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Ashley Thiessen

In our own selves, we keep these aspects of our character a secret. We know that if anybody knew about our sexual depravity, our violent urges, how we plan on gaming the system to gain an advantage, that other people could use that knowledge against us. They could outsmart our clever manipulations, or use guilt and threats of anger to control us. With Pluto, you play your hand close to your chest, trust no one, and keep your plans to yourself.

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Ashley Thiessen

Like a drop of water dissolving into the ocean, Neptune loses all sense of self to merge with the collective. It selflessly sacrifices itself - its own dreams, ideas, ambitions, goals, and happiness - to become what other people want (or need) them to be. It is martyr and a saviour, a victim and a god, with extraordinary compassion and a psychic insight into the inner worlds of other people.

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Ashley Thiessen

We look to this planet to see where society is experiencing great bouts of change and innovation, spurred by enlightenment and a desire to break out of old confines. It begins with artists and subcultures and works its way into the rest of society, influencing media, art, politics, and technology along the way. The negative side of Uranus often shakes things up out of boredom, a need for excitement, or a need to imprint its own individual ideology on the masses.

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