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Ashley Thiessen

Leos are usually led to astrology because it is talking non-stop about themselves. And astrologers have the foresight to pad their articles with (albeit shallow) compliments to get them to stick around. They point out how when a Leo walks through a door, everyone's eyes are on them. They say that people are attracted to their warm aura of kindness and generosity, their charm, their sexiness, and how everybody wants to be their friend. All of this is true. But that is usually where they stop, too afraid of wounding a Leo's pride to say any more. Astrologers know fully well that Leos are not interested in digging deeper to discover their inner selves - they come to read the list of positive traits and then angrily dispute any of the negative. But there is more to this Sign than just its happy-go-lucky and well-loved exterior self, and to really get to know a Leo, you need to look under the veil.

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