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The FIFTH House

Ashley Thiessen

The 5th House begins in the joys of our childhood. The movies we were excited to see, the television shows we watched every night, the music that was on the radio back then, the games we played, the toys we couldn't wait to get our hands on - all the things we loved so unapologetically, and coveted more than anything else in the world. 

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The THIRD House

Ashley Thiessen

Rolling over turned to crawling, which turned to wobbly steps along the couch and coffee table, which turned to full, confident steps. Everything got put up a shelf higher. And as your eyes found new things, you proudly pointed and named things with an ever-growing vocabulary. Finally, your parents didn't have to fumble and guess what it was that you wanted. You could tell them yourself, and explain all your thoughts, feelings, motivations, and ideas to another person, and understand what they had to tell you in return.

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The SECOND House

Ashley Thiessen

Any Planets here show which parts of your personality are further defined by what you own, and the sorts of things you want to possess. They describe how you treat your possessions and what sorts of things you like to buy. They show how you handle and acquire wealth, from your buying and spending habits to how well you save it for later. And altogether, they show what your core values are. 

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