Through daydreaming, creative outlets, and your own fantasies, you create whole other rich and colourful worlds. Many with this placement are gifted in the arts and entertainment industries, especially in storytelling. For another, you are gifted with psychic abilities and a powerful intuitive insight into humanity. You can pick up on subtle cues in body language and tone of voice (things you may not have realized you were reading) and read people as easily as a picture book. There is a strong empathetic connection between you and other people, which is why you seem to pick up on the tastes, attitudes, ideas, and opinions of other people. At times distinguishing your own thoughts from those around you can be difficult, as Neptune in your mind erases the boundaries that exist between you and them. You need to guard yourself against other people affecting the way you think.

Your mind is not traditionally intellectual, it is true. For much of your life you will undervalue your emotional knowledge and rich imagination because you are not good at analytical or logical thinking. Your mind lives in a haze of emotion, much of which is not yours, but absorbed from your surroundings. You may be unrealistic about reality and refuse to see the potential ugliness that lays there, and some of your decisions may not have been the best. But the solution is not to become more logical, more rational, and more intellectual; to do so would be untrue to who you are and how your naturally mind works. Instead, work on accepting that in yourself that others have little understanding of. Allow yourself the freedom to explore the more magical, spiritual side of life. Prise your psychic gifts and seek to grow them, and do so with your creative talents as well. Your mental health will do better for it!

3 PLUTO.jpg

Your mind is easily the most powerful tool at your disposal. It is built with gifts of obsessive curiosity and good concentration. Threaded together with a strong suspicious attitude and guarded by deep mistrust, and your mind comes together like cogs and spurs in a clock. You were made for penetrative research and investigation into the unknown, for your mind sneaks into the darkness of a person’s emotional mind and pulls out truths one at a time. You have a knack for sniffing out secrets. Everybody has a sore spot – abuse, trauma, loss, sex, death, births, relationships gone bad. You have a hungry need for knowing the underlying psychology of every person you meet, and you will not rest until you’ve “figured them out”. Often you fall into the trap of thinking people are more deadly, more secretive, and more complex than they actually are. You come at them with invasive questions like a prosecutor examining a criminal, hoping to get everything out of them over the course of your relationship. Your intentions of exposing a person’s worst qualities and darkest secrets right off the bat is a testament not only to your paranoia, but to the negative way in which you view the world.

Your mind can turn against you in the way it works sometimes. You may be one of many who suffer from some sort of mental illness or instability, which you know about but try to hide from other people. Intrusive thoughts which are obsessive, anxious, angry, destructive, or sexual turn over in your mind incessantly. Resentment which should have cooled long ago still burns inside of your heart, and you dwell in violent fantasies whenever your darker emotions are stirred. None of these patterns of thought are healthy, nor are they constructive uses for the mind. A surprising way you can turn your outlook around? Travelling. Each trip you take marks a specific turning point in your life. By forcing you out of your comfort zone and surrounding you with new cultures, new foods, new people, and new experiences, your mind can renew itself in a new place. Perhaps you get out of a slump by moving away to a new city and leaving behind an old environment that was detrimental to your mental health. Maybe you revitalize a tired mind by picking up a book or a new area of study, going back to school, or taking a short trip to clear your head. Travelling near and far and frequently does wonders for a 3rd House Pluto, which festers in stagnant waters. Your mind contains far too much ambition and energy to be kept bound up all the time. You need to give your mind work to do!

Knowledge is power. Intelligence gives you an arsenal to use against other people when you need it, and so you stock your mental military with enough arsenal to throw off an entire army of stupidity. Give Pluto something to focus its energies on, and it will neurotically dig into the core of it. In the 3rd House, anything you become interested in learning about becomes an obsession. You wish to be free to learn about whichever subject passes your fancy, including sex, death, politics, crime, the occult, spirituality, psychology, and everything else one “ought not to talk about”. As stated before, you have an invested interest in secrets. Any kind of forbidden knowledge with a stigma attached to it? You want to know all about it. The knowledge you gain from your vigorous studies is turned into intense, powerful, pervasive speech and writings of your own which transform the way other people think about the world. At the end of your life, you will have left your legacy in the words you said.

Even if you keep these things buried inside of your soul and never intend on actually acting on any of your compulsive thoughts, your mental and emotional issues still have a detrimental effect on your life. It is highly suggested that you seek help in the form of therapy and counselling should you need it. In the meantime, you should take steps to make your mind a better place for you to live in. Remind yourself to focus on the positive, thinking about all the good that is happening in your life right now. Distract yourself from your intrusive thoughts when you catch yourself dwelling on them. Live more in the moment instead of fantasizing about all the bad things that might happen someday. You have the power to transform the way you think about the world. And when you discover that power, you can transform the way others think too. Your words are destined to have a lasting impact on the lives of other people. So transform them for the better, by helping and healing the ones you love!