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Privacy Policy

All personal information collected by Canary Quill Astrology is solely for the purpose of delivering products and services to our valued customers. This personal information is not shared with any third-parties, except those trusted third-parties required for providing the products and services being bought (ie: the computer programs). By agreeing to this Privacy Policy you consent to Canary Quill Astrology using the information you provide to process and deliver the products and services being bought. All information given is accurate to the best of your knowledge.

Should you provide us with the information of an additional person we assume you have obtained the other person’s consent and will continue to provide you with the products or services you pay for. The private information you give to us (birth date, time, location, and name) will be deleted from our files once the product or service has been successfully delivered to you. If you provide us with the personal information of someone other than yourself you assume responsibility for these actions. Should you discover that a client has provided us with your private information without your consent, the issue is to be cleared with them, not with Canary Quill Astrology.

All private information you share with Canary Quill Astrology is to be kept strictly confidential. Not only will we not share your identifying information with others, we will not share details of private conversation that takes place between yourself and this business. One notable exception, however, is if you have been accused of harassment, threatening behaviour, challenging remarks, or if you go out of your way to start a conflict between the Writer and yourself. In this case, your name/username and your inflammatory remarks may be made public.

There are, of course, other legal exceptions for why Canary Quill Astrology may have to break confidentiality. If you are seen to be a threat to yourself or to others; if a child, elderly, or dependent adult confesses to being (or is suspected of being) harmed in any way; if a court orders the records of our exchange; these are all examples of why we may have to contact the authorities. Outside of legalities, however, we promise not to divulge any information you give us to anyone else.