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Ashley Thiessen

MC IC.png

The Midheaven and Nadir points lie at opposite ends of your Natal Chart. The Midheaven is at the very top, where the Sun was at its highest peak during midday. Using this, we calculate the Nadir, or where the Sun was at its very lowest point during midnight. Like the Ascendant and Descendent Axis, the Midheaven and Nadir are opposites, with one side exposed and other other deeply hidden. But they are nevertheless connected to one another, uniting the top and bottom halves of your Birth Chart to create one whole personality. 

The Nadir (also called the "Imum Coeli", Latin for "Lowest Point"), or IC, is the Fourth House Cusp. As the dead of night, the IC is the deepest, darkest, quietest, most personal place in your chart, for it houses the Private Persona. This is how you think, how you feel, and how you act, when you are completely alone, with no one else watching. Wherever you can be alone with your thoughts, lost in the alleys of your mind, you find your IC - in your home, your office, the shower, your bed at night, scrawled across notebooks nobody else will read or in art books nobody is allowed to look into. Your family, your childhood friends, and those you share a home with, will see this side of you because they have known you long enough to earn your trust, and lived alongside you in these intimate, private spaces. There is a lot of vulnerability in letting people into your Fourth House, and not many people make it past your IC.

The Midheaven (also known as the "Medium Coeli", Latin for "Highest Point"), or MC, is the Tenth House cusp at the top of your Natal Chart. It is the exact opposite of your IC - the Public Persona. This is the brightest, most open, most well-lit part of your personality. When they see you at work, on stage, on screen, on the internet; when they hear your voice through your podcast, or read your voice in a book, or hear about you from other people; when they see you, or hear about you, but haven't met you face-to-face, that is when they see your MC. It is your reputation, what you want to be known for, and what you want to be seen as.

Both the MC and the IC have their roots in childhood, and our relationships to the authority figures we grew up under. From your mom, your dad, your grandparents, your teachers, priests, pastors, community leaders, and other influential adults, you learned the right and wrong ways to act. Through praise, shame, love, embarrassment, discipline, warmth, and encouragement, you were shown which traits were admired, which people laughed at, and what they didn't like. You, too, from interacting with your peers, helped to condition others into becoming more of what you respected and less of the rest. From your family, your school, your community, and your culture abroad, your MC/IC polarity developed. And from there, the rift grew deeper, and deeper, until you gave people one part of you and saved a second part only for yourself.

We often think of the MC as a fake, constructed persona, and as the IC as our real, authentic selves. This couldn't be further from the truth. This way of thinking hinges on the idea that we are fundamentally one type of person, forced act unlike ourselves in different situations. But the truth is, all of your choices and actions come together to create a portrait of who you really are, regardless of what made you act that way. The way you act when you are in front of people, trying to make your best impression - that is the real you. And the way you act when you are alone, with nobody to judge you - that is the real you too! 



The world sees you as a very strong and independent person. You are ruthless when it comes to attaining your goals because you do not back down for anything. Your fury is as much a testament to your courage as it is to your drive to succeed. You may face criticism in your life at the hands of those who do not know you well, who label you by what they hear of your biting anger and potent sexuality. You may be judged as a sinner just based on what people see on the peripheries of your life. However, it is important for you to remember that people will also see your high-energy enthusiasm, your outstanding athletic abilities, and your lust for adventure. The same qualities that scare people with endow you with bravery and leadership, which are much needed qualities to have in public life.

Your Libra IC is a stark contrast to how you appear to be on the outside. When you are out interacting with the world you are confrontational, competitive, and very me-first in the way you push past people. But at home you seek to create a beautiful, harmonious environment that is primed with pleasantry. There is no rude, loud, boisterous, obnoxious behaviour here. Home is a place for cooperation and critical thinking.  Friends and family see you as an intelligent person who is utterly polite (unless, of course, there is an “intellectual discussion” happening somewhere and you need to jump in and balance it out), knowing how much equality and respect mean to you.

When you were growing up you had to share your parent’s attention with other people. You might have had other siblings that got more than you, or they might have had other obligations that took up their time. Not being one to act out or demand attention from them, you quietly waited your turn and respected the fact that they were trying to treat you as an equal with their other engagements. They loved you dearly, and you knew that, but you did sometimes feel like you were not as special as you wanted to be. You may have done other things to try and impress them, such as building up your intelligence, artistic talents, or by exceedingly good behaviour. But eventually you came out and began taking what you wanted by force rather than patiently waiting for somebody to be nice and give it to you. You developed your Aries MC to put yourself first in the world; to showcase the raw, animalistic drives inside of you and push them into your public persona.

This is the duality between your public and private selves. They are two masks you wear: one passive, the other active. Privately you long for inner (as well as outer) harmony with a partner, as that is where you have always longed to lay your roots. You want to live a charming, refined life with a family who loves and respects one another. But you know you will not be given that life off-handily. Nothing has ever been given to you. You have had to fight for it and take it by force, and you come into adulthood with that mentality. Whether it was a way of thinking you had to adopt or whether it was subliminally absorbed through your parents, you rose up into your Aries MC ready to ram your horns through life. If you want that charmed life with a fancy house and beautiful things, you not only reach for that goal, but the one after it as well.

You have developed many tools for success that can be applied to any field, most notably ones that are very difficult to get into. Your competitive drive pushes you against not only other people, but yourself as well. You want to win. You want to beat them. And you also want to win against yourself, always pushing yourself past limits you thought were impossible. Your drive comes with notable aggression, which serves to intimidate competitors and amp yourself up. With all this energy, you do well in a career that is physically demanding and which requires athletic skills. Your fearlessness and ability to make impulsive decisions on the fly also serve you in dangerous occupations, or daunting ones. Unafraid of what might come, you can get and do whatever you want. Keep your desire for partnership low in your private life, and show the world how far you can travel alone – because you know how to do things by yourself, and they should know it too.


You put yourself out there as a simple, straightforward, consistent, down-to-earth type of person. Not one to complain or make much of a fuss, you portray yourself as easygoing and content with the basic luxuries of life. The peace of a clean, quiet home and the company of a few loved ones is more than enough. Your reputation revolves around your astonishing work ethic, especially when it comes to your job. People know how hard you are willing to work to get what you want: good food, comfortable sleep, uncomplicated love, and plenty money. Your clients and employers notice (putting in overtime, looking after details, bending over backwards to get things done) and will certainly understand how much you deserve to get paid in return.

But in the privacy of your home, perhaps in the company of family and close childhood friends, you will wear your Scorpio IC. Your public image is of a very simple, laid-back, stable hard worker. But your private image is of a deeply complex, emotional, secretive, and sexual person. In your home you battle for power with those you are living with because you want to be the one that controls everything. You can be quite the manipulator if you have to be; pouting, silent resentment, and even powerful bouts of aggression. But let’s not dwell on the negative and forget how passionately you care about the people you love as well - your family and your close friends mean the world to you, and are the only people you trust enough to see this vulnerable, emotional side of yourself.

It stems from the fact that you did not have the best childhood. Within the depths of your subconscious your memories of the past are littered with alcoholism, abuse, death, trauma, sex, various kinds of manipulation and betrayal, and unseen forces berating your family. These things were all going on before you were born, and your birth and childhood were when the intensity was at its height. By the time you reached adolescence your family was polarized and resentful towards one another. When you were young, you did not understand what was going on around you. But there were always themes of power and control, and you absorbed them from an early age. That is not to say that your home life was strictly one horrible event after another! You knew love and loyalty well, and you remain close to the few family members who have looked out for you. What you want is to find peace within yourself and to make sense of the chaos. And if you have to fake it until you make it, a Taurus MC works beautifully.

You know that your Scorpio IC is intense, and that other people are not comfortable with it. So you put out into the world that you are just a plain, down-to-earth person. This lets you to keep your IC a secret, something only you and few others know about. Up in your public life you share your love of homemade dinners and afternoon naps. You work very hard and earn lots of money, and then talk about all the things you want to do with it. Then down in your private life you are vindictive, cruel, sexual, aggressive, mysterious, and deeply loyal to those you deem worthy of your trust.

All those messages you absorbed as a kid about power and control get turned into a fear-driven desire to acquire material security. You are afraid of your home life reverting into chaos again, and you feel like the more money and possessions you have, the safer you are. You need to find secure work that pays well and suites the image you want to project. Manual labour, especially if you are outside or making something beautiful, suites you. Whether it is within your career, on the internet, or in front of an audience, you are going to appeal to people because you look like you have plenty of self-respect. Even if your self-esteem is actually very low, you come across as very confident, certain, relatable, and attractive, no matter what you might think about the turmoil within you. Every part of you is beautiful, even what you try to hide. Do not forget that.


With your MC in the sign of Gemini, your public image takes on the qualities of that sign: intelligent, sociable, optimistic, and highly communicative. You seem to flit from one topic to another without getting into any deeper discussions. You can carry a conversation with anybody about anything, and enjoy being around people when you are out in the public world. When people see you out in public they might remark on your smile, the cheerful way you greet others, and the sparkle in your eye when you speak. You seem to flirt a lot, and you love to gossip. And you certainly talk a lot, to everybody, about everything under the sun!

Meanwhile, your Nadir (IC) is at the bottom of your chart, in Sagittarius. When you are alone in the privacy of your home (or in the company of those people you are the most comfortable with) you ruminate in deep thought. You do not flit from one subject to another, but rather enjoy deep, complex discussions that explore the realms of ideas, beliefs, spirituality, and philosophy. You have books piled high in your home on all sorts of subjects. You think in an exaggerated kind of excitement, getting all worked up as you act out all your exciting dramas, what you've been studying, what you've been interested in learning about lately, all your individual tastes and remixes on the ideas of others - all scribbled in notepads and squirrelled away for the day when you can finally flesh out those projects you've been putting off.

In your childhood, when you were living at home with your family, you were thought of as a very bright child. Energetic, enthusiastic about learning, and always exploring the outside world, you met every new subject with curiosity and an open mind. You sought to learn and understand other people’s cultures and perspectives. Your teachers and classmates labelled you as the “smart kid”. Childhood was when your MC and IC were only beginning to separate; by adolescence, you learned to differentiate between how you wanted people to see you and what you wanted to keep hidden. What you wanted people to see was that you were intelligent, rational, and a logical thinker. What you wanted to hide was your creativity, comedic humour, big ideas, and even deeper, your desire to run away from home.

Especially during your teenage years, you felt increasingly uneasy in your own home. You wanted to escape. If you did so literally, you ran away from home, spent weekends and evenings at somebody else’s house, travelled, or went to live with other relatives. If mentally, you read books and travelled in your mind. It is not necessarily that you were fleeing abuse or unhappiness. You have just always had this desire, deep down inside of you, to run freely across the world and not be bound to one place at a time. In your heart of hearts you are a wanderer. You are never comfortable if you are tied down or committed. In a way, you felt that your parent’s influence over you was its own kind of restriction. If they let you do as you pleased you will have grown up with a secure sense of self. If not, you will continue to run away from relationships once they get too serious. Either way, you get along best with your parents when you are living apart from them, able to come and go and see them as you please.

The “itchy feet” of your Sagittarius IC is reflected in the butterfly-like way your Gemini MC wants to flit from one profession to another. When you start working you try new things for a while, and then give them up for drastically different ones. You might pursue knowledge and go to school, then quit and find something creative instead. You work for money in one place and principle in another. You are open to all kinds of work and get bored easily, and that makes it difficult for you to settle. There is nothing that says you have to commit to one job for the rest of your life. In fact, you do best when your career is constantly changing. The best fields for you all involve communicating information to other people. Think of things like teaching, writing, therapy, broadcasting, working with communicative technology (phones, computers), and advertising. You want to educate people on the facts so they can make decisions based on actual information, not lies or opinions. And you will get the best results, and be happiest, if you showcase your private self alongside your public self - get into deep discussions, make them laugh with your sarcastic sense of humour, and relate to them on a much deeper level than other people can.


When people do not know you very well, they will look at your MC in Cancer and see you as very guarded. To strangers you appear to always speak and move cautiously, as if you are hiding something. You even wear a protective “shell” made from silence and a stony face to keep people at bay. Your shell is used to protect your reputation from anybody looking to tarnish it, but also to protect your gentle feelings from being hurt. The truth is that you are very sensitive about what people think of you, especially when it comes to your work and career. You long to know people are impressed by you, and so you are careful about doing anything that could be embarrassing or worthy of harsh judgement.

Only those who know you very intimately will see your Capricorn IC. Where publicly you appear shy and quiet, privately you take on a strong leadership role (which is a nice way of saying you are controlling and domineering at all times, and you can't help it). You are unquestionably in charge of your household. You direct them to their chores, micromanage everything they do, and give all kinds of feedback when they are done. Whether you are a parent, a roommate, or a spouse, you will be intimately involved in everything going on in your house. Nothing starts or goes without the “OK” from you. In your mind the entire house is yours, and they are just allowed to be there.

In many ways your private persona reflects your home life growing up. Your family was very restrictive and controlling. They tried to make you into what they wanted you to be rather than accepting you for how you were. You may have been treated badly as a kid, so you have adopted “fight for respect” mentality. One parent was more or less uninvolved in your childhood (either physically gone or emotionally absent) while the other was a prominent figure in your life. In either case it is your father that shaped your IC, either in his absence or involvement, as he is who you have wanted to impress the most. From your parents, you absorbed strong messages about work ethic, moral values, and success, and you retained those lessons to make your parents proud. If you felt like one did not love you, or that there would be consequences if you did not follow through with what you were told to do, that only prompted you to work harder. And so you did your chores, went to school, honed your artistic skills, and did whatever else you had to do in order to make them happy.

You developed a Cancer MC to receive the nurturing that you did not get in your home life from a public forum. There is a small child within you crying out for a home, for attention, to be comforted and nurtured. And as you cannot get that from your family, you look to the outside world to take care of you. Whether you wish for fans, followers, friends, or clients, you want to have other people love you and care about you like nobody else did. As shy and reserved as you appear to be, you actually feed off of public praise and actively seek it out. But you still retain the belief that love has to be earned. Armed with the extraordinary determination gained throughout your childhood and adolescence, you set out to impress people by working hard and making magnificent things. In a way, you kind of associate people loving your work to be the same as people loving you. If it worked for your parents, it must work for others as well. If they see how hard you are trying to make them happy, surely that will prompt them to care about you, right?

Not being given enough praise and attention in your childhood has left you emotionally starved. But your career is an opportunity for you to get that love back somehow. Women with this placement are more likely to go into fields where they are taking care of others, such as children, animals, seniors, the sick, or the disabled. Women are also more likely to have a reputation for being openly motherly, a kind of safe-haven for people to come to. Men with this placement are more likely to go into fields like building and engineering, where they put their skills to work. They are also more likely to be the main breadwinner of their household. Both sexes benefit from work in real estate, cooking, and hospitality. Any field where you are making people happy will give you joy (although it helps if it offers some kind of financial security too). If you combine the work ethic and leadership abilities of your IC with the compassion and empathy of your MC, people can’t help but be impressed with everything you do. And that spells good news for your heart and your bank account.

MC LEO.jpg

To those who do not know you very well, you seem like somebody who wants to get a lot of love and attention. Your public persona is very big, very loud, and very bright, prompting some to compare you to a continuous performer in search of an audience. Whether you stride with regality or with a skip in your step, people know to look at you when you walk in the door. When people see you at distance, here about through friends, or meet you on the job, they are instantly attracted to your magnetic persona. And why wouldn't they? You're happy all of the time! 

But that is only who you appear to be on the surface level. That is the cute, attention-loving, pleasure-seeking mask you wear to the public. To those who know you intimately, like your family and close childhood friends, your Aquarius Nadir (IC) is much more visible. Where your Leo MC is open and fun-loving, here you are more of a loner. You do not want to waste energy pleasing people and catering to them. In fact, all you really want is to be left alone to your studies and your projects. You expect other people in your home to be independent. From the outside, your family life can look kind of unusual because you are open-minded enough to accept anybody for anything, and not much of a disciplinarian. If a family member turns out to be gay, or wants to have an usual job, or dress in a different way, you support them 100%. It is their business, after all, and it does not affect you.

This liberal beliefs stem from your home life growing up, where you felt like you were not treated like you were special or unique. The worst case scenario is that you were actually seen as plain, a burden, or not worthy of much praise or attention. As a kid you had little control over your life’s direction and had to follow your parents wherever they went. This could mean you were uprooted a lot, that you were forced into their religion or belief system, or that you just were not given a voice in the things that affected you. Nobody valued your input and just told you what to do. Your home life was probably tumultuous, with parents fighting with each other or other family members. In particular, your father’s absence of affection will have affected you the most, as you always wished he would show you how much he loved you. You dealt with the conflict by becoming emotionally detached and eventually rebelling against your family, leaving them to do your own thing.

Not being able to be yourself prompted you to allow others to show their true selves without judgement. All in all, you do not really concern yourself with how other people live their lives. It is in your professional life that you are more concerned with garnering the attention and love you were denied when you were younger. Your Leo MC goes out into the world searching for an audience who will listen to them. And in many ways, you seek to relive the childhood you did not get. Leo is the “child” sign, and in the public realm that is exactly what you appear to want to be. Having been deprived of the absolute adoration that other children get just by being a child, you turn to your clients, your audience, your fans, or your followers for that kind of appreciation. When you get the love you need (such a people saying positive, encouraging things about your blog or your work) all your insecurities melt away. In many ways you have learned to love yourself through the years, but in many more ways you still depend on that outside support system to raise your self-esteem.  

By developing many Leo traits in association with your job, your public persona is guaranteed to attract the kinds of people you need the most. You want your MC to be beautiful and attractive, so you yourself want to be seen that way in the public eye. You show off your creative talents and can make a career out of art, music, performance, designing, or redecorating. And working with kids is good too. Aside from being so non-judgemental, one of your better traits is that you do not put others down in order to raise yourself up. You want to give other people just as much love and attention as you get. So you work well with other people, helping to make them feel loved and accepted for who they are. Although you encourage others to become as independent and emotionally self-sufficient as you had to be, you delight in seeing them genuinely happy at the prospect of being adored. And that happiness becomes your own when the community you love so much openly appreciates what you do.


When people look at you from afar, they see the outward Virgo qualities we are all familiar with. They see an analytical mind and bookish intelligence. They see a rational thinker who poses as an authority on what is right and what is not. They see a down-to-earth, practical, sensual person, with strong work ethic and their shit together. You are a dutiful, hard working, seemingly perfect person, in every way  - albeit someone who is cold, detached, and unfriendly at times too. 

Your family will see a very different side of you in your Pisces IC, one that is emotional, messy, lazy, gullible, but also sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, and completely selfless. When you are alone you indulge in creativity, spirituality, and the desire to escape into a fantasy realm. Whether through books, movies, television, music, drugs, alcohol, religion, or art, you enjoy zoning out and getting lost inside the catacombs of your own mind. The Piscean qualities of your Nadir began in childhood and stay like that forever. And your childhood was more than a little confusing.

When you were growing up there was a lot going on between your parents that you didn’t understand. You were born on the verge of some kind of upheaval. Something happened that caused the family break apart before you were born and now they were dealing with the aftermath. Your parents were fighting when you were born and probably separated when you were very young. You might have moved a lot when you were little, or an important family member may have died. Alcoholism, addiction, illicit affairs, trauma, and emotional turmoil made your home life very unstable. Whatever it was driving you family into a million pieces, you had a hard time making sense of it as a child. Your parents tried their best to shelter you from what was going on. They played everything off and tried to be your friend through the hard times.

Although you picked up on it all on a subconscious, psychic level (which you didn’t realize until much later) you went along with all of it. And by the time you were an adolescent you were intimately knowledgeable of the boundaries between the real world and the imaginary world. As you grew older ,you began to try and move away from your Piscean upbringing and renew yourself as somebody who thinks clearly. To this day you still might not be able to recall your childhood in many details. It is all a blur, shrouded in music and mystery. You may recall vague themes of alcoholism, addiction, and volatile emotions. This placement does not necessarily indicate that you had an unhappy or traumatizing family life, just that you are not exactly sure how to nail down a description of it. It was out of all this chaos and confusion that your Virgo MC was born, giving you a public identify radically different from your family life growing up. Taking on a Virgo MC allows you to move forward with a sharper perspective, to see the outside world through a fine lens. It also allows you to take on an image as a cold-hearted intellectual, leaving your softer emotions in the past. No longer do you have to feel vulnerable in the heart of a whirlwind out of your control.

In a way you need to guard yourself or else your very sensitive nature would overrun your work. By coming across as cold and dispassionate, you are basically create a giant “KEEP OUT” sign with your public life. With your MC, you can put some comfortable distance between you and other people, and they assume it is just your professionalism. Because you come across as somebody who has their life put together, people trust you to do your job. You possess remarkable work ethic – much stronger than most people. You are clean and tidy, never leaving behind any mess. You are obviously very, very smart (which does not hurt in any field). And you can find and fix mistakes very quickly, leaving your work perpetually flawless. The best career for you would be highly detailed work that demands an intelligent, hard-working person like yourself. Your analytical mind will still love to critique, but try to focus on saying positive things about the world too! You do not want to cement your reputation as a negative person when all you want to do is help.


Beautiful, intelligent, charming, sexy - with a Libra Midheaven, your reputation is built on the finer aspects of your personality. People know you by your good looks, first and foremost. They see you as elegant, yet strong; rational and logical, yet artistic and sensitive. In public, you don the mask of a diplomatic leader, leading at eye level with the rest of the group. But you aren't afraid to raise your voice and speak out against injustice, or in protests against the rude, the unfair, the inhumane, or the corrupt. People underestimate you constantly. And their surprise only widens the further they get to know you. 

With an Aries Nadir, you dominate the people living in your house through dramatic displays of anger, loud demands, and sharp, biting humour. Where publicly you portray yourself as quietly respectful, at home you stand your ground and lash out when you do not get what you want. You can yell and laugh and swear all you like. You can be fiery, creative, boisterous. You release and let go of your anger without thinking twice. You seldom have to think before you speak, or watch your tone with what you say. In your private life, you can be you in all your uncensored glory - thanks, in part, to the family environment you were raised in.

You learned early on how to be independent. Growing up, you saw a lot of conflict in your family, some of it serious and some of it not. You saw problems with alcoholism, drug addiction, and anger. There was a general, overall tone of aggression that over time became dry and meaningless to you. You knew the difference between somebody blowing off steam and a serious, unbridled battle. You could listen to people fighting and swearing at one another and not even bat an eye. You adopted values surrounding bravery, courage, and heroic action. And you learned how to be alone – how to look after yourself, love yourself, and do things by yourself.

By looking between your Libra MC and your Aries IC, you can come to understand the difference between how you are publically and how you are privately. You try to cover up your Aries qualities with Libra ones to make yourself out to be more elegant and refined. It is not that you are embarrassed of your roots or how your family behaves, and it is not that you are afraid of being independent. But now you want to attract fans, followers, and clients so that you can find companionship in the outside world. You treat the people of the world with enormous respect, pouring out endless supplies of polite conversation and balanced perspective. However, if somebody were to try and take advantage of your kindness, your Aries IC might raise its curled horns and threaten to charge. After all, as much as you appear to want partnership, you have no qualms about ending a fight and going off on your own.

In your career you will seek out respect, equality, and a place that appreciates your beautiful public persona. You want a job where you can make things look pretty and well-balanced. You might look into artistic careers like decorating, designing, organizing, and the beauty industry. With your natural affinity for integrity you may pursue your passion for social-justice and try to bring aid to those who need it. Armed with charm and a good-looking image, you can attract the right people to get what you want. By painting yourself in elegance, you can draw wealth and satisfaction and either give it to yourself (feeding your own narcissism) or give it back to the world (feeding your compassion for humanity). Independence runs in your veins, inherited from a family who taught you to be brave. Here is where you can allow yourself to be connected to others again.


Embodying both the best and worst parts of human nature, and having them be a part of your public image, can be difficult at times. Especially with the kinds of attention it attracts. When people see you as passionate, sexual, mysterious, dark, and interesting, you draw in crowds of lovers who become obsessed with you. But when people see you as aggressive, manipulative, arrogant, emotionally intense, and abusive, you also attract a lot of hate into your life. Everywhere in between there are hoards of unstable, highly emotional people who see you as a teacher, rival, or saviour. And you can be all of those things, and more.

Your Taurus Nadir (IC) on the other hand, is how you are in the privacy of your home, opposite the public realm of outside life. Where you publicly display yourself as very complex, they see you as utterly simple. Here you show your earthy sensuality, your love of all things comfy and soft. You want your home in the country to be beautiful, filled with all of your sentimental possessions and collections. It is important that the furnishings in your home are high-end and natural; real wooden floors, fresh flowers in the garden, old trees out back, and antique furniture. You want down-home cooking and homemade dessert. Your family will see your consistency, stability, and how stubborn you are. And you do not like anything in your personal space to be changed, moved around, or touched too much!

As a child, you had a very nice house. Even on little money, you were always well fed and secure. You come from a family that is utterly simple; happy with good food and deep conversation. They gave you a taste for the finer things in life by caring so much about the look and quality of the things in their home. Your mother and father probably had collections they liked to show off, as well as precious things that were never to be touched. Although they invited their children and guests to make themselves at home, they had a certain way about it that indicated that the person should never get too comfortable, because this was their house. They were actually quite controlling in a lot of ways, both over their house and their family. Nothing could be done, or touched, or moved, or planned without them having a hand in what was going on. And you grew up in that environment, absorbing everything and then reiterating that behaviour once you got a home of your own.

Your home life has grounded you in the reality of the material world. It has blessed you with work ethic, the drive to make money, and the desire to provide your family with their material needs. It has also given an innate stubbornness, of course, as well as deep-seated possessiveness. You experience yourself as utterly basic, needing nothing more than food, shelter, and money to pay for it all. But those are not qualities you want to take into your public image. Your Scorpio MC shifts into a mysterious figure, like an evil grin twisting in the dark. Publically you present yourself as a force to be reckoned with – a powerful friend or foe, an aggressive instigator, an expert on sex and death and the human mind. You know what people want and how they think. Privately you may struggle with self-esteem, body image issues, and social anxiety. You may have secrets surrounding your family or your own sex life. But you hide those things very well. Even by lying, if you have to.

When the world looks at you and sees a Scorpio MC, you do well in a few choice careers. This is how you are going to be seen there anyway, so it is better to embrace it than to fight it. You bring about great change, affecting people’s lives and personalities, wherever you make yourself known. So it is important to accept that you may not make very many friends, but those you do will be a handful of loyal companions. You are well-suited for work that involves investigation because you present yourself as the perfect balance of intelligent and intimidating. A career in psychology, the medical field, or something spiritual is a good fit because in your heart of hearts you want to heal the world. Intense as you are, some people involved in your job may find you frightening to work with. But you should never relinquish your passion for what it is you do. Your reputation will take everything to the extreme, and that includes your job. Make sure it is worth it!


The outside world sees you as a very open, friendly person. People are magnetically drawn to you from afar by your straightforward way of speaking and blunt sense of humour. Caught off-guard by your candour, people can’t help but laugh and relate to you on a very basic level. Some people get offended by how outspoken you are. But while you have a reputation for speaking your thoughts candidly, but never with the intention to hurt somebody's feelings. You abandon traditional “social graces” and express yourself honestly, without mincing words to save face. Not everybody can handle that, but that is not your problem. You do not pay too much attention to what you have left behind. You bounce quickly from one idea to the next, always moving forward. With a big smile and boundless enthusiasm, you chase after philosophies down branching trails of knowledge and understanding.

Of course, this is only how people see you from a distance. Your family and close childhood friends (the people who have known you very well all your life) will see you through your Gemini Nadir (IC). When you find yourself alone with your thoughts, you spend a lot of time enjoying your own inner dialogue. And when you are with those few people you are close to, you enjoy a lot of stimulating conversations. Most importantly, you want to get into the facts of life and learn how the world works and how to do things. In the privacy of your own little world you seek out mental activities to busy yourself with. Out in the public world they will see you as somebody who thinks very deeply, but may not have a firm grasp of reality. But your family will know how rational, logical, sociable, and intelligent you actually are.

When you were growing up, your home life was changing constantly. Your family was growing and shrinking, moving around, breaking apart and then putting new pieces together. Altogether, your family looks like a mosaic of different colours, all stuck together at odd but fitted edges. During your childhood, at a time when most children are putting down their roots and understanding who they are, you never became attached to any one way of living. Nothing was stable or permanent enough for you to get comfortable for very long. Your home and family do not give you a grounded sense of stability, where permanent happy memories and familiar tokens live for years after. You cannot go back to where you grew up and feel an intimate connection with the land. You were not necessarily unhappy growing up, just conditioned to be flexible. You lived on shifting tides and are used to a home full of movement in every direction. And that is where you continue to live – in the home of your Gemini IC, flitting from one thing to the next, never satisfied in one place for long.

As an adult, the knowledge you harvested in your private life is worked into your vast, branching network of philosophies in your public life. Where privately you study facts, publicly you dispense ideas. Your belief systems grow out of a foundation of proven, scientific data. But only your family and close friends will know how grounded you are in the reality of the real world; to everybody in your public sphere, you seem to daydream and come up with all of it yourself. You just do not want to come across as dry, boring, or uninteresting. Textbook-style presentation is everything that you do not want to be. You want your public image to be happy, fun, and entertaining! You want to exaggerate your stories and use colourful language to make people laugh. You want to be seen as intelligent, but you also want to make people laugh along with what you are teaching them.

Your Sagittarius MC will point you in the direction of your choice careers, as it is the face you will wear to your clients, fans, followers, and audience. Luckily for you, you are an extremely likable person. People enjoy being in the company of your public persona (even though you might have a reputation for being flighty and hard to get a hold of). Any kind of job where you are delivering information in a creative, humorous way will benefit you. Salesmanship and dealing with customers face-to-face are the best kinds of work for you, as people fall in love when they can talk to you. The less structured your jobs the better, as you want to be able to take your career with you anywhere. No matter where you are, you can put on a smile. Even when your world is falling apart you brighten people’s day. And sometimes people need somebody just like you to lift their spirits!


You create a reputation for being determined, hard working, goal-oriented, and very good at what you do. You have a very professional public image that exudes confidence and experience, even if you have none. To say you care about your own public image is an understatement. After all, when it comes to your career you place achievement high above everything else. But there is more to your values than just money and material gains. And there is more to you than just the cold, ambitious person the rest of the world sees.

When you are alone in the privacy of your own home, that is when you become your Cancer Nadir (IC). Here you are emotional, sensitive, and very attached to your belongings and loved ones. You take on an almost maternal role in your house, cooking and cleaning and taking care of chores. Often, you will retreat into your bedroom (or office, or workshop) and spend a lot of time working on things by yourself. To the outside world you are full of confidence and bravado, but on the inside you are deeply introvert, very shy, and much more emotional than they think.

When you were growing up your mother was the central figure of your family home, either because she was a single mother or your father was away from home a lot. She set the example of how to responsibly run a household and showed you what it meant to live independently. She was the pivotal example of a wife and mother: highly emotional, maternal, hot dinners every night, family photos everywhere and holiday decorations for every occasion. She loved you very much, and you were very special to her. As a child, you were given more than enough praise and attention. And thanks to her, you grew into a person who knows they were loved by their family. Women with this placement imitate their mom and become steady wives and mothers, while men grow to expect their spouse to be like their mom and take care of the home and children. Either way, you will run your home the same way you grew up in it: full of food, family, and the comforts of home.

Backed by the foundation of your home life, you venture out into the public world with solidarity. Hoping to have a life close to what your own parents had, you set about recreating what you had as a child. You want a nice home, filled will all your collections, toys, memories, and fine home furnishings. You smell your mother’s cooking and hear holidays together. And you see yourself complete with a loving spouse, sweet children, and the family pet. Through the years you want your family to grow up together knowing how loved and important they are to you. You care quite a bit about making this life a reality. And you happen to have the Capricorn MC to make that happen.

You can be successful in any field because you have all the qualities of a successful person. You are goal-oriented, can map out all the steps, calculate what you need, and formulate a realistic timeline of your accomplishments. People see your work ethic right off the bat and trust that you are fully capable of managing yourself. And you actively seek out rewards in exchange for services, like money and power. This kind of motivation not only gives you something to chase after, but puts the value of your work into perspective for the people managing you. For all these reasons and more, you would do best to find a career in something like a corporate business. There your success is measured in how long you work there, how hard you work, and how effectively you manage your resources. In time you may gain power and influence over other employees, as well as a larger paycheck and the perks of moving up the ladder. No matter what you do, you can make good money doing it. You are primed to live the good life no matter what, simply because you plan to do so.


You have a reputation for being emotionally detached, highly social, and very smart. There is a kind “dry intensity” that radiates off of you – you seem to be quietly aloof, cold, and intimidating to everybody around you. People feel like you listen for a while and then sharply correct them, and so the weak-willed instinctively avoid you. Others who are able to carry a conversation will notice that you actually talk a lot and are very sociable; your conversations are factual, logical, and completely rational. You might be passionate about what you are speaking about but you never divert from the straight path of reason. And you aren’t judgmental - in fact, you are very open-minded. Still, you give people the feeling that you do not really care about them, or that you do not want to be where you are.

Your Leo IC, however, is the complete opposite of your public persona. Here you show a larger-than-life personality: loud, emotional, energetic, childish, and self-oriented. You give love in big displays, doting and fawning over your children and your pets. Like an eternal child you play, create, love, and express yourself fully within the private walls of your home. And also like a child, your family life revolves around you. One minute you might throw a tantrum, and the next you are laughing as you cuddle and tickle your spouse and your kids. You expect to give affection and loyalty easily, and to receive it automatically. After all, when you were growing up that was all that you knew.

When you were a kid you were raised to believe that you were very special. You might have been the oldest or the youngest, the only boy or the only girl, the first grandchild, or you might have had some kind of talent that everybody loved. (Or, in some cases, you were the “good” kid, where your siblings were “bad”.) Whatever the story, you were the favourite. Everybody in your family (especially your mother) fawned over all the things you did, praising you for every accomplishment and exaggerating all your best qualities. You got everything you wanted: toys, games, love, undivided attention. Everybody showed an enormous interest in you, your happiness, and your success. In some ways their affection was not shown so much through cuddling and nurturing you, but in encouraging you to do things. Both of your parents assured you that no matter what you did or where you went or what happened to you, they loved you!

As you got older you became accustomed to this amount of love and attention. And as an adult you have come to expect it all of the time, just for being you. When you spend your whole life being told how special you are, you come to think of yourself that way. And if another person does not want to adore you, you don’t need them in your life. The Leo IC is saved for those people who you are very close to. Your love and affection is kept deep inside your heart and only given to the people who you really care about, and who care about you. Think of your IC as your inner child, and your MC as the adult persona that protects it. Your Aquarius MC is what you give to the people who have not yet proven themselves worthy of your attention: distant, emotionally detached, and sharply critical. You save your love and creativity for your family and give cold reason to everyone else.

Up at your Aquarius MC, you want a job that is very important, unique, and that you know how to do well. If you are able to do something that helps people you will be happy to do so. You are successful at jobs that demand a lot of work ethic, problem solving skills, group work, and superior intellect. A job dealing with science, engineering, building, or technology would suit you well if you choose more physical work. And social or humanitarian work that provides a valuable service (yet does not require you to be intimately involved in people's’ lives) is good too. If it the kind of job that most people do not have, you will be proud of how different you are. When you find something special about you, you wear that individuality like a badge of honour. For even though you like to keep your career persona separate from your private one, you still want a career that makes you feel special. When you know how valuable you are, you feel happy when you work. You do not need constant attention, but a few words of encouragement are nice.


With your MC in the dreamy sign of Pisces, people see you as a creative, kind, spiritual, almost ethereal person. They notice the far-away look, the quiet contentment that hangs around you like a mist. In some ways they will view you as a person delegated by their emotions. You give the impression of being needy and yet endlessly giving, somehow on the verge of depression yet keeping your spirits up. People think that you are sensitive, which you certainly are, and that you accept people at face value. Your apparent compassion and empathy will draw in both saints and sinners, all looking for that endless love you seem to share. To a spiritual person, you have connection to a higher power that shows you where your work is. To others, you are blessed with extraordinary imagination and intuition.

Your Pisces MC may give the impression that you are messy, lazy, and unorganized. But one look into the Virgo Nadir (IC) of your private life will reveal that all to be untrue in your private, personal life. You are an utterly domestic person, properly concerned with the comfort of everyday routine. And that means cooking, cleaning, and doing all your chores regularly. You are the complete opposite of chaotic when it comes to your home, making sure to have a detailed inventory of everything going on. While you might have a reputation for being sensitive and unrealistic, your close friends and family members know you to be a realistic, intellectual, quiet, and well put-together.

There was probably some kind of negativity surrounding you when you were growing up, like fighting, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, or a poor home life. Whether or not you were aware of what your family members were going though, you looked for an escape. And it came to you in the form of books, activities, and playing by yourself. Armed with a sharp mind and the intellectual maturity of somebody much older, you became the “smart kid” in your family. When your family was falling apart, you were peacefully tucked away in another land far, far away. By your adolescence you were fully aware of what was going on in your home. With a well-established hate for stupidity and plenty of emotionally repression, you came into adulthood with your guard up in your home.

Your family may see you as very cold and judgemental because that is the “mask” you wear to them. When you become properly reserved, emotionally detached and completely rational, it is because that is how you are at your core. Yes, you have problems with anxiety and yes, you worry too much about being imperfect. Your private self feels safe enough to experience these complicated feelings. To the onlookers who see your Pisces MC, you appear to be dazed and confused. But you have developed that persona to protect yourself from the prying eyes trying to see into your past. When you cloak yourself in a disorienting fog of confusion, you leave yourself open to interpretation from everybody. Like a crystal ball, people look upon you and see a reflection of themselves. Consumed with the images they wish to see, they come to associate you with whatever deep emotion is hiding within them – seeing you as something to be feared and hated, or loved and admired.

A watery public persona can change quite a bit, and with it so will your career goals. You host the idea that you are always on your way to the job of your dreams. You have not found it yet, but one day you will. You may be a little disillusioned at times, as it seems that you are dreaming of a future but never working towards it. Perhaps you do not have a sense of direction, or you have such a secure safety net that you are never forced to change. In any case, you have a few careers that you would love to have in mind. You have the ones that engage your creative, imaginative side, such as an artist or writer. Then you have your spiritual career where you work in the name of your religion or belief systems. Finally there are the jobs that fulfill your desire to help people, which are admirable and satisfying. You have a psychic emotional connection to the masses. As long as you remain grounded in the realities of your Virgo IC, you will proceed with a firm foundation.

NOTE: When I first started on my Astro Writing journey, Alyssa Sharp's (since renamed Alyssa Trahan) Midheaven series on Youtube was a major source of information on the MC/IC Axis for me. I highly suggest giving it a watch if you haven't already.